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A Better World is a media organization which is committed to the creative fulfillment of human potential, seeking to cultivate a holistic, creative and compassionate perspective through its media, workshops and trainings in holistic thinking, whole-being, quantum awareness, the healing arts, environmental sustainability, healthy & happy relationships and participatory democracy to restore Earth and society to balance, sustainability, reason and wellness.
Contact Us: e-mail: abetterworldinfo@yahoo.com -or call: 212-420-0800
A Better World Radio & TV shows address the subjects of  human potential, translating ideals into action, mind over body (inner ecology) along  with exploration of cutting-edge technologies for spiritual growth and evolution.  Subjects also address cutting edge technologies and thinking to address the serious issues of environmental degradation as well as societal, exploring creative solutions to re-establishing balance, priorities, humane values and harmony in daily living.  Exploration of ancient wisdom wedded with modern intelligence as a means of creating balance is key to A Better World’s cosmological, integrative perspective and values.
Mitchell seeks the sung and unsung heroes from all walks of life. The underlying goal is to create a real world, a better world for us all. To do this, A Better World serves as a vessel to bring the great minds and sages of our time through the miracle of radio, television & internet to let every sermon be on the the mount of the modern world.
A Better World Writings include works from A Better World founder, Mitchell Jay Rabin, who has written numerous items of poetry, articles, dialogues and essays, some for publication, for many years. Some of this work is now available to ABW readers for the first time.
A Better World Products are carefully selected health products and nutrients known to either detoxify the body from the innumerable toxins found in our environment, air, soil and water, or that strengthen the mind and body. ABW brings you some of the high-quality, wellness products, nutrients, stress management & healing technologies that can be life-changing.
Be part of A Better World Community and help support a better world!  Donations/contributions help significantly to sustain our activity.  Every contribution of any size helps us stay to our mission.  In advance, thank you.