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PsmithWednesday, 6pm EST, September 15: Mitchell’s guest today is Philip Smith. artist, editor of Life Extension Magazine and author of Walking Through Walls, a fascinating, extraordinary journey of being a member of his family, wherein his mother lived as though on a Hollywood set that his father constructed, and then went on to become a leading-edge macro-biotic, a psychic, a healer and more, all during the Aquarian Uprise of the ’60’s.

Philip Smith is the former managing editor of GQ and an artist whose works are in the permanent collections of the Whitney Museum, the Dallas Museum of Art, and the Detroit Institute of Arts, among many others.”

Today’s show will be a cross-cultural mix involving pieces of Philip’s whirlwind, very funny memoir, homage to his father, and commentaries on the culture of the ’60’s from our contemporary point of view, even though I’m not always convinced that the ’60’s are over. Tune in for what should be a dynamic dialogue between these two in which lively sparks should fly.

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Now Genetically-Modified Salmon & Codex “Voted Upon” by Executive Order: A Fishy Tale

by Mitchell J. Rabin

But First, on Welcoming in The New Year: some folks get a few of them…so Celebrate as often as you can!

happy new year

I was all ready to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, and in fact did, by myself this year, unexpected as that was, but one has to just “go with the flow”. Perhaps next year someone who read this will invite me to join them! So after fixing myself a non-traditional type of meal, I said a few prayers in my broken Hebrew, playful Yiddish and much more fluent English, and relaxed as though it were the Sabbath, but reflected on my life, its goals, values, accomplishments, what I have and have not yet done, yet surely intend to. I reflected on my attitudes, reactions, ways of acting and being, of expressing myself, who have I offended (and couldn’t help but note also those by whom I have felt offended…how imperfect am I!), and as a result, came to the resolute, if provisional conclusion that I must have offended a countless number of people over the course of this past year, no matter how often I seek to be gentle, diplomatic and kind. Sometimes it just doesn’t ‘go that way’! I do try.

But to those who I have offended, wittingly or unwittingly, I offer you my authentic apology, I pray that the offense wasn’t unforgivable, and that we can continue to be friends; that you will forgive me, and we can go on! And indeed, don’t hesitate to approach me about same! So I do a thorough review of myself, I see my flaws, my weaknesses, I cry a bit, I laugh a bit more, and I breathe out a big sigh, and say “Oy, the trial of being born Jewish! I’m glad that ritual is over!” Kidding aside, it’s a powerfully healthy one, and best done not once per year but at least once per day.

Become a Rabinian, Join Rabinism, the Latest, Greatest Religion & Save 2% per week on the tithing.

Apologize to others daily, as well as be absolved & forgiven & Empowered Daily at no extra cost!

So I may have to start my own religion to do that. If you hear of the Rabinians, all members of a creative cult called Rabinism, in which people are aware, self-aware, apologetic, playful and conscious, you won’t be surprised. We’re accepting applications now, it won’t cost you your first-born, just a few shekels a week, say instead of 10% of your weekly income, it’ll be 8%, a deal? The details of the dogma will be laid out in subsequent blogs. The only problem is that they’re not dogmatic, so we’re still formulating them in the etheric. Will report back to all prospective members soon.

But after having watched the History channel’s story on Rosh Hashanah on the 3rd Crusade, the Christians and the Muslims battling it out (the Jews were already auspiciously in exile, chased out, no doubt, by the Muslims), killing each other in the name of their God, sure that their God values land more than his extraordinary creation called “human life”, they lay waste to tens of thousands of lives, and Richard the Lion-Hearted goes down in history as a victorious and cunning, military strategist. Fabulous. And indeed, what is different today? What have we learned? Is this same battle not being waged today between religions right on our doorstep? “No respect!” as Rodney Dangerfield always said. So I’m starting my own religion to separate out from all the others. But we won’t build mosques, churches or temples out there, only ‘in here’, and we’ll see if there’s anyone who wants to challenge that!

The Passing of the Beloved Rabbi Joseph Gelberman on Rosh Hashannah, at 98 Years Young


Just after the 3rd Crusade ended, or I should say, the History Channel’s version of it, I received an email stating that Rabbi Gelberman, loved by all who knew him, passed peacefully at 7:38 PM, just after dusk, on the New Year of 5771.

Ahhh…..we send a blessing and a prayer to you dear Rabbi, that you are lovingly received by the Great Luminosity with the kind of love you gave to us while here on Earth. May your passing be a fully graceful one, with all the love, kindness and joy that you’ve always wished for us and expressed to us. Thank you for all you’ve given to so many, for your laughter, your joy, your wisdom, your commitment to God and to the Good. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

We had the Rabbi on the radio show on August 4, along with Dr. Alexander Imich, Alix Thelemaque and Gary Null, on the Wisdom & Longevity Roundtable. And as usual, Rabbi Gelberman found reason to laugh and sing, right in the middle of the interview. And this is what it was like to be with him–he always found a way to bring joy to the table, to any situation. He is a special man, loved by so many, students, congregants, and gurus of all stripes and persuasions, Sufis, Hindus, Priests of every denomination. No wonder that he founded the Interfaith Movement, and began three seminaries beginning at age 70! Isn’t that when most people begin new enterprises? But that’s the kind of visionary and Taurus that he was.

The Rebbe’s Service – Full of Joy as He Insisted!


This past Saturday, we held a memorial service for him at Grace Church on W. 104th St. A Hasid celebrated at a Church! But of course. At this gathering came his dear, close friend, Sai Maa, who I also know quite well, have had on the TV show, who I’ve visited in Crestone, where I spent some beautiful time with there, and her closest disciples. Maa was in silence so Rabbi Roger Ross and Rabbi Stuart did most of the talking, but everyone had a chance to weigh in and there were shared some beautiful, touching, loving and funny stories of people’s experiences with Rabbi, and we all had a chance to collectively grieve and collectively celebrate the JOY that Rabbi always embodied, always.

In fact, we were up at his penthouse apt. (shouldn’t every rabbi live in a penthouse?) just about 4 weeks ago and at the kitchen table, Rabbi well-clad in his slippers and robe, and shot a TV show right there at the kitchen table. I pray that the video came out well. And if so, we will have perhaps one of the last, if not the last, video of our dear Rabbi in this body, while his spirit lives and dances ever on. Cantor Judy Steele, as usual, made sure all elements were in place, and she sat by his side, while he, like a showman, shared from his heart with the audience, as usual.

Thank you again Rebbe Gelberman for all you’ve given to all of us who have been fortunate enough to have crossed paths with you in this life. You will be missed and always loved!

And now…as we Seek to Bring Balance to Our World….our Government is Seeking to Tilt it…


Credo Action, one of those blessed organizations like MoveOn, invites us to participate in signing letters and petitions to stop the insanity that our government just insists upon for its people. But the government is unfortunately “a wholly owned subsidiary of Glob-Corp., the Trans-National Co. that owns just about everything.” So no matter, I wrote a letter to contest its ridiculous, fishy backing of the phenomenon of untested, unproven-to-be-safe, GMO Salmon, and by law, unlabelled, because the agri-biz lobby is so strong. They’ve ‘convinced’ Congress that it would be “better” this way, for people not to know whether they’re eating genetically altered items or not. But of course!

This is the letter that I authored to President Obama and the head of the FDA about my feelings about GMO Salmon and a few other little items, including that Obama signed an Executive Order, in effect, passing Codex in the U.S., something we’ve been battling for years. In a swift stroke of a pen, years of lobbying efforts and education went up in smoke.

The Letter I wrote to President Obama via Credo


“Your Administration has gone too far in allowing genetically-modified foods onto our supermarket shelves.  There is NO TESTING that has been done that suggests, even mildly, that these are safe for human consumption, but common sense and animal testing shows that they are not.  YET, the FDA has approved GMO foods, and now wants to add salmon to the list.  And the laws read that this most profound possible tampering with our food supply does not have to be disclosed to those who are purchasing them.  Now what is Constitutional about that? What is ethical about that Mr. President?  What is ethical about Monsanto CONTROLLING the FDA?  This government is an agent for big business and the American PEOPLE now know this–it is an outrage.  If you want to know what the Democrats are failing at the poll, it’s because few are free from corporate sponsorship, and few serve the People.

We Demand that the FDA reject approval of the Aquabounty GMO salmon and set about to withdraw approvals of ALL GMO products in the U.S. immediately, because it is causing obesity in our children and adults, making people sick with unidentifiable, unexplainable, untreatable diseases,and serves ONLY one purpose: corporate profit.  Do you really want your Admin. to stand for this, or for the health, rights and freedom of the People who elected you?  I’m sure the latter, truly.  In the same light, you ought to immediately rescind Executive Order #13544, signed in the shadows, preventing Americans from making health choices they have every right to make.  You can restrict claims, surely, as is appropriate, to scientifically-based ones, but you Cannot restrict our access to products that we freely choose to utilize, whether Big Pharma wants us to or not.  Please know that my words express the feelings, attitudes and sentiments of Millions of Americans, probably tens of millions.  The Ivory Tower of the Oval Office does not really have their finger on the pulse of the People, just on the checks from the corporations.  Please Mr. President, you are a delightfully smart person, please use your position to demand food safety, because as long as GMO’s are on the shelf and unlabeled (adding insult to injury, taking us as fools), there is no food safety in this country.”

Ready to write? http://act.credoaction.com/campaign/food_gmosalmon_fda/?r_by=11045-974023-h144V9x&rc=confemail There it is.

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With love for you all,

Mitchell Jay Rabin, M.A., L.AC.

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