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Mitchell J. Rabin, M.A., L.AC., is an international speaker and teacher, holistic psychotherapist, licensed acupuncturist, coach, mediator, entrepreneur, business consultant, environmentalist and writer.  He has also been hosting and producing a NYC-based cable TV show since 1993 called A Better World.  He has been on TV and radio numerous times and with a weekly radio show on Progressive Radio Network since 2006.

Mitchell holds a B.A. from Bard College in ancient literature and theater, and a Master of Arts from Antioch Graduate School in Counseling Psychology. He is a Diplomate of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture from the Tri-State Institute of traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Certified by the Eastern NLP Institute in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and has been in private practice in NYC specializing in couples counseling as well as his integrative Mind-Body approach to transpersonal psychotherapy and bio-feedback using the LIFE System.

Contact Mitchell for sessions, groups, lectures: or 212-420-0800

Mitchell gives a series of different workshops including Therapeutic Theater, Writing as a Spiritual Discipline, Chi-Kung, Taoist Sex Practices, team-building, leadership training and bio-feedback LIFE System training.  Mitchell has taught across the U.S., in Europe, Sweden and India.

But Mitchell isn’t all work and no play.  In high school in Westport, Ct., Mitchell co-produced a rock concert with a friend of Edgar Winter’s White Trash with Rick Derringer, a highly popular rock band at the time.  A seriously risky venture at the time, proved to be stunningly successful and the group played to a standing room only crowd.  Edgar Winter himself had such a special experience doing this concert, he came to Mitchell’s house for an after-concert party, and told him that he had such a special time that he was going to move to Westport, which he did.

This success inspired Mitchell to do this again, this time by himself as producer, and with another very popular group, The J. Geils Band.  Again, a record-breaking attendance and another benefit for the school newspaper.

These successes led to Mitchell being invited to produce a fund-raising concert for then Presidential candidate, George McGovern (1972).  Herbie Mann and Dave Brubeck’s sons were the talent.  Well-known French trumpeter Don Elliott and other celebrities helped Mitchell with making radio spots and PR, which helped to fill an auditorium in an otherwise rather Republican town not so interested in a “peace candidate”.  No matter, the concert went well, and the head of the McGovern for President entertainment committee, Warren Beatty, commended 18-year old Mitchell and asked him to head up concert production for the campaign for the State of Ct.

Mitchell joined with some theater friends from Bard College an formed The Bakery Theater Cooperative in 1982 which adapted the Nobel Prize for Literature Laureate, Isaac Bashevis Singer’s short story, Gimpel the Fool, to theater.  Isaac, who was a good friend of ours, loved the adaptation and stated that we were the only group that successfully adapted his writing to another artistic medium.  The piece was toured around New York, New England and to Canada.  It was then performed in a Gothic Cathedral in Montclair, NJ and Isaac sat on the set afterward to give one of his inspired and humorous talks.  The event was a fund-raiser for a organization which promoted Jewish-Christian relations.  From this a video was made and sold to Swedish and Japanese television.

Mitchell began The Center for Creative Well-Being in 1989 a Stress Management-Healing Center in NYC using floatation tanks and a Sound Womb. This became wildly popular and attracted the attention of health activist-radio celebrity Gary Null, which began their now 20+ year relationship. Mitchell was known for his work with Floatation Tanks and its value in relaxation, stress management and re-programming.

Mitchell founded The Ecology Institute in 1990 as a means of marketing magnetic technologies which have the effect of reducing our carbon footprint through increasing energy efficiency and reducing the use of chemicals in water treatment.  He developed a distribution network in the larger New York area as well as with distribution in Europe, Russia and South America.

Mitchell founded A Better World in 1993 an organization to raise awareness through media about bringing attention and consciousness into the corporation and into our personal daily lives.  Teaching the principles of sustainability, inner and outer balance, health & holism, with Sacred Stewardship, service and the joy of life are the fundamentals of A Better World.   This became the name of the weekly radio and TV shows Mitchell produces & hosts weekly.

Mitchell has also  been a partner in several start-up green companies.  One focused on solutions to sick building syndrome, another was one of the first green construction supply houses in the U.S., another on permanent magnet motor, and high-level water filtration and desalination technologies.  Most recently, he is part of an LED System company that will take lighting off-grid and another company that is developing prototypes for super-conductive materials that could lead to permanently-recharging batteries and generators.

His work as a therapist and holistic practitioner is always addressing both inner and outer ecology and our relationship to the Earth and Universe.

Mitchell has been in several PBS special documentaries produced by radio celebrity Gary Null.  Mitchell has been on Gary’s faculty for different detoxification and Stress Management Programs since 1990.

Mitchell authored a chapter in the book called Fire From Heaven about his experiences in a spiritual community in India, another called The Code, on eco-entrepreneurialism, another called Heart at Work to soon be re-published, and is completing his own book on living life according to one’s soul’s purpose and passion called Creating A Better World Quickly!

As a psychotherapist and healer, Mitchell was innovating in the area of Mind-Body healing in the 1980’s, crossing counseling and coaching with the principles of Chinese energetics and the 5 Element Theory.  Later, he sponsored a series of seminars in NYC on Total Biology, an offshoot of The New Medicine of Dr. Hamer, a totally integrative approach to understanding the cause of illness and unhappiness.  Mitchell has been on the cutting-edge of vibrational healing and humanistic-transpersonal and eco-psychology for decades.

Mitchell’s background includes being drawn to yoga at the tender age of 14 which he studied and practiced in his hometown of Westport, Ct., and later became very involved in T’ai-Chi Chuan, Chi-Kung, Taoist meditation, Tibetan Buddhist psychology and practices, Zen, the Initiatic Sciences through Omraam Mikael Aivanov and the work of G.I. Gurdjieff.

Mitchell has been involved in different activities at the U.N. and the NGO community since 1993.  From CCCUN to the Enlightenment Society (now S.E.A.T.) and was on the first year of the Season for Nonviolence Task Force, honoring the lives of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King. Mitchell has been invited to speak to S.E.A.T. at the U.N. three times, participated and attended innumerable meetings, conferences, and has moderated innumerable panels and hosted events.

Mitchell was marketing director of ICAP Technologies in 2006 which developed a gel-free, wireless EEG device and software program, designed for reducing stress based on the teachings of physicist Lester Levenson, and coming into one’s own self-mastery.  In Mitchell’s second talk at the U.N. to S.E.A.T., he spoke about this technology for healing and greater consciousness, and invited its inventor to present with him.

Mitchell was invited by Arianna Huffington to write for the Huffington Post which he does along with writing for Mike Adams’ Natural News and Gary Null’s Progressive Radio Network website.

Mitchell has traveled extensively throughout the world, shooting TV shows with spiritual teachers in India and climbing sacred Taoist mountains all over China.  He has interviewed the sung and unsung heroes of society across the world for his public service TV and radio shows, covering subjects such as human potential, spirituality, dimensions of consciousness, Jungian Psychology, neuro-science, ecology, healing, the New Economics and New Sciences, political and economic justice and principles of sustainability in business and community development.

Mitchell is on the Advisory Boards of World Water Rescue Foundation, the Beneveda Medical Group, the All-Faiths International Seminary and KLD Energy.  He is also consultant and Director of Business Development for a nutritional company called Ignite Naturals, with cutting-edge nutritional supplements.

In sum, Mitchell’s heart and soul lie in being in service to creating a new, better world based on a positive vision of man’s human potential, utilizing his intelligence and heart for his ongoing, creative unfolding.  He has passion for life, love and Source.

On the inner side of sports side, Mitchell is very active as a tennis and competing paddle tennis player.  Applying the principles of Zen archery and single-mindedness, Mitchell has built this sport into is routine as a weekly discipline.

Mitchell loves singing Kirtan and has been doing yoga off and on since age 14.  More intently, he does T’ai-Chi and Chi-Kung.

Altogether, Mitchell is known for his playful manner and style of teaching and working with people, a loving, authentic healing presence, sincere and compassionate, inspiring them to think, laugh, wonder and find their passion for adding in their unique way to creating a better world.  He has fun in most everything he does and spreads that spirit to others in his daily, everyday living.  Some of this is conveyed through:

His own books, Creating A Better World Quickly and Awakening the Soul to Action, will be available soon.

Some of this is conveyed through: