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Eben Alexander, M.D. Speaks at Wellness Gala, NJ Oct. 28

Dr. Alexander will be one of the featured speakers at the gala event, and will be a guest on A Better World Radio just before it. … [read more...]

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Indigenous Community in Amazon Triumphs in Court to Protect Land & Home

When justice prevails for those typically oppressed, it is a moment for real joy.  https://www.intelligentliving.co/amazon-tribe-rainforest-oil/ Amazon Tribe Saves Millions of Acres Of Rainforest … [read more...]

A Slow Death by 5G Wireless Technology – Article

2019-07-10 a slow death by 5G Wireless Technology A Slow Death by 5G Wireless Technology Richard Gale and Gary Null PhD Progressive Radio Network, July 9, 2019   During the past year, … [read more...]

Climate Reality Project Meetings in NYC

There is a lot happening in the Big Apple regarding education around Global Warming and actions to mitigate and even reverse it.  Below are a few opportunities to which all are invited. Our May … [read more...]


Laughing Frogs CBD Oil Available Here for Health & Wellness + Discount Code

A Better World has gotten behind Laughing Frogs CBD Oil.  They combine the most organic, finest CBD Oil combined with an array of carefully-formulated nutrients to bring about positive effects in … [read more...]

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Youth’s Voice Goes Viral at COP 24, Katowice, Poland

For decades, many of us have been speaking, writing about the threats to our species about Global Warming and the reality of the 6th Extinction, but so often falling on deaf ears.  But at the most … [read more...]

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Greenland’s Ice is Melting Faster than in 7,000 Years

We are facing historically radical changes in our environment.  Common Dreams' article below goes into some depth. Published on Thursday, December 06, … [read more...]

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A Better World’s Latest, Greatest Healing Sound System Using Harmonically-Embedded Frequencies

Click here for Details: https://abetterworld.holistichealthscience.com ADVANCED SOUND TECHNOLOGY FOR THE MIND, BODY & SPIRIT WHERE ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE MEETS MODERN TECHNOLOGY … [read more...]


Help Jeff Bezos Make a Donation To A Better World When You Shop at Amazon through ABW

  Just click on the "Shop, Connect, Enjoy" image & you'll be donating to A Better World simply by doing your shopping through this link.  Thank you!  Amazon donates to us based on your shopping. … [read more...]

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NYTimes: Cuomo Bans Fracking in New York State, Citing Health Risks‏

The Cuomo administration concluded that the controversial method of extracting oil from deep underground could contaminate the state’s air and water and pose inestimable public-health risks-Article By JESSE McKINLEY Click here for more information … [read more...]

climate change

History of Climate Change Negotiations

Watch this interesting video entitled,  'The History of Climate Change Negotiations in 83 Seconds'. … [read more...]

wrong enemy

Has the U.S. been Waging War Against the Wrong Enemy?

Listen to Martha Raddatz interviewing Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times journalist, Carlotta Gall: On The Radar. . Carlotta's new book is, “The Wrong Enemy: America in Afghanistan, 2001-2014.” Purchase Carlotta's Book … [read more...]

sierra rise

Tell Chevron: Protecting the planet isn’t a crime!

Dear Friends, To avoid paying for its destruction of the Ecuadorian Amazon, Chevron has twisted a U.S. law to attack the people who have stood up against it. Shockingly, a judge has sided with Chevron, ruling against the people who have worked tirelessly to bring it to justice. This is … [read more...]


CVS becomes first big U.S. drugstore chain to drop tobacco

(Reuters) - CVS Caremark Corp said on Wednesday that it would stop selling tobacco products at its 7,600 stores by October, becoming the first national drugstore chain in the United States to take cigarettes off the shelves. Click for more information … [read more...]


Help stop Infinito Gold’s $1 Billion Lawsuit Against Costa Rica

Infinito Gold, a Canadian mining company, just slapped Costa Rica with a $1 billion lawsuit because the nation decided to protect its rainforests rather than host an open-pit gold mine.   Infinito Gold is threatening a $1 billion lawsuit against Costa Rica for rejecting a toxic, open-pit … [read more...]

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