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MitchradioMonday, 6pm EST, Oct. 4: Today’s show is a Call-In Show, to discuss personal, health, nutritional, stress,business, spiritual, existential or any ideological challenge before you. Or to comment on any world-situation that merits attention. Mitchell Rabin will facilitate any discussion of any of these from both a psycho-dynamic, healing and practical points of view as best he can. Don’t know what it is?? Tune in!

MayanWednesday, 6pm EST, Oct. 5: A few Mayan elders are in town for an event & celebration Oct. 9-10, and this evening’s show will be on the subject of the Mayan Calendar and “The Truth” about the Mayan point of view on the subject of 2012. This will be a chance to hear about the Calendar from the the elder time-keepers themelves.

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PeterTuesday, 6pm EST, Oct. 5: Mitchell’s guest today is Taoist, Chi-Kung teacher, Michael Winn. Michael is the founder of Healing Tao USA which offers workshops and classes in Taoist meditation, practices and at the heart of it, Chinese alchemy, which is the subject of today’s show. Tune in to hear these two colleagues, friends and dharma-brothers talk about subjects dear to their hearts.

On Music & Water


I was out in Jaffray, British Columbia at the end of August in the August environment, wouldn’t you know it, of the IDEAL Community, directed by the one and only Natacha Kolesar, Russian-born, to an Orthodox priest father (yes, Easter Orthodox priests still get to marry, a right taken from their Roman Catholic counterparts) and raised in Prague.

The community sings a lot. Every morning before breakfast, it is like being at a choir performance, cum director, and often with trios or quartets with violin, cello and flute. I mention this again because of the heart-opening experience I had when there being in the midst of this incredible, etheric beauty. Life is so often harsh, hard, with difficult edges in our contemporary society, and to be invited into the sweetness of harmony and melody like that, relaxes the mind, the heart and opens the soul is a gift of great sacredness and preciousness.

Frying Pan

But what I learned just yesterday at the “Frying Pan” at 26th and the Hudson River during a musical event sponsored by World Water Rescue Foundation (of which I am on the Advisory Board) and GoodNews Broadcast (for which I’ve conducted interviews over the years), was that, sitting in my own ‘backyard’ the same kind of opening can occur too.

Paul Sladkus of GoodNews introduced me, and I in turn, introduced James Cannon and the Street Singers, a kind of self-designed reggae band, that had the place rockin’. But before that, a simple, popular song, “The Peace Train”, to which everyone was clapping, some dancing, began to really sink into me. All of a sudden, I felt like I was back in the late ’60’s on my way to a Peace March. The simplicity of the idea that we could all ‘get along’ enough so that we could have a “merry old time”, a good world, one free from violence and war, just hit me like a ton of bricks. WHY are there still people who continue to insist on violence? If there weren’t even the military industrial complex could not compel people to pick up arms. As my heart opened, I felt a profound sadness about the pathos of our collective existence on this planet, and how we have so decimated what is truly so precious–life itself, all over the planet, in so many forms.


When the heart opens, it cascades. It floods the mind with wise knowing, a level that the mind rarely comes up with itself. It’s a whole different quality. When you come to appreciate the sacredness of life, it is heart-breaking to see it desecrated before your very eyes, day after day. Our society, as I have said so many times, is a destruction-based society, not a creative, life-affirming-based one. Our whole system is based on defense, against other nations, against disease. We’ve declared war on drugs, poverty and apparently, each other. We exploit resources, land is taken from peoples whose generations have inhabited it as though it were our due. Contracts and treaties are broken without a second thought. Teams of lawyers are hired by corporations and governments just to pre-emptively sue and to find loopholes out of agreements and making payments that are due. This is the state of man. Here we are in the 21st Century, and this is what man does to man, and man does to Earth, every single day.

Is it not obviously, abundantly clear, that a new way to live on Earth must be created, invented, designed and lived by? One with love at its base, cooperation, coordination, values of integrity at its core? Beyond fear and control, but with generosity and service as its guide? I may sound like I’m not living in the ‘real world’ but let me tell you, this world we’ve called real is cruel, it’s lost its soul, otherwise children wouldn’t be starving all over it. Or exploited in the many ways they are. Or women, or men or animals. We’re near bottom my friends, time for a serious turnaround.

And yes, there’s so much to enjoy, to celebrate! We are only as strong though as our weakest link. And I know that we sometimes laugh to hide the pain, and at other times to assuage it. Our imperfections are so vast, like an ocean–maybe it’s a real part of life to accept the depth of it, that we really are still in kindergarten as a humanity, even though some of us hear whispers of higher education speaking to us through the ethers…

Eckhart Tolle at Riverside Church, NYC Oct. 6


To order tickets, to to: https://www.eckharttolletv.com/order/nyc/

Eckhart Tolle, popular writer and teacher, will be speaking in NYC on Oct. 6 at Riverside Church, 490 Riverside Drive. Author of The Power of Now and The New Earth who became even more popular after the on-line series he did with Oprah, will be in NY for a rare appearance.

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