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MitchradioMonday, 6pm EST, Sept. 27: Today’s show is a Call-In Show, to discuss personal, health, nutritional, stress,business, spiritual, existential or any ideological challenge before you. Or to comment on any world-situation that merits attention. Mitchell Rabin will facilitate any discussion of any of these from both a psycho-dynamic, healing and practical points of view as best he can. Along the way, today’s focus will be on Total Biology. Don’t know what it is?? Tune in!

MichaelWednesday, 6pm EST, September 29: Mitchell’s guest today is the internationally-known Jungian psychoanalyst, Michael Conforti, Ph.D., also the founder of The Assisi Institute, which sponsors seminars in Assisi, Italy as well as across the U.S. in understanding archetypal patterns of behavior and consciousness. Michael has been on A Better World TV a couple of times over the years, and will discuss with Mitchell today the theme of forgiveness and redemption, as well as what we may individually or collectively deem as ‘unforgiveable”. If we are serious about creating a better world, we better exhume and examine our feelings about these delicate subjects since they govern our choices and behavior.

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PeterTuesday, 6pm EST, Sept.28: Mitchell’s guest today is fimmaker Peter Rodger, director of the film Oh My God! This film is an interesting review of the subject of God, from the points of view of different religions, and that of atheists and skeptics. Beautifully shot, Rodger roams the world and enters interesting spaces and places for us all to look how unusual beliefs may be from a scientific point of view, and how exotic the notion of worship is in varying cultures, while seeking to make some general points about both the constructive and destructive aspects of our belief systems.

Haiti Still in Ruins – Where Have All the Donations Gone?

by Mitchell J. Rabin


Among all the many natural and other disasters befalling our precious planet, and while all are disturbing, one of those that just deeply perturbs everyone is the earthquake in Haiti Jan. 12 of this year. For many reasons. Just one is that there was such a huge outcry around the world of countries ready and willing to help, and promised funding, but this is what CNN had to say about that:

“Six months after a devastating earthquake struck Haiti, most governments that promised money to help rebuild the country have not delivered any funds at all, a CNN investigation has found.

Donors promised $5.3 billion at an aid conference in March, about two months after the earthquake — but less than 2 percent of that money has been handed over so far to the United Nations-backed body set up to handle it. Only four countries have paid anything at all: Brazil, Norway, Estonia and Australia.

Interesting, relatively small Estonia made its payment. More than the mighty U.S., U.K.or all the other wealthiest nations. Now we’re over 9 months past this disaster and the people are living in makeshift tents, and an alarming number of people, including children, have food to eat only intermittently, not every day. How is it that there is such a disparity?

People are living in tent cities, live with minimum food, contaminated water and the wealthiest nations cannot legislate to get the funds committed, despite grandstanding their promises at the time of initial need.

What kind of world do we have? By what feelings are we run, if “the least among us” is in such trouble, both in Haiti and really, less so, right here at home?

It’s time we take a good, hard look at ourselves and come up with a better answer, better, more empowering perspectives and choices about how to govern our society and world. Whatever is in charge now, is not sufficiently humane and compassionate to create what we say are our highest values, “equality and justice for all.”

UNI will share with you that A Better World has initiated a new division, which will have the position to respond to disasters through a developing relationship right now with the U.N. and the NGO community. We have a series of eco-friendly products–portable water filtration, recycled pre-fab housing, huge airscapes which can enclose a tent city much more safely, a stadium or a concert hall, solar-based, larger water filtration and energy storage, as well as superfood formulas which all of which can be used in a variety of disaster-relief efforts around the world. We expect to be receiving approvals soon, which will allow this part of A Better World to directly address some of the awesomely challenging events our world is facing today. We are committed to making a difference and to creating a better world, both in our society and across the world.

But What Really Runs us? Feeling Vs. Rational Thought: Action Vs. Reaction


We think it’s our heads that run the show, but it is really our feelings. We fancy ourselves so smart, intellectual and able, yet if we are offended by even the smallest thing, we tend to re-coil and retreat; either that or strike out. In either case, we are dealing with a situation of reaction. And in a world demanding action that is girded by a depth of commitment to balancing the elements across the landscape, from social, political, economic and environmental justice to how to be humane, humorous and compassionate with each other, we could really benefit from self-examination in this personal domain, since our actions–and reactions–really carry so much weight “across the landscape”.

Wed. evening’s radio show with my friend and colleague, Dr. Michael Conforti, will bring us into that realm of understanding our feelings and how we live by them for better or for worse. And about the attitudes we hold so dear, for so many reasons. Many of these are subconscious, laid in by generations in our family, but about whose origin we have little clue. To examine these “aloud” is of great value, and we will have a Jungian analyst this Wed. evening to help us do so.

Eckhart Tolle at Riverside Church, NYC Oct. 6


To order tickets, go to: https://www.eckharttolletv.com/order/nyc/

Eckhart Tolle, popular writer and teacher, will be speaking in NYC on Oct. 6 at Riverside Church, 490 Riverside Drive. Author of The Power of Now and The New Earth who became even more popular after the on-line series he did with Oprah, will be in NY for a rare appearance.

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