Mitchell Speaks on the Planetary, Archetypal & Political Landscape

Wednesday, January 25, 6pm, EST:  Mitchell Rabin will speak about what is happening on and in the planet during this time of accelerated Climate Change due to human activity, and in light of the current political and psychological landscape, troubled at best, in need of serious–and humorous–treatment.  We could use some healing, God knows, and an intelligent, thoughtful, creative plan of possibility, then action, to coordinate actions among different fields and nations, to neutralize anthropogenic sources of pollution/climate change.  

Mitchell speaks about the current debacle politely called “an election” which was said to have been hacked by the Russians in favor of Donald Trump which was not, as it should have, been disqualified and nullified upon public disclosure of it being hacked, therefore, contaminated, in favor of a new, much more carefully monitored one.

If you’re going to create change, one has to understand the mind-set that created problems in the first place.  What goes on in society, is what goes on in communities, families and individuals over the course of generations.

In this light, in today’s show, Mitchell looks closely at the mind-set and the human archetype behind the collective’s interest in Trump, despite the hack.  To upgrade human consciousness and emotional intelligence, the lack of which has gotten us into this trouble in the first place, one needs to recognize the condition in which we currently find ourselves.  And from there, upgrade!  

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