Happy Holidays from A Better World & Harmonic Energetic Balancing Program 12-18-15

The Harmonic Energetic Balancing Program Newsletter

It’s another holiday season! And A Better World’s hands are full in doing what we can to interface with the world, materially and energetically, to effect healing and useful outcomes for sentient beings.  Many of our HEB participants are also “of a sort” that care deeply about the world–Earth, our species & all of her sentient beings, and do their piece as part of the whole.  We pray that the HEB Program in the subtle field, assists all of your energy balancing and supports your intent.  Sometimes the HEB Program referred to as a Prayer Program because of its holographic means of energizing all of a person whose holographic image is in the system.

A Better World has been a source of the Harmonic Energetic Balancing Program since 2002, serving not only the NY community but the country and world. We’ve had participants for the HEB Program all over the U.S. Europe and Australia. We’ve offered Energetic Balancing to the larger community (through the AIM Program for a couple of years at $1,000 per year and many of you remember those days in 2000-2002.)

I then had the good fortune to learn about what was then known as the UEB, or Universal Energetic Balancing Program and invited by its designers to help them promote and implement it. With some improvements and a name change, we moved into what we’ve had for years now, The Harmonic Energetic Balancing Program, or affectionately called the “HEB Program”.

And when other programs of all sorts have come and gone, we have continued to stay the course and virtually all of you have stayed the course as well, enjoying the benefits of it for years. And as you know, once A Better World had control over the pricing which it gained a some time ago, we reduced the annual cost from $1,000 to $600, and we haven’t raised it once through all these years, yet the service remains consistent as always. Not bad eh? In fact, we’ve gone in the other direction to make it easier for people to stay with us on the HEB over time. We reduce the price by $50/year thereafter, with a base of $400/year. We have managed to keep this in place for the past number of years and the good news is that we are continuing to.

We do offer our HEB participants a gift of a month of service for every referral they make, be it for another human being, or someone who wants to put their pet or place (house, land, garden) on the HEB to receive the healing, balancing energies for those. In short, we at A Better World are pleased to offer this to you as we do not advertise so to keep us from having to raise the cost, and also so appreciate your participation and referrals which help to keep us going.

Yes, this is like computerized ‘Feng-Shui’ for your home, office, studio or a piece of land. Why not get the benefits for the places you spend time, or if you have pets, to have them on the program too? Pets experience and hold the stress that their owners hold, so this is an opportunity to ease their stress automatically, 24/7. Noooo….it’s not a panacea, we all know that, but it is this subtle, energetic dynamic which underlies all physical manifestation and is the domain of the heartbeat of our Universe. Pets and places are only $300/year (and stays there), which is all of .82/day. You can’t buy a healthy bar of chocolate for that!

And don’t forget, the HEB Program is good for couples too. When two people are on together with their photo and affirmations designed for two, it helps them clear and release emotional tensions faster and easier, creating space for more pleasure, joy and well-being. This is utilizing the energetic world to assist and serve us in the material world.

As we proceed into this 21st century, greater and greater is the recognition of the importance of energy in healing. Believe it or not, there is an associate of mine whose father was healed of a very serious burn with an energy balancing device, and it changed the son’s life from being a financial planner to championing energy medicine and is working to get it integrated into Medicare. You have all been on the cutting edge, years ahead of mainstream, but indeed, even mainstream is ‘catching on’….

We Continue To Evolve – Clearer Mind, Heart, Clearer Life

Enter the HEB Program. Designed to help clear our energy fields of ‘unwanted’ debris, we help advance our purpose on this planet with clearer thought and intent. Simultaneously, by having less ‘in our way’, our immune system, as well in fact as all systems of the body, are positioned to function more optimally. We are stronger, healthier, clearer and have a more coherent consciousness. Subtle as it is, it is like have a ‘silent partner’ who costs very little to assist us in the invisible realm.Watch our Video to get re-acquainted with the caliber of what we’re offering and what You are involved with.

H.H. Dalai Lama States that the Computer is a Modern Prayer Wheel – A Touch of History

It is recognized by His Holiness the Dalai Lama himself that, in paraphrase, the principle of an ancient Prayer Wheel can be activated through the use of the hard drive of a computer, “spinning and empowering the language of the Prayer…” This is very powerful. We see that some current, breakthrough technologies can help us to enhance our health, well-being and spiritual life. So why not use them? If they are here, available and affordable, one is wise to utilize.

Your photograph is your “energetic fingerprint”. We impress the sacred imagery and all the energetic frequencies for healing and balancing onto the image of you and that way you are participating in both one of the most ancient and most advanced forms of healing and Energy Balancing and Prayer known.

Additional to the built-in frequencies, we offer you the chance to personalize what happens with you on the HEB Program. Submit to us your affirmations/prayers and that which you would also like to release, and we will place them in your record so that they, along with all the other frequencies, will also be attuned to your energy field every single day.

A Better World has been offering Energetic Balancing using the holographic image of a photograph to the world, a powerful, radionic method that goes back to the 1920’s but now fully modernized and computerized, since 1999.

Hundreds of people, if not more, have been on it over these past 12 years and many stay on it and renew every year. They consider that the gentle, subtle benefit and “energetic protection” they receive, as well as the power of the automated affirmations is such that it’s well worth the $1. or so per day they’ve invested in their own balance and well-being.

If it’s been a while since you’ve been on an Energetic Balancing Program, or you’ve always been curious about it but never got around to it, come on back, as this time period of 2012 and beyond, in which we currently live, with all of the energetic conjunctions occurring as they are, it is wise to have this subtle energy system working quietly and subtly in the background on your behalf.

We make no claims about the effect of our technology, we cannot. But we have been told so many times of its effect for so many years, and knowing what we do of the principle behind it, it makes sense that people experience what they do.

E-mail us at mjr@abetterworld.net and we’ll send you the Request Form!

Add Your Pets & Now You Can Add Your Environment: Office or Home

As mentioned above, we’ve had pets on the HEB Program all along, but now we have the frequencies built into it to address the environment, be it land, a waterway, your office or your home, house or apt. At this point in time, in the midst of so much environmental damage the Earth is sustaining, and so much electro-pollution in our offices and homes, having levels of protection is so important. And now we have frequencies that directly address these.

You have the opportunity now through the HEB to work on both your own space but also to offer prayers/affirmations for the planet itself. This is a time when we need to take care of our own selves and to reach out to the larger community on every level.

Using the HEB Program for your office or home is like an “Energetic Feng-Shui”. It’s a way of protecting the place you spend so much time in energetically and keeping it flowing. Using Feng-Shui in itself is something we always recommend, and adding the Harmonic Energetic Balancer dimension further deepens and enriches the protection and flow of energy.

Our pets love us as we love them. And they reflect us. If we’re not feeling well, they sympathetically harmonize with us, and sometimes vice-versa. So if we live with pets, or others, it’s always good that all members of a home be receiving the HEB set of frequencies.

To add pets or your environment, the cost is only $300./year and half that for every other pet or space.

Go to www.abetterworld.tv/wellness, Tools, and under HEB, you’ll find the Application Form. Complete and send in with photo and payment, along with “Affirmations/Prayers and Releases”.

Add Umph to Your Affirmations/Prayers & Releasing

To get the most out of your affirmations, first you want to release negative, self-sabotaging subconscious programs that are already in place since pre-natal times. We all have a sense of what these are. So when you submit your new affirmations, also submit those inner programs you’d like to release.

For example, “I release my anger at my parents…I release my anger at myself,I let go of my judgments of others and myself …I let go of my stubbornness, I let go of my self-righteousness, pride, negative self-image…” etc. You get the idea.

Then, create affirmations of what you want, and do so as though you already have it. For example:

“I am happy, I am at peace in all situations, I easily attract my perfect partner, I have excellent health and well-being, I easily attract the financial prosperity I ask for, my desires are fulfilled quickly and easily, I am empowered to make good decisions that create win-win situations for all…”

Here’s one of my interview with Dr. Larry Dossey for A Better World Radio: http://abetterworld.tv/one-mind-with-dr-larry-dossey.

Always state the affirmations and prayers in the affirmative and in the present tense.

There are other Energetic Balancing Programs out there for considerably more money, for example$1,000/year, and do not have the option to personalize it so that you can place your own personal affirmations and prayers like ours does. So take advantage of this and our far better pricing.

Working Behind-the-Scenes for You!

I just want you to know that ‘behind-the-scenes’ we’ve been working to improve the quality of our Energetic Balancing Program and be able to offer you more of this intelligent means of keep you balanced, immune system resonating at a higher frequency and empowering you through releasing old garbage and ‘vibing’ you with new affirmations. Now we don’t only have an improvement to offer you, but a whole new Program. As said, it is a quantum leap beyond what we’ve had, so be attentive to any slight shifts in yourself, including a renewed level of detoxification, which is indeed possible if not likely!

Updated Pricing for the HEB Program:
We have had to modify the pricing a bit due to the extra expenses we’ve incurred to offer you this new Program. This minimally affects our long-time Participants, and only moderately affects new HEB Participants.

Individual: First year $600. reduced by $50./year for each renewal until $400./year.

Couples: When two individuals are on and are a couple, in order to help the couple with bonding, we put a separate entry–photo and affirmations/prayers and releases in for only an additional

$300./year. —Pets & Environmental Any animal: cat, dog, bird, etc. Environmental: (offices, apts., houses, land/water): $300./year. $150. for every other environment or pet.

Family Plan: $1,695./year (2 parents, children, 1 pet)

* Payment plans available when needed.

Making Referrals

One way that you can participate in the HEB and gain some benefit while reducing your cost, is that anyone on the HEB who refers others who participate in our 1-year program will receive three months of complimentary service on the HEB.

Please Send us your Testimonials, Old or New

One of the ways people can tell what they’re experiencing is when they take the time to reflect each night before going to bed, or upon awakening, and write down what they feel or sense. We highly encourage our participants to do this–it confers a greater sense of objectivity toward themselves/their own experience and helps them to enjoy the benefits of being on the Harmonic Energetic Balancing Program.

Upon doing this, won’t you please send us a line or two about your experience? This not only helps you, but also helps others. Among other things, it helps others to trust their own ability to detect and observe their own experience. Thank you!

These are just a few of the many testimonials we’ve received…

“The HEB Program has greatly improved the quality of my life. I have more energy and experience less in my very mentally and physically taxing job. My general overall health has increased and I have a new found feeling of well-being.”

“The HEB Program has kept me healthy when all of my golfing friends have experienced the “flu bug.” I just seem to bounce back so much faster when I am under the weather. Being 74, it is great to have the program as my “secret weapon” knowing that it will keep me healthy in the later years of my life.”

“After suffering from Candida for 35 years, trying all the alternative methods, I could find only temporary relief now and then. This program took my sugar cravings away so completely that I can eat in a way that supports my returning health.”

We welcome your participation. The more people who are able to have clearer energy fields are going to be healthier, happier and more empowered to be effective in all that they do.

LIFE & Counseling Sessions with Mitchell

As a participant in the HEB Program here at A Better World, you qualify for a discount on the initial private session with Mitchell using the LIFE System of $50. Just call 212 420-0800 to schedule.

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