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MitchellMonday, 6pm EST, August 10: Mitchell opens up the phone lines this evening to the listeners to receive specific counsel/advice/feedback on issues related to their personal lives or their perspective on larger, social, political, economic or spiritual issues. Join in at www.prncomm.net to tune in.

Wednesday, 6pm EST, August 18: Mitchell’s guest today is Jorge Flores-Araoz, Peruvian shaman who is known for his work with healing and embodying the shamanic traditions of China and Peru. Jorge is a Warrior Shaman from Peru, a deep Soul-Healer and Visionary.
He has an extensive background in the inner spiritual work of what we know more as Chinese Chi-Gong as well as long exposure to and training in the
the medicinal use of natural plants by Healers and Shamans from the Northern Peruvian Coast.
Jorge conducts 3 levels of Shamanic healing workshops in the US and Europe. He also receives small groups in Peru for immersion into the ancient culture he sources from, for guided trips into the Amazon jungle and deeper shamanic healings often using strong plant medicine.

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Tuesday, August 17: Tonight’s guest is internationally-acclaimed author, teacher and quantum physicist, Prof. Emeritus Amit Goswami, Ph.D. Amit was in the renowned, genre-opening film What the Bleep Do We Know? as well as a film of leading American thinkers meeting in Dharamasala with H.H. Dalai Lama called Dalai Lama Rennaissance. Dr. Goswami also wrote a textbook on Quantum Mechanics, used in universities across the country.

Most recently, filmmaker Ri Stewart made a film called The Quantum Activist, which focuses completely on the work and teachings of Dr. Goswami. Today’s show will focus on the film as well as his last book, Creative Evolution.

In this show, Mitchell and Dr. Goswami have a lively discussion about the nature of Quantum Reality, Creative Evolution and the way these can directly influence our personal and collective lives.

A Higher View from Down Under


The Zen master queries us: “Oh Great Sage, is the cup half full or half empty?” Mitchell-San replies “Both!” And the master instructs, “Go back to zazen until your cushion gets steaming hot!”

Yes, a wise-ass practitioner. But isn’t it so? On one hand, there are more extraordinary technologies for health, environment, sustainability, well-being, more scientific breakthroughs, creative, inspired visions of a sustainable, harmonious Shambhalla-like society than ever before; and, we have an increasingly maddening socio-economic, political structure that is completely at odds with the People it was designed to serve. It is oppressive, the Justice System specializes in Injustice, Presidents of most countries speak most out of the two sides of their mouths, most all speak with “forked tongue”, surveillance is everywhere, Big Brother breathes down our back with bad breath and our economic system is collapsing in a free fall, propped up by toothpicks and a wish-faerie. War remains rampant and most every government is governed by the local and transnational corporations. More people are poor and getting poorer (or as my mother used to say, “…and having more babies…”), the 10% of the world population that is wealthy got about 17% wealthier last year while there were more house foreclosures and bankruptcies than ever.

Technologies & Money, When Used Wisely, Can Serve Earth & Humanity, or the Opposite…


So while we have a greater chance at fulfilling the higher aspects of our very human nature in our application of brilliant scientific breakthroughs, technologies and understandings, our institutions, governed by a reptilian, self-absorbed psyche, continues with ‘business-as-usual’, exploitation and the worship of the almighty dollar beyond anything considerate, compassionate or humane. War is simply big business, oil money employs governments for their military prowess and policy-making, the medical industry needs to keep people sick to keep a big profit! (Learn More)

It’s the elephant in the room, there are those of us who have been speaking about this for decades, and yes, more and more people are piercing through the illusion of the propaganda machine, but indeed, it is a slow piercing, and our Earth and our humanity are both paying a high price.

Most everywhere we turn our gaze, we see a society in collapse, so the cup is half empty. But in those places, from the rubble, there is a fresh energy to re-build and according to more humane, ecological principles: ah, the cup is half full. But tornadoes, floods and earthquakes hit so many places and cause such destruction: half empty. But people rush to the aid of those in need, both locally and globally, creating such love as the acts of compassion continue to grow: half full!

So let’s appreciate that life is full of surprises, much good comes of what looks awful, and becoming more humane ourselves, more thoughtful, considerate and in action, maximizing our own potential, “to individuate” as Dr. Carl Jung would say, is the essence of the game.

This Week’s Radio & TV Shows – Tune in Direct or On-Line

AmitJorgeTonight at 6pm EST is the Call-In Radio show to discuss whatever might be on your mind on any number of levels, Tues. night the delightful intelligence of quantum physicist Amit Goswami, Ph.D. (left) will be with me on the TV show at 10:30pm EST (go to www.abetterworld.net/tv or if in Manhattan, Ch. 57-84-35) which you can view on-line. And on Wed. eve. at 6 pm, on Progressive Radio Network’s A Better World with Mitchell J. Rabin, my guest will be a Shaman-healer-warrior from Peru, Jorge Flores-Araoz (right), speaking about healing and re-building society according to principles of ethics and humane values.

Invest with Your Values


We’re at a time when voting Democrat or Republican doesn’t amount to much difference, as we can hardly tell the difference, and some flip-flop between the parties. The parties (or as Ralph Nader calls them, “Twiddly Dum & Twiddly Dee) are having a “party” because they set the rules, they accept funds from wherever they can, and they’ve built themselves one magnificent, golden parachute. Third parties are eschewed and kept out of the body politic. Some Democracy!! So the main way we have to vote is with our dollar.

When it comes to investing, or even how you allow your nest egg to grow–is it in a CD paying 1-2%. Or, would you be interested in 13% or more, investing in a project that will help to spread health across the world? A project that emphasizes all-natural, organic, super-foods in the form of supplements that power up the bio-electrical force of the cell, so we can more fully maximize our potential?

If you recognize the importance of putting money into places that are green, healthy and thriving instead of the business-as-usual that you think is safe, contact us at A Better World, as we have a few things up our pure cotton-sleeve. These investments pay better than the ordinary bankers who keep the profit for themselves and offer us a wimpering 1-3%/year, and they support life and a newer, healthier way of being.

If interested in learning more, contact us through www.abetterworld.net and place in subject line: Interested in Healthy Investing. And we’ll get some information to you.

Ignite Your Life & Health with Ignite Naturals

Ignite Naturals

We’ve had these on our website at www.abetterworld.net/wellness since they came out. They are the brainchild of the brilliant kinesiologist/nutritionist Alix Thelemaque. They turn on the electrical system of the cell/the body, the thereby allow the cells to detoxify-eliminate and to be nourished more efficiently, which has the most desirable results of creating energy, more health, and slowing down the aging process. Each product does its own job to serve these outcomes. If you’re athletic, watch out, there’s a whole other level of performance for you, yet without sugars and caffeine, these are all-natural, and largely organic. A Better World feels so good about these that we are Affiliates of the Company. Listen to our radio shows with Alix in Archives at www.abetterworld.net/tv and you’ll understand what all the hoopla is about!

And the tour will be continued!

With love for you all,

Mitchell Jay Rabin, M.A., L.AC.

212 420-0800




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