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Heaven On Earth Workshop! Next Class: Thursday, February 26, 7-9pm

A continuation of what began many years ago in workshops that I've been leading, and continued forward through several of the groups I've facilitated at retreats over the years offered by … [read more...]

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sivananda yoga ranch

Therapeutic Theater & Chi Kung with Mitchell Rabin, March 6 – 8

Join Mitchell for this workshop. It will open up with ancient Chinese exercises for moving chi, which is the Life-Force of the body. These exercises are then combined with Therapeutic Theater to … [read more...]

ten moons water image

Conscious Conception to Birthing Evening – March 11

 Join us Wednesday, March 11, 7-9:30 for a Presentation & Dialogue about Conscious Conception to Birthing, One Spirit, NYC .                                                    For more … [read more...]

encompass theater

A Music and Film Festival – March 19 – 29

Live Performance paired with Exciting Documentary Films in a Multicultural Music & Film Festival PARADIGM SHIFTS Encompass Music & Film Festival, Bridging indigenous cultures, women’s … [read more...]

Sacred Geometry FEST


SACRED GEOMETRY EVENT OF THE YEAR APRIL NEW YORK CITY 2015 A celebration of Sacred Geometry with expert teachers, featuring Michael Rice, Karaimi, (Europe) Aurelius Electrum (Canada), and Brian … [read more...]



Check out what you need to know to protect yourself and your family from the hidden dangers of Genetically Engineered "Frankenfoods": Click here … [read more...]


ORIGINS-Exclusive Worldwide Premiere. Watch free for a limited time.

A beautiful and informative film called Origins, which was just released for free viewing last week for 10 days only.  Mitchell will be discussing the film with guests Dr. Pedram Shoja, O.M.D., Cliff … [read more...]


The Pachamama Alliance

Some people talk about transforming the world, and others do it.  Become part of one of the best solutions for protecting our global oxygen supply, environment, our health, our species.  Pachamama … [read more...]


MIDWAY, a film by chris jordan

MIDWAY, a love story for our time from the heart of the Pacific by chris jordan, coming soon.   http://www.midwayfilm.com/   Ever wonder where so much of our trash ends up? … [read more...]

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NYTimes.com: Cuomo to Ban Fracking in New York State, Citing Health Risks‏

The Cuomo administration concluded that the controversial method of extracting oil from deep underground could contaminate the state’s air and water and pose inestimable public-health risks-Article By JESSE McKINLEY Click here for more information … [read more...]

climate change

History of Climate Change Negotiations

Watch this interesting video entitled,  'The History of Climate Change Negotiations in 83 Seconds'. … [read more...]

wrong enemy

Has the U.S. been Waging War Against the Wrong Enemy?

Listen to Martha Raddatz interviewing Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times journalist, Carlotta Gall: On The Radar. . Carlotta's new book is, “The Wrong Enemy: America in Afghanistan, 2001-2014.” Purchase Carlotta's Book … [read more...]

sierra rise

Tell Chevron: Protecting the planet isn’t a crime!

Dear Friends, To avoid paying for its destruction of the Ecuadorian Amazon, Chevron has twisted a U.S. law to attack the people who have stood up against it. Shockingly, a judge has sided with Chevron, ruling against the people who have worked tirelessly to bring it to justice. This is … [read more...]

sign petition

Harry Reid just came out against fast track. Now it’s Nancy Pelosi’s turn.

Recently, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid uttered four simple yet game-changing words: “I’m against fast track.” Public opposition to fast track from the top Democrat in the Senate is a serious blow to the supporters of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) -- a secret corporate power grab … [read more...]


CVS becomes first big U.S. drugstore chain to drop tobacco

(Reuters) - CVS Caremark Corp said on Wednesday that it would stop selling tobacco products at its 7,600 stores by October, becoming the first national drugstore chain in the United States to take cigarettes off the shelves. Click for more information … [read more...]

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ABW 20-Year Anniversary