A Better World Newsletter – 2011.08.14: William Arntz, E. Raymond Brown, Natacha Kolesar

This Week’s Radio & TV Shows – August 14, 2011
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Monday, 6pm EST, August 15, 2011: Monday’s show begins with film-maker/director William Arntz, whose first major film was What The Bleep Do We Know? nd E. Raymond Brown,a visionary African-American author, director, actor, producer, musician, lecturer, and workshop facilitator. He has studied somatic, archetypal and aboriginal psychology, Taoism, shamanism, metaphysics, quantum theory, transformation facilitation, geo-politics and pan-Africanism. Ghetto Physics is his first cinematic work.William Arntz’ background prior to film-making was as a research laser physicist who developed a highly successful software program. Having entered a spiritual path, his life began to take a series of wonderful and wild turns. What The Bleep went on to become a global phenomenon with well over 100 million viewers worldwide. Ghetto Physics, partnered with E. Raymond Brown, is his next major film.



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Tuesday, 10:30pm EST, August 16, 2011: This evening’s interview is with the director of the I.D.E.A.L. Community in Jaffray, British Columbia, Natacha Kolesar. Russian-born, Natacha became a student of the Bulgarian mystic, Omraam Mikael Aivanov in the South of France at his center called Bonfin, and is recognized by students worldwide as carrying on the teachings of the Initiatic Sciences, enhanced by her own inner wisdom. Through Natacha’s teaching & guidance, an international community was formed in BC which continues the teachings and serves the local communities in the arts and especially music, which is a central part of IDEAL’s spiritual practice. Mitchell and Natacha, who have become good friends over the years, dialogue about metaphysical principles and how they apply to our daily lives.



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The Way of the Psyche: A Story within a Story

Shabbat ShalomThe first story is that I was invited to a friend’s orthodox shabbos dinner in the Monsey, NY area. He has invited me many a time but my schedule has been such that it just hasn’t been feasible for me to go. We’ve been out of touch for most of this year, he invited me again, telling me that there was a special rabbi staying with him that he would like me to meet. I quickly thought through my obligations for Saturday and I saw that if I had to stay through sundown (no cars to be driven until then), this would actually be a good weekend and so, uncharacteristically for me, I said yes. I couldn’t find a car, so I took the Monsey Coach up, surrounded in a sea of skullcaps! Already I felt that I was entering “another world”, both familiar and very different, oddly, at the same time.

Image, Shabbat Shalom, ©Andrea Strongwater 2013, used with permission by the artist, Andrea Strongwater,


I stood at the NW corner of 42nd & 8th Ave. waiting for the bus for which I arrived 15 minutes early, and it came 15 minutes late, so because it was so noisy, I stepped up onto the steps of a little theater there where it was a decibel quieter and called my girlfriend. We laughed uproariously as usual and then the bus came, I ascended, and off I went off into the embrace of my friends, the Rabbi, and his wife and the entire michpucha.

I’m not going to go into detail about my experience except to say that it was exceptionally rich in Spirit and friendship. I experienced some of the joy I did when I was in Israel at a Yeshiva there in 1989, to which I was invited by surprise by a rabbi from New Haven as I approached the Wailing Wall. It was an extraordinary experience which I’ll write up another time.

The sense of family, tradition, Divine Warmth, was all present in the shul and my friend’s home. I was warmly welcomed, we laughed, we sang, and at moments, I wanted to cry both from joy and from contemplating the way Jews have been treated for so long by so many during the course of history. One of the stories told was about the Rabbi’s wife’s grandfather, who with others was lined up in Lithuania during the holocaust and shot point blank, then buried in the ditch right before them, in cold blood. It was so devastating a story, I had no way to really digest it. So it got marginalized at the edges of consciousness, awaiting further review, in this life or the next–the further into the future it goes, the better.

But God had another plan for me. The sacred celebrations of Shabbat ended, the sun set, the final prayers were said and I was on my way back to the Big Apple after a very rich experience. Unkown to me, I was being prepared for what was about to come the very next day.

Mitchell Rabin Just Interviewed on the International News Program, Russia Today


Mitchell appeared on the Russian version of the BBC, being interviewed on the debt ceiling crisis and the downgrading of U.S. debt. This was broadcast live to 100 countries this past week and put A Better World as an organization into view on another international level. Scroll down and find quotes from the interview and the broadcast itself. Go to: http://rt.com/news/tea-party-us-default/ Mitchell has posted a news blog on the Huffington Post, please read and comment at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mitchell-j-rabin



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  1. Mitchell,

    Thanks again for another informative newsletter.

    Very professional delivery on Russia Today. Your wise perspectives and opinions on the debt ceiling crisis and the recent downgrading of our nation’s status resulted in an excellent interview. Perhaps internationally, you offered some form of therapy to anyone lucky enough to have viewed it.


  2. Great new blog on Huffpost, Mitchell.

    You addressed vital issues. Our leaders should be working overtime to solve our dire situations. Obama needs to be less noble and show more leadership qualities. Perhaps Hillary would have been better dealing with congressional negotiations.

    I believe 57% of the senate and 38% of the house site law as their profession. We need more by businessmen, engineers, scientists, etc, representing daily life, who know how to make financial decisions resulting in balanced budgets at the end of the day.

    Keep up the good work,

  3. Hi Tom,

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you–I’m just getting the hang of replying to posted comments!

    Glad you enjoyed the blog-article in the newsletter, and yes, so ‘coincidental’ or God’s Humor Abounding…uncontainable.

    It’s true Tom, as you said, the production was so worthwhile, an Franco with the actors brought forward such a deeply human dimension. You really ‘got’ that…I’m impressed. Did you hear my radio interview with the director? Put Franco into the Search Engine under the Radio Archive category and it should come right up…please share the joy of A Better World with others through forwarding the Newsletter or via FB, Twitter, etc. We also love when people “like” us and +1 us on the site…these are the modern, funny ways of showing appreciation I guess, and affection! Thanks for your comments…

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