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This Week’s TV & Radio Shows & Blog for May 17, 2015
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Monday, May 18, 7pm EDT:  Mitchell’s guest this evening is internationally-renowned and well-loved dharma teacher and author, Catherine Ingram.  

Catherine has cultivated communities in the U.S., Europe, and Australia. Since 1992 she has led Dharma Dialogues, which are public events that focus on directing awareness toward greater wellbeing in an ethical and happy life. Catherine also leads numerous silent retreats each year in conjunction with Dharma Dialogues. She is president of Living Dharma, an educational non-profit organization founded in 1995.

Catherine has been the subject of numerous print, television, and radio interviews and is included in several anthologies about teachers in the west.

A former journalist specializing in issues of consciousness and activism, Catherine Ingram is the author of two books of nonfiction, which are published in numerous languages: In the Footsteps of Gandhi: Conversations with Spiritual/Social Activists (Parallax Press, 1990) and Passionate Presence: Seven Qualities of Awakened Awareness (Penguin Putnam, 2003); and one novel, A Crack in Everything (Diamond Books, 2006). Over a fifteen-year period beginning in 1982, Catherine published approximately 100 articles on issues of consciousness and activism and served on the editorial staffs of New Age Journal, East West Journal, and Yoga Journal. For four years she wrote the Life Advice column for Alternatives Magazine based in Oregon.

Catherine has been a guest on A Better World TV and Radio several times over the years–Mitchell’s and Catherine’s dialogues are always dharmic, dynamic, and sprinkled with a light touch of humor while walking barefoot on life’s and mind’s craggy paths.

This Week on A Better World Radio
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BTNW Flier (2015-5-15) (2)Wednesday, May 20, 6pm EDT:  This week’s radio program is a Round Table of outstanding thought leaders in and around the global spiritual community who are gathering at Radford University, Radford, VA. May 28-31 for the first Building the New World Conference open to the public.  Economists, futurists, scientists, teachers of all stripes will be speaking to a wonderfully diverse audience.  Today’s show will be a peek behind the curtains of the Conference.  
Educators, scientists, economists, peace activists, and futurists from around the world will join Barbara Marx Hubbard, former Vice Presidential nominee and matriarch of the New Age movement, to present lectures and workshops at the “Building the New World” conference (“BTNW”). BTNW will focus on the reality that humanity – and all life on Earth – is threatened in multiple interconnected ways and that we must quickly implement rational and novel solutions to meet these unprecedented challenges.  Speakers at the Conference are best-selling author Charles Eisenstein, Millennium Project Director Jerome C. Glenn, economist and futurist Robin Hanson Ph.D., Shift Network Director of Peace Philip Hellmich, InterSpirituality founder Kurt Johnson,  Evolutionary Nina Meyerhof, Federation of Damanhur Ambassador Shama Viola, and PROUT Yogi Dada Maheshvarananda. The Fellowship for Intentional Community and numerous micro-communities also are participating in the conference.   Guests on the Round Table today are: 
martin glenGlen Martin, Ph.D. – President, World Constitution and Parliament Association.  Dr. Martin is Professor and Department Chair of  philosophy and Religious Studies at Radford University. He is President of the World Executive Council of the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA), which coordinates people from 120 countries worldwide as they strive to create a non-military, democratic world government under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.
Dr. Martin has written 10 books on planetary crisis, human liberation, democratic world law, and the philosophy of holism. His new book, The Anatomy of a Sustainable World: Our Choice between Climate Change and System Change, examines what a sustainable world looks like and how the Earth Constitution provides exactly the institutional structures that are needed. As a result of his global peace activities, Dr. Martin has received several international awards, including the Gusi Peace Prize International in Manila, Philippines, 2013.  www.WorldParliament-Gov.org.Glen Martin Gusi Peace Prize
Laura George - HeadshotRev. Laura M. George, J.D.– Founder & Executive Director, The Oracle Institute
Rev. George is a Virginia-based author, attorney, and interfaith minister. In 2004, she founded The Oracle Institute, a 501(c)(3) educational charity, which operates an award-winning publishing house, a multi-faith spirituality school, and a peace-building practice.Oracle’s icon is the Pentacle, which represents the emerging Fifth Spiritual Paradigm and the potential for unity among the five major religions (Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam). Rev. George is the author of Oracle’s foundational trilogy: The Truth: About the Five Primary Religions; The Love: Of the Fifth Spiritual Paradigm; and The Light: And the New Human (due 2016). Currently, she is overseeing the launch of Oracle’s new micro-community – the Valley of Light – and construction of the “Peace Pentagon” in southern Virginia,  www.TheOracleInstitute.org
 Kurt Johnson head shotKurt Johnson, Ph.D. – Founder, InterSpiritual Dialogue in ActionDr. Johnson is known internationally as a scientist, comparative religionist, social activist and former monastic. With a Ph.D. in evolution, ecology, systematics, and comparative biology, plus training in comparative religion and philosophy, he was associated for 20 years with the American Museum of Natural History and the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York City. Ordained in three spiritual traditions,
Dr. Johnson is regarded as the closest associate of Brother Wayne Teasdale, founder of the “Interspiritual Movement.” In 2002,Dr. Johnson and Brother Teasdale co-founded the Interspiritual Dialogue Association, which presented at the 2004 Parliament of the World’s Religions and then expanded to become a virtual Interspiritual Multiplex web resource. He also works with the international Contemplative Alliance with Father Thomas Keating, founder of the Centering Prayer Movement. Dr. Johnson has published over 200 professional articles and 7 books on evolution and ecology. His book Nabokov’s Blues: The Scientific Odyssey of a Literary Genius was a Library Journal and Washington Post “ten best” book in science, and The Seattle Times “Editor’s Choice.”His latest book is the award-winning “The Coming Interspiritual Age.”  www.TheComingInterSpiritualAge.com.Kurt has been a guest on A Better World Radio several times.  Kurt and Mitchell serve on the Board of FIONS and meditate together in an ongoing group regularly.

Building the New World Conference May 28-31
Radford University, Radford, VA.

Barbara Marx Hubbard, Charles Eisenstein, Philip Helmich, Kurt Johnson, Laura George, Nina Meyerhof, Glen Martin & More
Be Part of Building Our New, Sustainable Future.  Be an active part of the Solution.

To register,go to: www.btnw.org


BTNW Flier (2015-5-15) (2)

 Trans-Pacific Partnership, Fast-Track & COP 21, Bonn & Paris

Learn more about and review the TPP, a treaty whose greatest cheerleader is nothing short of our President.  The tenets of TPP and the other two trade agreements on the table, virtually completely in secret (Oh, why would that be??) threatens,if not stopped, U.S. judicial authority over legislative decision-making and subordinate the entire Dept. of Justice, including the Supreme Court and all hard-won Congressional legislation such as the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, all protections of food, worker safety and on, to a selected international corporate arbitration panel.  Not elected, not known.  A privately hired cabal of international lawyers, accountants and businessmen with one thing in mind: their profit.  At everyone else’s expense. Yes,you heard right. This is the TPP.

screen-shot-2012-06-10-at-4-53pjun101As if that isn’t threatening enough, President Obama is pushing for the re-authorization of what is called “Fast Track”, legislation which prohibits our elected representatives,from modifying the text of the TPP.  They must read text alone, no staff to discuss points with, no notes can be taken, and then not even the entire TPP text.  What?  Is this a secret proceeding?  What is so secret?  And then it goes to an up or down vote, Yay or Nay.  End of story.  and arguably, the next chapter in the story for GMO’s, Big Pharma, Militarism, environmental protections, labor protections and the end of Democracy and our nation as we know it.

Adam Wesisman, organizer for Global Trade Watch and Global Justice for Animals and the Environment, was Mitchell’s guest last week.

This was followed by a Round Table discussion about COP 21, the Conference of Parties (COP), with Laughlin Artz and Joe Robertson, global strategic Director of the Citizen’s Climate Lobby.  Click here to join.  And to join the COP21 Paris Pledge, click here. tpp secret



Conscious Conversations: Unity and Interdependence 

Monday May 18, 2015 – 7- 9pm.   Doors open at 6:30  Free Event!

One Spirit – 247 West 36th St. 6th Floor

 conscious conversations 3-16

www.onespiritinterfaith.org    www.fions.org


We invite you for an evening of CONSCIOUS CONVERSATIONS

One Spirit Learning Alliance and FIONS (Friends of the Institute of Noetic Sciences) are pleased to co-host a series of Salons with themes based on the 11 Global Unity Themes for Change. See http://WE.net/11themes.

Each bimonthly salon focuses on 1 or 2 of the 11 Campaigns that together form a blueprint of change for a peaceful, sustainable, transformed world. Topics include the environment, economic justice, unity, interdependence, freedom, disarmament, health education, children, women, human rights and peace. Join the conversation!  This is a Free event–we welcome your attendance & participation.



Mitchell’s Salon: Heaven On Earth in NYC, Next Class on Thursday, May 21, 6-8pm

                                                    m rabin

Facilitated by Mitchell, these workshops include the participant learning Stress Management techniques, from Chi-Kung exercises and meditation to Mind-Body/Holistic Perspectives, health and wellness practices, the role of emotions and mind in health & well-being and disease, as well as the principles of Sacred Stewardship, awakening the Soul through uncovering Life-Purpose and moving into action toward empowerment, wellness, meaning, well-being and prosperity on all levels.
These are some of the areas we’ll be addressing using group dialogue, Therapeutic Theater and other ways of activating our creativity and human potential. Participants are introduced to Higher Brain Living, accessing the other 95% of our human potential, as well.
If interested please contact me at mjr@abetterworld.net and put into the subject line: Heaven On Earth. $40/person, Short walk from Wall St. express stop. TRS Office Suites, 40 Exchange Place, 3rd Fl. Easy access.
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mitchell in studio

Due to the currently temporary location of Progressive Radio Network and website upgrades, there has been some modification to the programming schedule.  We will inform once we know the updated status of Progressive Film Hour with Mitchell Rabin on PRN.


Mitchell now Offering Higher Brain Living Sessions in NYC
higher brain livingA revolutionary gentle touch technique that releases the grip of the fear and stress based “lower brain” and moves energy and metabolism to the “Higher Brain,” where all of your joy, passion, and purpose live.Founder of Higher Brain Living,
Want to move yourself and our society out of a fear-based one? Move the energy in your brain to the other 95% of its potential. This process is engaged in doing just that.
To schedule a session, call 212 420-0800.
Harmonic Energetic Balancing Program

hebAnd with something we use as a stand-alone, without any counseling, is the Harmonic Energetic Balancing Program, which shapes the energy field per one’s own affirmative statements and declarations in language one wants to shape oneself with. It’s like being an artist with words and thoughts, mixed with frequency, shaping a hologram we call you. For more detailed information and a request form go to: http://abetterworld.tv/the-harmonic-energetic-balancing-program/



Read Mitchell on Huffington Post & Natural News
the-huffington-post-with-mitchell-rabinFor over two years now, Mitchell, invited by Arianna Huffington, has been writing for the Huffington Post. The subjects range from how to deal with stress to socially-conscious business, from challenging hydro-fracking to how to develop sustainability, green-thinking and humanity in the new-paradigm corporation & society. Go to: www.huffingtonpost.com/mitchell-j-rabin for a list of all the blogs/articles
And after reading, comment away! I love to hear from you and learn from your feedback.
Then there is Mike Adams’ NaturalNews.com which is another place where I’ve published articles on Health, Stress, Total biology and Wellness, a site that tells so much about what’s really going on in our society, you really don’t want to miss it! Go to: http://www.naturalnews.com/Author_Mitchell_Rabin.html for articles I’ve written there.
And after reading, comment away! I love to hear from you and learn from your feedback.
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