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MitchellMonday, 6pm EST, July 26: Mitchell opens up the phone lines this evening to the listeners to receive specific counsel/advice/feedback on issues related to their personal lives or their perspective on larger, social, political, economic or spiritual issues. Join in at www.prncomm.net to tune in.

Wednesday, 6pm EST, July28: Do we really know just how conscious or intelligent other sentient beings are? No! But tonight’s guest, Amy Hatkoff, author of The Inner World of Farm Animals, Their Amazing Social, Emotional & Intellectual capacities, with a forward by Jane Goodall, has surveyed the subject thoroughly and utterly revolutionizes our understanding. Chickens with better memory than some of my friends? Or learning from watching videos? Amy is also one of the producers of an award-winning documentary Neglect Not the Children, as much of her work in writing, teaching and film revolves around children and parenting.

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YasuhikoTuesday, July 27th: Tonight’s guest is Time Cycles specialist, David Katzmire, inventor of a highly innovative system of understanding the cycles of our nation, of countries, of the world, through the lens of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual time-lines called Kalarhythms. When the dynamics of cycles are understood, the world and its dynamics open up and decisions about one’s future can be made with greater wisdom and intelligence. Don’t miss this poignant show.

Taking the High Road


Now some of you old hippies may think that I’m talking about something else, a la Tim Leary or Terence McKenna, and deeply appreciative of their respective contributions to both their vehicles and maps of higher consciousness as I might be, along with my abiding love and humble respect for the domain of what shamans wisely and knowingly refer to as “sacred plants”, “plants that speak”, here I’m actually referring to the importance of looking at life, from an elevated view and acting in this life according to this ‘higher view’.

In a world where money has become God and its being earned in any way possible has become the rituals of its religion, the throat aches from our incessant call to “the higher road”, a way that respects money as a spiritual substance or currency, while respecting ourselves and our fellow sentient beings, including Earth Herself, in how we go about earning money.

BPWe are at a time in our human history where there is some sense that “anything goes”. Look at Wall St., look at BP, a few years ago, look at Enron, and how many other companies do “what it takes” to sabotage each other and hoodwink the public, to satisfy their insatiable desire for “more profit”. Or as they say “profit at any cost”. So what if it means that young families have to vacate their homes because of a perverse sub-prime loan? Who cares?! Did you see what we made on those 50 loans we closed last week? I’ll actually be able to buy myself a new Porsche, yahoo!

But no, many of us, thank God, thank our parents (who were God to us!) who taught us well. Treating people well, “as you would have others treat you”, is just one of the best sage sayings I’ve ever come across. In reality, it’s so simple.

It is applicable on the micro-level of family and personal relations; it is applicable on the macro-level of institutions, corporations and governments. The scale is not to change the attitude behind the action. The more people you are influencing, even the more impeccable one wants to be.

TonyTake Tony Hayward, President of BP (left). Please, take him!! Yes, apparently he’s about to be replaced. Oh, is that because he’s about to be criminally prosecuted and being given time with his family and BP shares before he serves time? I doubt it. Why is it that a young black guy of 18 can be put in jail in NY because of the Rockefeller Drug laws for 10+ years because he has a few ounces of marijuana, but the head of a company that just decimated a few state’s economies based on greed and cheapness gets his hand slapped with a few, for them, easy-to-pay fines? What’s wrong with this picture folks? What’s elevated about this? What’s humane about this? What’s right?

This is just no laughing matter, no matter how much I like to laugh. This BP disaster, is nothing short of that. Take a look at something a good friend sent me: http://www.helium.com/items/1882339-doomsday-how-bp-gulf-disaster-may-have-triggered-a-world-killing-event

Nothing is and we all know it. With compassion for all people, for all life, for Earth and all celestial bodies, we can still Universeact in a way that is in accordance with higher law. There is forgiveness, there is mercy and there is justice as well. Kabbalah teaches us that our lives are a blend of these. There is overcoming ignorance and seeing our actions in the light of day, without rationalization, without denial, just “the facts”, as Werner Erhard would help his students see, “without the story”. This indeed, is the higher road, one that we’re all being called to. We will respond quickly or slowly, but we will respond!

In the midst of so much hubub about money, and piling it up “at any cost” in the hands of the few, it ends up giving the idea of money, of exchange, a bad name! Money is not the root of all evil as has often been said. The improper use of it and the human actions which lead to its acquisition, without regard to ethics, is the root of all evil. “It ain’t it, but us!” The pointing finger has the thumb always pointing back at ourselves.

This Week on A Better World Radio & TV

This evening at 6pm, EST on A Better World Radio on Progressive Radio Network, the phones will be open and I’ll be taking calls from the audience while speaking about Healing and Energy Medicine. Call in at: 888 874-4888 with questions, comments, get guidance or share your heart and views.

YasuhikoTuesday evening on A Better World TV, my guest David Katzmire, Time-Cycles specialist and inventor of Kalarhythms (plus excellent website designer who did our first website) will be talking about something, how do I say, is very “timely”. One can learn so much by knowing rhythms and cycles of earth, of people–that’s the subject. This is aired in Manhattan Cable TV at 10:30pm EST, ch. 57 (t-w), 84 (rcn) and Ch. 35 (Fios), and streamed on-line through our website at www.abetterworld.net/tv and click “View Here” and follow the prompts.


YasuhikoWednesday evening again on A Better World Radio will be a woman I met back in the last 1990’s who has since become an accomplished filmmaker and author, Amy Hatkoff, who wrote a book on the intelligence of farm animals. This changes the game of our current model of understanding “who is who” in the world of sentient beings. Our DNA and our neural network are awfully similar to that of animals….very! Tune in and hear Amy and I talk about this fascinating research, and let’s see if we can model ourselves after some of their exemplary qualities.

I have often said, in light of the phrase “We are spiritual beings having a human experience…” I’ve been heard saying “We are but animals seeking to have a human experience…” I think that’s closer to the truth! Oh yes, ultimately we are spiritual by definition, but we are physically alive due to our animal ancestry, or so it surely seems…


Don’t Be Afraid of Tomorrow with Monty Taylor


It is just a couple of days before my lecture on Tuesday evening, July 27, during which I will address the current challenges and opportunities of this record-setting juncture in history. I would be delighted to share with you an update on this cosmic roller-coaster and show you how it will effect  you.

In order to help us prepare the room, would you please RSVP if you plan to attend, if you haven’t already, that is?

If you didn’t receive the earlier announcement, you will find it all repeated below. Looking forward to seeing you there.





Date:   Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Time:   7:00 PM

Place:  Next door to Quest Bookstore

(entrance at 242 East 53rd Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues)

Cost:  $20

A Better World Presents Sandy Guarnotta, Medium-At-Large in NYC at MetaCenter, Aug. 11


There are people whose work grabs our attention and imagination here at A Better World in a way that we really want to share them with the world. Sandy’s communications with other dimensions, the so-called “Other Side” is one of those. She set up what was nearly a “conference call” with my mother who passed just over two years ago, and who I of course miss. We had a chance to talk a little bit! There was more to say, but it opened up dialogue, and there’s further to go. Additionally, Sandy is a medical intuitive and ‘sees’ right in and has helped people with rather profound healing. Aug. 11 is an experience you don’t want to miss. She is primarily known on L.I., but now we’re bringing her here to the Big Apple for more people to have the experience and get the value. We recommend pre-registering for this event. Go to: http://abetterworld.net/events/.

Comments and Feedback

We grow through feedback. Good feedback of a job well done urges us toward greater good. Negative feedback gives us some idea as to how to possibly improve our work. Whichever you care to share, or a little of each, is welcome. This is how we grow, improve, evolve. Please write to us through Contact at www.abetterworld.net with any of your comments.

New ABW Products which Support Health, Hydration, Wellness & Good Taste

It is time to use ourselves and use technologies, supplements, etc. butterthat will help to elevate us–keep us healthy, happy and radiant. On that note, A Better World is putting together some new offerings, so make sure to look at our wellness products–we have just added Organic Coconut Butter, Oil and “Cacao Bliss”, coconut mixed with healthy, dark chocolate. These help with hydration of the cells in a very important way allowing water to be absorbed, and on the physical level, this is truly important for bodily health, before we touch upon the psycho-emotional stress factors. Go to www.abetterworld.net/wellness and scroll down for more. And of course, we have Alix Thelemaque’s special formulas of electro-nutrition (Protein Extreme Energy & GSH Ignite), brain/nervous system health (Maxodin) and hormonal balancing (Adrenal Reboot).

Soon we’ll have A Better World’ Eco-Friendly, Wellness Survival Kit, which will include eco-friendly housing, already has a portable water filter-in-a-bottle (www.abetterworld.net/wellness) and if you use the Sacred Love Dating Service under Resources, you can find an appropriate mate to hold hands with during this period of time. Soon we’ll also have seeds for planting and doing Permaculture. As you see, we’re “looking ahead”. All of this preparation done, by the way, with the eyes of the heart “open and attentive”, because that’s the place of our real home.

With love for you all,

Mitchell Jay Rabin, M.A., L.AC.

212 420-0800




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