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lillian-schwabeMonday, 6pm EST, July 18: Mitchell’s guest this evening is centenarian pianist, Christian Scientist, Lillian Schwabe. – Having studied piano at age 7 with the famous Russian composer Leo Ornstein, and later at the Adamant Music school in a special class of 12 New Yorkers. She entered at NYU at age 16 to study English with the famous Thomas Wolfe. She studied piano with Edwine Behre, and others, consummating in a recital at one of the stages at Carnegie Hall.in 1947. In 1922 she became a founding member of Megegan Colony, an anarchist community north of New York City who were International Workers of the World. Lillian now lives in Greenwich Village and works full time as a Christian Science Practitioner.  Fully engaged and continuing to significantly contribute to the world, Lillian turns 101 on August 10. Today’s show will focus on the power, art and science of Christian Science as a healing modality and a way of life.


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lynn-mctaggartTuesday, 10:30 pm EST, July 19:  Mitchell’s guest this evening is American journalist, best-selling author, publisher and lecturer Lynne McTaggartLynne has become a leading spokesperson “on consciousness, the new physics, and the profound differences of conventional & alternative medicine. McTaggart is co-executive director of Conatus and is the author of six books, including The Intention Experiment and The Field. Her work has rightly been described as “a bridge between science and spirituality”. For the past 20 years she has been researching medicine and its shortcomings, and quantum physics and what this means for you and the world in which we live. Today’s interview focuses on her most recent book, The Bond. Join Mitchell & Lynne in this interview which outlines the science behind “the higher nature” of man of kindness, cooperation, play & impulse to serve.


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True or False? Can we Tell the Difference, & Belief Systems: Going Once, Going Twice…

Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch

If the commercial TV media tell the truth about ‘Big Pharma’, they will lost perhaps 70% of their advertising revenue.  If the military contractors/media conglomerates speak too harshly about the truth of war, the casualties to both our own and to innocent civilians, that billions and trillions of dollars are being spent pre-, during and post-war, hell would break lose and Americans would demand an end to the madness.  So they periodically report that there are wars going on, but rather quickly and just in passing, without too much gruesome, honest detail. Who needs it?


Edward R. Murrow

I was watching Good Night, Good Luck again recently, the story of journalist Ed Morrow and his reportage and critique of Senator Joe McCarthy at the time.  Fascinating to see how the news has changed and how the TV stations willingness to really speak truth to power has muted.  The whole trajectory of what news reportage has become has not only muted but has become moot.  News is entertainment folks! and is predicated on ratings.  Truthful reporting just has no place in the hierarchy, until or unless you turn to alternative news, such as you’ll find on Progressive Radio Network, Pacifica Radio, Free Speech TV, Link TV and of course, on A Better World.  We aren’t really a news show as such, though we comment on and dialogue about items in the news to elucidate aspects of human nature and how to address, then transform parts of it.

Now what’s going on is our belief systems and assumptions are being challenged across the board.  What modern medicine has taught us, rather, programmed us to ‘believe’ throughout the childhoods of the baby-boomers, we are finding to be largely untrue.  We’ve also found much of what was framed as medically scientific was really a series of constructed deceits, designed to minimize ignorance and maximize profit.  Why would a doctor talk about cigarettes as “stress reducing” on TV?  Why would doctors recommend vaccines if they really understood what was in them, the effects of mercury on the body or the recommendation of chemotherapy when so much science indicates that it has very little therapeutic value? 


Mary Baker Eddy

Our belief systems are being challenged across the board, which is why this week’s shows are, from this point of view, particularly interesting.  Lillian Schwabe, at age 100 is as nimble as she may have been at less than half her age, and more than most at half her age.  In Christian Science, drugs, surgery, radiation, not even nutrition are the bases of the healing.  The mind, heart and soul are united in faith, in imagery in commitment to health and God’s will for healing.  How interesting! and it has worked countless times at this point, since Mary Baker Eddy came up with it in the late 19th century.  So talk about belief systems changing or a paradigm shift occurring.  Can you imagine if millions of people believed and practiced this, what would happen to our healthcare system?!  Want to change things?  Change your beliefs.

And to continue the metaphor, Lynne McTaggart’s work, in a different way but wholly analogously, helps us to shift paradigms and shake up/revise belief systems as well. Our entire sense of Self can be wonderfully disrupted when you read any of her work, from The Field, to The Bond, because life ‘ain’t’ what we thought it to be.  It is actually a good deal richer!  More chockful of potential!  But to get this, you must leave your old beliefs at the door and enter empty-handed. 

So I invite you all to tune in Monday eve. to hear Lillian Schwabe and I, and Tuesday evening to watch Lynne and I, in both cases, wholly disrupting the ordinary view of what life is and what’s possible.  And bring it closer to probable.  Both are special, intelligent and gifted women and it is my honor to get to know them and spend time.

Meanwhile, in order to survive on our lovely planet, if there are massive belief system changes rather immediately, our survival may be at stake.

Meanwhile, while we’re trying to get our own belief systems altered and opened, people are dying all over the world in wars begun by the U.S., perpetuated by the U.S. with our tax dollars (how does that make you feel?), by policies perpetuated by our U.S. government, and children dying daily of cholera in Haiti.  We have answers, we have some solutions.  On our website at www.abetterworld.net we will have a series of products that you can buy through us for the children and people of Haiti.  Please take a look and become part of the solution.

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