A Better World Newsletter – August 28, 2011: IDEAL Community &Neil Schauf on Edward S. Curtis

This Week’s Radio & TV Shows – August 28, 2011
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Monday, 6pm EST, August 29, 2011: Today’s guest and show will remain a mystery until “the day of”….one one hand, I’m far out of NYC in the boonies of British Columbia and on the other, we don’t know what may happen regarding Hurricane Irene in NYC this weekend, so stay posted to www.abetterworld.net for updates.

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edward-s-curtis-photoTuesday, 10:30pm EST, August 30, 2011: Mitchell’s guest tonight is Neil Schauf, who purchased the collection of photo-gravures belonging to Edward S. Curtis, the foremost photographer of Native Americans in U.S. history.Neil developed a special paper on which to print Curtis’ gorgeous photographs and opened a gallery of Curtis’ work on his paper in Santa Fe called The Gallery of the American Indian. Mitchell conducts this interview with Neil in the Santa Fe Gallery. Tune in for an illuminating walk through photographic history from the Native American and Curtis’ perspective.

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Hurricane Irene Called in to Clean up Washington, D.C.


It’s a mighty job and perhaps no force other than Nature Herself is up to the task. But with the tilting of the Washington Monument due to the recent earthquake that rocked the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S., I’m beginning to get a message…the phallus of Washington and its unbridled greed and hubris are offending both the rest of humanity and even Mother Nature Herself. The laws, the regulations, the attitudes come from this once August body known as Congress, has become an obstacle to good and healthy living instead of an assist and a blockage to the will and well-being of the American People. We the People know it and now Nature Herself knows it. With all of our emails, petitions, phone calls, faxes and protesting, the White House, Congress, as well as the Supreme Court, are hell-bent on voting ‘their way,” that is, the corporate way, and leaving the People to lag far behind to eat the crumbs of their rhetoric.


I pray that the message of change of policies that currently support environmental destruction gets across the dense nervous systems of our Congressional representatives. Once the mantra was “it takes a village” to raise a child, and now, added to that is “it takes a Hurricane to raise consciousness in D.C.”
The higher forces apparently need to call in their ‘big boys’ who make the human ‘big boys’ of Washington and Wall St., look like small fries. Don’t mess with Mother Nature if you know what’s good for you! Know her, love her and respect her. A Better World is committed to the activation of our fullest human potential, in our brains, hearts, minds and souls, to engage in Sacred Stewardship, which is to responsibly care for the brothers and sisters of our species right along with caring for Mother Earth Herself. It is not fun when Mother gets angry, remember?!

For a Guide on Preparedness for the upcoming Hurricane on the Eastern Seaboard, please go to: www.abetterworld.net and it’s on the right-hand side, thanks to Natural News.

FDA Still Causing Trouble & Our Health Needs our Help

Tell Congress to Oppose the Dietary Supplement Labeling Act The Dietary Supplement Labeling Act has been introduced in the Senate. The bill instead targets supplements and supplement manufacturers, exploiting a hot-button food issue to try to pass more regulation for dietary supplements. Moreover, almost all of its provisions are already covered by existing law. There is no need for any new legislation; the only need is for existing laws to be fully enforced.


Just remember that if the FDA gets its way, people who are ill who use dietary supplements daily which effectively keep them alive, may likely die or certainly not be as healthy. That’s our FDA in action on behalf of the Corporations, I mean The People. This is how much our government is not serving People but its own interest. Jefferson warned us, Eisenhower warned us and now our Constitutional rights are being oppressed by our own government. Go to: http://www.anh-usa.org to learn about both bills designed to support the sick-care system as opposed to the real, simple, commonsense, much less costly use of natural, nutritional approaches to health and well-being. Make no mistake: the FDA is about to take these rights away. Better to act pro-actively and keep it from happening. Gary Null, Mike Adams and others are making major efforts and suing the FDA about this madness, and yet it’s up to us ALL to act. Go to www.abetterworld.net under Participatory Democracy to take action: writing and calling, and spread the word!

In the Midst of Madness in the World, Peace Reigns at I.D.E.A.L.

And as the world as we know it crumbles and the Divine Hand of Justice sweeps across the land, as there is so much suffering for so many reasons on so many levels, there is a peace that permeates some that is born out of love, appreciation and respect for the Creation. The sadness in my heart for the suffering so many are going through right now as the economy is slipping out of control, so many wars are being waged world-wide and chaotic emotions are gripping the hearts of so many people who cannot feed their own children, gives rise to my sending large volumes of chi-carrying-love across the planet, love-missives, to the hearts of sentient beings. It may not ‘seem’ to the ordinary view like much, and food and water remain amply needed everywhere, make no mistake, but this spiritual nutrition of love and compassion, expressed through the ethers, the “invisible realm”, is vital to the life of our souls. The life here at I.D.E.A.L., the teachings of Aivanov and the wise words of Sister Natacha, broadcast these subtle points from the larger perspective, quite clearly. Make no mistake,the words and intent of our thoughts, hearts and souls speak loudly, speak their truth and are heard on the inner planes as they reach their desired destinations.

The way a good deal of communication takes place here, and a way love is spread the way shooting a beam from a flashlight pointed upward sends light, the I.D.E.A.L. community sings incredible music. Each morning begins with prayers, blessings and singing. What a beautiful way to start and celebrate the day. This isn’t rock n’ roll or even jazz; these are often ancient melodies, some from largely forgotten languages, which stir the soul. When I sit in the temple in the mornings, and the brothers and sisters sing often conducted by the baton of their musical director, Gilles Hainault, I feel my heart and soul rising in my chest. The sensations are exquisite and you can only imagine that this is in part what God had in mind when the human nervous system and heart were developed so that joy could permeate us. I may be too sensitive because my whole being is cellularly elevated in my listening, my attention acutely fixed on both the sound and the silence, my body absorbing the vibration of the music through every pore and gland. I’ve heard it said that the word “hormone” derives etymologically from the ancient Greek “harmein” which is related to the word “harmony”. So indeed, our bodies and hormones become harmonized in the face of powerfully beautiful music. And this music is the result of a group of people who are committed to their own emotional, psychological and spiritual development. Years of refinement have led, like the finest bottle of wine, to an exquisite bouquet of sound, deep, rich and nourishing.

If more people had the opportunity to enjoy this level of atonement, I believe that the current chaos of our society would have been tamed like a lion wanting to be pet. How to spread the word? For a taste of this “good life”, go to: http://www.idealcreation.ca

For my fellow New Yorkers, we have posted a Major Preparedness List and virtually Manual on the Home Page at www.abetterworld.net from Mike Adams…Please read it and pass the link on to others all along the Eastern Seaboard!

I will be broadcasting live from Jaffray, British Columbia at the IDEAL Community, an NGO, and a community dedicated to awakening humanity to its next stage of conscious evolution. Join Natacha Kolesar and I in discussing the role of metaphysical and spiritual principles in action in the world. Then, on Tuesday night, Gallery of the American Indian owner, Neil Schauf, walks Mitchell through his Santa Fe gallery’s exquisite photography of the Native Americans, shot by the world-famous photographer Edward S. Curtis.
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