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MitchradioMonday, 6pm EST, Oct. 11: Today’s show is a Call-In Show, to discuss personal, health, nutritional, stress,business, spiritual, existential or any ideological challenge before you. Or to comment on any world-situation that merits attention. Mitchell Rabin will facilitate any discussion of any of these from both a psycho-dynamic, healing and practical points of view as best he can. Don’t know what it is?? Tune in!

JoaoWednesday, 6pm EST, Oct. 13: This Wednesday’s radio show with film director, Joao Amorim, of 2012: Time for Change, begins to address the subject of a new, enlightened society. We’ll be discussing the film, which is about to premier in NY and not to be missed. And we’ll be discussing Permaculture and other green, sustainable practices for growing food without manipulating their genes! We had Daniel Pinchbeck, author of the book on which the film is based, on as a guest just a few months ago, when we began this exploration. Tune in for more.

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OuTuesday, 6pm EST, Oct. 12: Mitchell’s guest today is Chi-Kung teacher, Master Ou, author of a book on Pangu Chi-Kung. This Chi-Kung form has helped many people heal from chronic illnesses that ordinary medicine has not been able to remediate. Master Ou was in business management in mainland China when several very challenges events occurred which changed the course of his life, and gifted him with this Chi-Kung form which he has been generously sharing with the world.

The Society We Want to Create: Focusing on the Good


Every week I review the week’s current affairs and news to select those that are particularly upsetting to me or egregious that commands our collective witness and attention. The number of insane events happening each week in virtually every corner of our world, makes the menu way too large–is it BP this week, Exxon, Iraq, Afghanistan, banking nightmares, or what? So this week, I decided to concentrate a bit on the way the mind works toward the affirmative, the positive in terms of materializing dreams and visions of a good future for oneself and for all of our selves. So here it is…

If you want to create a life the way you want it to be, extend the thinking a bit and you can end up creating the society in which you want to live. Personally, I am painfully aware of the suffering in this world, the tragic ways people treat each other, governments their people, human trafficking, the outrages of oppression, war, violence, the deliberate experimentation of lethal substances on selected populations, the horrors of the banking system and its manipulation of the courts, law enforcement, of poverty and starvation around the planet even in this technologically-advanced society. One can barely withstand full, unadulterated knowledge of the atrocities that are perpetrated daily all over the planet, on virtually every level of society. In A Better World’s Newsletter, I routinely discuss many of these atrocities from child labor, to the bases of the continuation of wars, indigenous cultural decimation, currency manipulation, Food Safety, Frankenfoods, electro-smog, soil depletion and destruction, the chemicalization of our earth, food and water sources and on.

When we contemplate these, we can quickly become ill, emotionally and physically as well we should. I believe that the human species and our human bodies are designed for enjoyment, happiness, joy, love and pleasure. We become ill for a number of good reasons. The main one, from my view, is that it is inhuman to treat our own flesh and blood hostilely, because our highest intelligence knows that we are One, and to hurt another is in reality, to be hurting ourselves. It may not seem that way at the moment of atrocity, but ultimately, the truth of this will be known. As mammals, we are wired together and have the capacity to feel, even experience, each other’s pain and joy. People in denial of this are contracting their hearts where a lot of the neuro-circuitry is located, so they miss out on this very human/mammalian experience, or at least a reduced form of it. We feel sympathy and empathy for those going “through hell” on any level that may be occurring on–we do this by design.

We also know that what we focus on grows. My sense is that, like good doctors, we render the diagnosis, see what is really going on with the patient, and through the shared experience of the patient’s pain, become highly motivated to seek out the remedy and treat.


So when I suggest that we focus on the good and create our new society from there, it’s for lots of good reasons, including that the mind lives, not in the negative space of what ‘not’ to do, it doesn’t process negatives–something I learned early on in my training in hypnotherapy–but what to do. We materialize what we focus on, it grows like a snowball heading downhill, picking up momentum as well as more snow as it rolls. So by no means do I suggest denying the truth of anything, not at all. But to harp on it only insofar as it engenders remorse and a new way of action, one that generates a better way of being. That’s the use and you could say ‘purpose’ of the past: to learn from our mistakes. Please, let’s learn!!

We carry on each day about what’s going wrong with the world and that conversation could last easily all day. But what gets accomplished? How did the perceived situation get turned around? It needs to fast, and we just cannot spend too much time on ‘being with what’s wrong’ and get to “doing what’s right”.

So I invite us all to diagnose, and quickly move into treatment. And from there, move into what could be ‘optimal’ treatment, that is, an optimal, wonderful, sustainable, harmonious, Enlightened, joyous society.

Cycling Continually for Fun

Among the local color of the neighborhood is a place I go to get my bike fixed and tinkered with, just down at 12th St. and Ave. B, called Continuum Cycles. It’s owners, Jeff and Amanda, brought a real ‘down-home’ atmosphere to the neighborhood with their bike shop, where bikes are populating the sidewalk, either just fixed or ready to-be-fixed. They’re very friendly, and Fritz, one of their staff, make everyone feel very welcome. One of their customers said of them: “This is the best bike shop in the city! They always make time for any rider at any level of experience.” And I would say that based on my many years of riding my bike in the Big Apple, this is true. They’re so pleasant, generous with their time and assistance, and do a lot to promote “cycling in the city”.

I wanted to highlight them here because it’s simple enterprises such as theirs, real neighborhood businesses, that become a gathering place around something that’s fun, healthy and ecological. This is how easy it is to “do” something for the good, and make money at it. The idea that doing something ecological, healthy and fun is not lucrative is just ‘ludicrous’. I suggest that it is even moreso, because it brings out the wish we all have to be healthy, ecological, and to play. So if you need a bike, used or new, or yours repaired, make sure to check them out down here and contact them at www.continuumcycles.com.

Eckhart Tolle Speaks in NY


Yes we went, Sharmilla and I, as well as well as our NYU video intern who adores Eckhart, in a jam-packed pew in the gorgeous and holy Riverside Church, a feeling of Chartres or Notre Dame emanating from the walls and stained glass. Eckhart was even a little smaller in stature due to the largesse of the Cathedral, but thank Goodness for technology, which had his likeness projected on a large screen so we could really ‘be’ with him. And indeed we were. He didn’t begin with a joke, but as the evening wore on, it also warmed up. And we all had a chance to step out of the noise of our minds and “look in” to see it in operation, not so identified with it as a structure or as content. He gave us a beautiful story which came down to: “Life is good. I have no complaints”. I’ve never seen that mantra in the Vedic literature, but certainly it should be, and should be one that we all recite routinely from here on! Embrace what is, be with it, build no walls, and then, certainly one can seek to improve or change as needed. But not before simply being present with what is, and then be present with the change, and even the future plan for the change! It’s all good, as long as one remains present! Even though I’ve known of Eckhart Tolle from the time he first came to the U.S. in the very early days, when he was a Source of Life with not even 50 people there, I’ve never had the chance to interview him or hear him speak. He apparently doesn’t give interviews unless your name is Oprah, so I at least enjoyed hearing him speaking while contemplating a name change.

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