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Monday, 6pm EST, Tuesday, August 30 : Today’s guest is the Director of the I.D.E.A.L. (Institute for the Development of Education, Arts and Leisure), teacher, lecturer, Natacha Kolesar, who has been a guest on A Better World TV several times.   The Institute is an NGO (non-governmental organization) of the U.N. whose work spans the domains of music, art and pre-natal education as well as offering the wisdom teachings of the Bulgarian mystic, Omraam Mikael Aivanov, who, at the direction of his teacher, Pietre De Neuve, emigrated to France in 1938 to institute a community there where it continues through today.  Natacha herself is a woman of many talents and will be speaking with Mitchell today about pre-natal care and conscious conception for the first half of the show and about the metaphysical/astrological understanding, according to Aivanov and herself, about the cycle of time we are currently in and what we may reasonably expect over the next 3-5 years on our planet.  This how will be broadcast live from the IDEAL community in Jaffray, BC, on location.

LarryWednesday, 6pm EST, September 1: Mitchell’s guest today is Dr. Larry Dossey, formerly physician of internal medicine and former Chief of Staff of Medical City Dallas Hospital. Larry has lectured at medical schools and hospitals throughout the United States and abroad. In 1988 he delivered the annual Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Lecture in New Delhi, India, the only physician ever invited to do so.

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DaveTuesday, 6pm EST, August 31: Genpo Roshi has dedicated his entire adult life to this work, over 38 years now, and his insight and experience is second to none. The Big Mind process, led by Zen Master Genpo Roshi, is a lively interactive group method that is so effective, and so moving, and is a driving force behind the movement to study psychology and spirituality as a beautifully interwoven fabric of life.

Over 100,000 people have experienced the Big Mind process and used it to achieve a richer and more deeply relational life. Please take this rare opportunity to see and hear Genpo Roshi and Big Mind. You deserve it.

It’s Time for Music & Dance!


This morning, in Jaffray, British Columbia, about 2 hours north of Kalispell, Montana, seated beside one of my favorite people, an exceedingly special soul and Director of the IDEAL Society, Natacha Kolesar, in the community’s unique and sacred, round dome of a Temple, the community’s musical conductor, Gilles Hainault, led their choir in songs sung in Bulgarian, French and a virtually unknown, Pre-Adamic tongue.

The music moves between strong, colorful, feline, subtle and celestial, all the while, sacred in its sensibility and power.   What happens internally, one gets the feeling, is what’s supposed to happen when one listens to magnificent music: the heart’s rhythm becomes palpable, the mind quiets and the soul in the chest rises, feeling like it’s taking up the space of an entire temple and expanding beyond any physical boundary, including one’s own body.  Far beyond.  The muscles in the face, lips and eyes soften, the brow completely relaxes.  One is being transported to the region of the sacred, the subtlest vibrations of intelligence, leaving our experience of Earth as we typically know it.

The IDEAL Temple


What happens in this Temple is something I’ve experienced each time I’ve come here—the music speaks in its own tones which is frequency, and removes one from the world we most identify with to bring us to one that is easy to describe as Divine in nature.  It is stunningly, unspeakably beautiful, rich in dimension, freeing us from the daily, mental habits we are so accustomed to, and bathes us, like drawing a bath, of the silken qualities of joy, happiness, love, pleasure and well-being.

Taking a Ride in Another World


Imagine being taken on a ride through a country you’ve never seen before, the first time in the Amazon Rainforest, or a trip into the tropics or a gorgeous mountainside.  Or perhaps also, into a spaceship in which little is at all familiar, yet you recognize the feelings, the sensations, even though they are being experienced as fresh and novel.  That’s what the experience of the Vera Choir is like here at Jaffray for me.  It’s also reflective.  In this state of mind where everything is relaxed and joyous, alive and pulsing, one begins to reflect on one’s own life, on life itself and what it could be like if we were to only get out of the way.  If we could only stop ‘mussing’ things up and let the organic beauty of Nature interfacing with Spirit through We the Intermediary, the Human, we could truly be living in a Paradise on Earth.  We could be eating the fruits of the Gods daily.  The fruits from the trees and the inspired creations through Art , Dance and Music, through writing, story-telling, language and the excitement of invention.  And while we have aspects of these in our daily lives, thank God, we are so often in a mundane state of mind, not bad, just slightly flat, in comparison to the topography of the inner elevation awaiting us.

To experience the emptying, the loft, the self-reflection, the gratitude and one’s own reaction to the awakening of the soul, is an experience I so wish all humans could have more frequently.

Conscious Listening is Active Receiving – Participating in the Creative Process


We listen to music alright, perhaps a lot, but most often as background. We listen while we’re doing something else.  Not to say that doesn’t have a potentially good effect, but not what I’m referring too. Even at concerts, I imagine that the young are busy texting; please tell me I’m wrong!

But what about listening as an art, as participatory in the creative process itself?  As the other half of the ‘playing’? What if the quality of our listening in a live context, is directly proportional to the musician’s ability to conduct the music through him to which we’re both listening?  In fact, one of the violinists, Philippe, who played this morning, said something like that:  based on the quality he experiences of the audience’s listening, he is able to bring through the quality of the playing.

So the quality of our attention, its clarity, singularity, its aura, is what largely determines the quality of what we’re receiving.  So at the end of a concert, we have everyone to thank.

Honing Attention – A Key to the Mystery


I suggest that if we can listen to music, as in not fidgeting, not doing dishes, not texting, but purely listening, we could be experiencing a powerful healing, an opening and a transformation.  And that’s what music is really designed to do—bring us to another level of love, love of Creation and being.

And then to bring these newly received vibrations into our lives would then elevate all with whom we come into contact.  The whole, human conversation gets elevated and the ability to do harm to one another diminishes a 10,000-fold.  The loftiest communication experienced through simply sitting can become the most grounded, practical experiences we can realize.

Music, Math & Celestial Joy


A good discussion of the spiritual character of music, which is the interface of quantity and quality, subjective and objective, mathematics and feeling, cannot be conducted, so to speak, without paying homage to one of the great masters of the art of music, Pythagoras.  Here was a mystic who understood the dynamics of number and their relationship to the heavens.  Understanding the Golden Ratio informed his music-making and his life as well as those of his disciples.  The “music of the spheres” is produced right here on earth, when ratios are understood.  Something measurable ‘adds up’ to creating a feeling in the listener as the composer would want it. 

Listen & Relax!


When beautiful music is played, people become disarmed.  A part of them is touched and they become mollified.  If you are in battle, play your opponent’s indigenous songs if you want peace—they won’t be able to fight—but they may want to sing or dance with you, so be prepared: have your dance shoes near!

In the hands of the medicine men and women of old as well as today, it is well-understood what the healing power of music is.  The work of Don Campbell who was on A Better World TV in around 1995 or Jonathan Goldman(above) who was on radio with me just a few months ago, are contemporary leaders in the understanding of the healing, transformational and sacralizing power of music.  All the ancient spiritual and Wisdom Traditions used music to elevate the Spirit and to move the body by rhythm to accord with the rhythms of Nature and the Cosmic Turn of the Seasons and Universe.

The Transformational Power of the Arts


The arts have always been known to have this transformative, alchemizing effect.  Moving people’s minds away from their ordinary habits and preoccupations, and to deal in the realm of beauty, of natural rhythms, of singing, of music-making, of moving the body so to alter its usual habits, all of these contribute to re-orchestrating the neural net and opening up the synaptic potentials for new experience of another dimension.  Otherwise, our perceptual/sensory experience becomes routinized, or you could say “ruttenized”, and the phrase “same old, same old” keeps the same old meaning.  Life is dynamic and ever-changing, so to stay in the flow of life means to be ever-changing, yet with a center that is rooted in the Earth.

If our goal is self- and world-transformation, creating a better world, we better have the faculties of our heart, mind, body and soul available, our attention keen and honed and all elements pretty nicely balanced for any kind of inner or outer work.  Otherwise, we’ll be fluttering in the wind with one idea or another but nothing to root and no one home to take action.

Change is often a subtle matter, until it is not!  But it tends, in the human realm, to start subtly.  One hears a piece of music, really listens, and is gently invited into self-reflection due to its beauty, its harmony, and sees ways in which one has not been kind to others, or to oneself, or to the Earth Herself.  This leads to a feeling of remorse, a sadness often, and a wish to heal, correct, set aright and back in harmony.  The experience of harmony on the outside sets in motion a wish to have harmony on the inside, and vice-versa.

Jews Singing and Dancing in the Concentration Camps


It has been reported by many that during incarceration in the Nazi concentration camps, many Jews danced and sang on Shabbat as they would do at home, even in the midst of suffering and pain.  Through songs for God and dancing for the Spirit, they kept their own spirit vital and alive even when faced with the most excruciating of hardship.  And often it was through singing sacred hymns and prayers that their attitude was not only revivified but in the midst of hell they experienced a sense of Heaven.  This is the power of music, singing, story-telling and dance.

The Good, the True, the Beautiful…………….and Love!


Ken Wilber speaks of “the Good, the True and the Beautiful” as pillars of an integrated society.  And for good reason.  Contemplation of any of these brings us around to wanting to make good, make true or make beautiful our lives and to contribute in these ways to the lives around us.  In short, it’s a powerfully healthy contagion, the kind everyone wants to be infected and affected by.  So make sure to hang out with people who embody these kinds of qualities and indeed, you will likely be infected sometime soon.  And if they sing, and have a feel for the sacred, your life is truly blessed.  But did Ken overlook the underlying  essence on which these three rest?  I daresay I think he did, and that’s the glue itself of the Universe: Compassion and Love.  In my cosmological view, add these to the recipe.

If we have a world where song, story-telling and dance/theater can thrive, the chances of people willing to fight other’s wars will proportionately diminish.  Where the arts thrive, where athletics, gamesmanship and gentleman’s sports also thrive, we have a species reaching toward the highest in itself.  These can diminish the values and interest in destruction and war, and support what’s creative and elevated in us.

The Biology of Music


When we look physiologically at the changes that occur cellularly when we sing or listen to beautiful music, a lot which would otherwise look mystical or be mystifying, begins to make sense.  The experience of happiness and joy, of well-being, peace and love, ease the tension in the protoplasm of the cell, and its ability to function: receive oxygen and nutrients, absorb these into the bloodstream and tissue, and to eliminate the waste is increased.  The body’s hormonal system interprets, through the perceptual/sensory apparatus interpreted by the mind, also eases (the opposite, that is, of dis-ease) and the adrenals are inhibited and not releasing cortisol or adrenaline into the bloodstream.  The Heartmath Institute’s research reports that some 1,400 health-supporting bio-chemical reactions occur with each feeling of well-being and each smile.  You can imagine what happens with each judgment and grimace!

The hormonal system, that is, harmonizes ( these words are from different etymological roots, “hormon” and “harmonia”, not to mention, “humour”).  They are however, close to homonyms and each plays a role in “harmonizing the whole”, if you would indulge the stretching but no less humorous play!  In Greek medicine, harmony was realized through the balancing of the 4 humours, whose operation isn’t disconnected from the hormones, the body’s messaging system.  So in sum, we see that in the end, “harmony begets harmony”.   When we say music heals, it is “making whole”, and that is its exact etymological meaning, finally!  So if we have a little humor, it’s going to go a far way in balancing the elements you could say homeopathically, to continue a metaphor…

Music, Violence and the Resolving of War-Like Impulses

Left-brain-style facts, figures and stats of how many people die in war, how many injured, the costs of war, the long-term injuries and stress on the healthcare system, the economics of war depriving our own people of books in classrooms, re-building infra-structure, has done little to convince the powers that be to give up this pathological, largely economic and political addiction.  One has to enter from another angle—I’ve always suggested that it be humor and comedy—but now add to that, the right-hemispheric power of music and dance, both of which hold such powerful sway over the human psyche and will.  They could be, along with humor, just those ingredients that we need to upgrade society to another octave, so to speak, as Mr. George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, would say.  Another operating level, a new platform.

Living as Best we Can by Principle

These principles are understood and even lived as best possible in the IDEAL community here in Jaffray.  The spiritual practice here is one of aligning, balancing the different centers—mental, emotional, physical and spiritual—and one of the chief ways they do this is through music, and on Sundays, dance.   Aivanov clearly imparted this powerful way of awakening and evolving to his students, and I am one of many happy recipients of this profound understanding of the elements and the way they combine alchemically inside us.

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Today’s radio show is with the director of the IDEAL Society, Natacha Kolesar, a delightfully inspired soul who heads up this community and enjoys the adoration of all.  We will be discussing pre-natal care and conscious conception, of vital importance to the work of IDEAL here as well as in its role as NGO; and then about time cycles and astrological understanding of the “interesting times” we’re in, and if we keep that kind of light sense of humor, we’ll make it through with grace….

I hope you join us!  Just go to www.abetterworld.net/tv and click on “Listen Here & Listen Live” at 6pm EST.

With love for you all,

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