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Monday, 6pm EST, Sept. 6. Labor Day: So as not to labor on Labor Day (shouldn’t it be called Rest-from-Labor Day?) PRN repeated a recent show in which I spoke about Energy Medicine, healing, the LIFE System, Harmonic Energetic Balancing Program and Total Biology, as well as amply quoted some of my favorite comedians.

JerryWednesday, 6pm EST, September 8: Mitchell’s guest today is film director Jerry Toth, co-founder of the 3MAlliance, a project to build a sustainable community in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest, about which this film was made. The Last Rainforest of Coastal Ecuador is a short documentary film about a grassroots sustainable development project in one of the most biodiverse and endangered ecosystems on the planet. It is the story of an evolving relationship between communities, farmers, businesses, NGOs and governmental institutions working together to solve the greatest riddle of our times: how do we sustain ourselves today without destroying the means to sustain ourselves tomorrow? The film was produced by Third Milllennium Alliance in collaboration with Conservation International and the Ecuadorian Ministry of the Environment.

The premier of this film is being held at the Brooklyn Ecopolis Sustainable Resource Center,
180 Smith St. 2nd Floor (corner of Warren St.), Brooklyn, Cobble Hill, this Wed., Sept. 1 at 7pm, and is free and open to the public. For more information, www.3malliance.org.


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LarryTuesday, 6pm EST, Sept. 7: Mitchell’s guest today is Dr. Larry Dossey, formerly physician of internal medicine and former Chief of Staff of Medical City Dallas Hospital. Larry has lectured at medical schools and hospitals throughout the United States and abroad. In 1988 he delivered the annual Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Lecture in New Delhi, India, the only physician ever invited to do so. Dr. Dossey

L’Shonah Tova, 5771… A New Year, Again!


This time, yes this time, let’s create a really new Year, a new reality! We are on the verge of 2011. We have maintained business-as-usual for just about long enough. As a species, with specific species members, leading the way, not as leaders, but as facilitators, of attitudes that have led to the trashing of our environment and the destruction of our sacred eco-systems that have a delicacy, a magic, a sophistication far beyond what the mind of man has ever been able to conceive all for profit and control.

The Old Testament states that “Man will have dominion over Nature“, a statement that Natureis often cited as license for the behavior of some of our species to justify their “search and destroy” missions. I hold the opposite view. I hold that dominion itself suggests “conscious, responsible stewardship” wherein all sentient life is respected, loved and held sacred. Resources can still be used, but harmoniously, respectfully and sacredly. Oh yes it can be done, and has been done by indigenous populations the globe over. Yes there were some who pillaged and plundered Nature and each other–I’m not making some naive, catch-all generalization about all indigenous cultures. But I am saying that many have lived by the policy of Respect Nature, & use her resources responsibly, and from these, there is much for our captains of industry to learn.

I feel like as a human family, there are just those obstinate, bully-like brothers who will do anything to ‘pull one over’ on his younger siblings and make mischief, even do harm, just hell-bent on it. All for a laugh, with a ‘devil-may-care’ attitude. How do the other siblings respond to this? What is the remedy for such a cowboy-style, rugged, usually heartless, rambunctious attitude and on from where does it come?

And there are other brothers and sisters who look out for the whole of the family, who take a keen interest in the familywell-being of all, who cast an eye out on the larger picture, and do what they can to preserve, maintain, sustain the health, happiness, enjoyment and well-being of all. These are sometimes different types of people, quite literally, and in my view, different ages or certainly experiences of soul, the level of being that is our core-nature, our God-Self, however to call it. There are a handful, relatively speaking, of upstarts, seduced by the ‘things of this world’, who have managed to access economically and politically powerful positions, who ‘rule’ over the rest, and indeed, they do. But they are a very, very small minority, and with Pluto crashing through the structures set by Capricorn, when they’re rotten and corrupt, they will be floating like wormy logs downsteam and into the vastness of the ocean.

And replaced, by the way, with a new paradigm in building, which the other siblings have had in mind all along, one which respects all sentient life, one that is inherently creative and honors money as well, but not at the expense of life or Nature. A new paradigm that holds all life as sacred, and treats it and all beings with a fair hand, acting to support and affirm life in sustainable ways, instead of an economic and political structure hell-bent on its own success at everyone else’s expense.

BoliviaIn fact, Ecuador, and if I’m not mistaken, Bolivia, have both re-written their Constitutions in light of some of the attitude I’ve described here, so please note, I’m not speaking from some kind of a Pollyanna Perspective. There are millions, and probably billions of people who would what I want in these kinds of respects, because it’s natural, it’s fair, it’s, reasonable, it’s honorable and it’s humane.

Yes, there are bullies that happen to have the reins of power right now, but there is a new generation of business and political leaders emerging that won’t put up with ‘business-as-usual’. Many of us hoped that Obama was going to be heralding this new archetype into the halls of power, but either he wasn’t the right person to do it, or the powers-that-be stopped him in his tracks, because they still hold the power to do so. But it should be obvious to all that the power-game is changing, and change it will, having nothing to do with anything but the nature of power and Nature Herself.

violenceI can speak of the numerous atrocities taking place across the world literally every minute of the day, in back streets, in corporate boardrooms, in sweatshops, behind closed doors of every Parliament in the world, or in hospitals, prisons or classrooms. We would all cry from the depths of pain to re-view what people do to each other, the ignorance, the unconsciousness, the anger, the confusion. There is no dearth of evidence–to the contrary, it’s overflowing. Just turn on the TV for a few minutes! I have cried many a time, my heart has broken, but here, I want to speak of our turning around this ship, a time of new beginnings, of hope and of renewal.

With the power and excitment of a New Year, yes, to start, the Jewish New Year, and with the end of summer, let’s renew and refresh ourselves in light of the new direction we need to move in to preserve life, to preserve Earth. We are dancing on the brink, so many scientists across the world have been saying so for 50+ years. It’s not new, just the listening is. This is our Mother, let’s listen to her!

Summer’s End in British Columbia: IDEAL & Ignite Naturals


On a lighter note, “My Summer”! was full of diligent, hard, focused work on a series of projects, from developing a part of A Better World (ABW) which will serve relief efforts around the world through the NGO community, the U.N., etc., getting our TV shows fully edited and posted on our website, developing the radio shows, editing my books, and working closely with the CEO of Ignite Naturals as a business development consultant, to help bring that powerful co. to its next stage of development.

They are all based on the formulas of one nutritional genius, I call him, Alix Thelemaque, who I have been friends with for nearly 20 years, and Alix has simply helped, through his healing knowledge, save many lives. Now these formulas are publically available and I want to see them spread across the world in a sensible, responsible way. And that’s just what we’re doing. They are being made available through the Sports Nutrition window, because no one knows their value better than the athlete. Report after report of how races have been won, records have been beat, times have been realized after 20 years of ‘slowing down’. In short, the effects of aging are being reversed, excess weight is being dropped, clarity of mind being increased and hormones being balanced. These products can be ordered at: www.abetterworld.net/wellness. A good friend of mine, Robert Granoff, just joined me in Vancouver where we did some extensive hiking in some of the most beautiful, elevated parts of British Columbia, and met extensively as well with the CEO to help support the future of this co. We also have a plan to utilize these products as part of the nutrition in disaster-torn countries such as Haiti and Pakistan. If anyone is interested in more information about this, or how you can be part of it, invest, profit and participate, just send us an email to abetterworldinfo at yahoo.com with Ignite Naturals in the Subject line. It’s wonderful to be part of a company with an environmental awareness while developing all-natural, largely-organic superfoods/health supplements which really have the potential of changing people’s lives. These are the kinds of projects and values that ABW and I seek to promote and get behind.

Prior to Vancouver, was another elevated 5 days with the IDEAL Community in Jaffray, BC, about which I wrote extensively in the last Newsletter, which I composed from there. Natacha Kolesar, Gilles Hainault and the whole community are very heart-centered, are incredible musicians/singers and light up the world with their song. I am grateful for my deep connection with them.

This was a deeply nourishing time for me, and gave me a much needed “supping from the fount” as we all need to rest in Yin Time, and come out with a sense of renewal in service to this beautiful planet and world.The times are tough, but replete with opportunity and potential for creating the kind of world we truly want.

ABW Media this Week

LarryTonight, do tune in to my interview with the renowned Dr. Larry Dossey, speaking about his book The Power of Premonition, as well as citing his extensive work in the healing power of prayer, now proven thoroughly through scientific studies, including double-blinds, so that no longer can there be any legitimate doubt about the power of this most ancient of practices. Larry is truly a world-leader in presenting the medical community, and to the rest of us, his expansive thoughts and experience about how the mind-body work and how healing can take place in easier, simpler, less costly ways, and can also be done, much of it at home. Tune in tonight, Tuesday, to this exciting interview.

On Wed. at 6pm EST, I’ll be interviewing the director of a film on a sustainable community being built in Ecuador, Jerry Toth, which provides inspiration to us all that such can be done, and successfully, even with many odds against us. These are the kinds of efforts and goals we’ll be seeing a lot more of over the next few years, so tune in now!

To watch the TV show in Manhattan, go to Ch. 57 (T-W), 84 (RCN) or 35 (Fios). If you’re out of Manhattan, you can watch it on-line at www.abetterworld.net/tv and click on “Watch Here” and then on Ch. 35 to the right on the MNN site. For the radio shows, every Monday and Wednesday at 6pm, go to: www.abetterworld.net/tv and click on “Listen Here/Listen Live”.

With love for you all,

Mitchell Jay Rabin, M.A., L.AC.

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