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MitchellMonday, 6pm EST, July 19: Mitchell opens up the phone lines this evening to the listeners to receive specific counsel/advice/feedback on issues related to their personal lives or their perspective on larger, social, political, economic or spiritual issues. Join in at www.prncomm.net to tune in.

Wednesday, 6pm EST, July21: Mitchell holds an “Astrology Roundtable with two leading NY-based astrologers, the highly-gifted, Jungian-oriented Monty Taylor, who has been a guest on ABW Radio & TV, and his colleague, Eileen McCabe (right), a counselor and teacher, who uses astrology in her practice. Eileen is the President of the NY Chapter of the National Council of Geocosmic Research. Astrological analysis indicates that the end of July through to the end of the 2010 provides quite a time of upheaval economically, politically, socially, climatically and geologically. Tune in so you can hear what astrological experts have to say and if you deem it of value, be prepared for this terrestrial roller-coaster.

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Tuesday, July 20th: Tonight’s guest is astrologer Monty Taylor, discussing the nature of astrology both as an ancient science and as an art, and how it can be effectively applied to real-world situations, as well as to understand persona and character, often in light of ancient mythological archetypes as understood from the point of view of Jungian Psychology. Join us for a lively discussion between a psychotherapist and an astrologer!

Heaping Amounts of Everything on our Plates

Where do we look to get a gauge of our current psychological maturity as human adults as a collective at this point in history? My sense is that our grade would be low. While we have matured intellectually, meaning we have developed a far-reaching ability to think both in and out ‘of the box’, and have thus developed astounding technologies, scientific breakthroughs and mental feats, we score low, I believe, when it comes to basic human kindness, compassion, understanding, open-heartedness/mindedness, patience, integrity and unconditional love. Many of these qualities can be found indeed, straight across the planet, regardless of race, gender, age, class, or creed in many places, I am so happy to have observed over time. But among the captains of government and industry, those decision-makers whose decisions, up front and in the back-rooms, affect the lives of not just millions, but billions of people, have often run profoundly short on these qualities.

For instance, as highlighted in the film “Food, Inc.” food companies have driven the small and medium-sized farmer out of business if they don’t accord with the “manufacture” of food, distinct from the ‘growing’ of crops or the raising of farm animals distinct from the herding, corralling and the slaughter of animals en masse. When you see what has happened to “Food, USA” you want to cry. It’s hard to believe that We the People, have allowed government to become so corrupt as to side with agri-business instead of the backbone of America, which is its farmers.

U.S. legislation, virtually all skewed toward supporting Tyson, Monsanto and their buddies because they spread so much money around Washington, D.C., is breaking, has largely broken, the back of the U.S. economy, internally. Just what is terrorism? As a result, America is now being served up Frankenfood, that is, genetically-modified organisms, all over the place, and we have no idea what is modified and what is not, nor have the legal right to find out! Why? Monsanto’s influence over the FDA and Congress is so strong, when they lobbied “to protect the American People from what might frighten them by not labeling” yes, eating GMO food, they won that simple, highly unethical little battle.

This is old news to many of us, but just because it’s old, it’s not less painful. The same thing occurred with Bovine Growth Hormone in milk. These are just small examples of how the government is utterly, completely run by corporate America, which I prefer to call “Glob-Corp.” It is anonymous, no one is home, they make so much money off of their money that they are closer to monetary fortresses like Ft. Knox than they are companies interacting with a public who they are here to serve. But that, in our day, is considered a naive view of the corporation. This is how low things have sunk, so when I say “a low grade”, it is so.

And if we do a pan with our camera around the different pockets of the world, the different strata of society and the way money is gathered and spent by our government, you emerge from the pan, wanting to hop into the fire! Why? well, we’ve been engaged in varying forms of collective homicide. We don’t want the government to ‘save us’ from the boogey man, which don’t want them to kill us first! And indeed, in their unholy alliance with the “pillars of industry” across the military/chemical/pharmaceutical/media and security/intelligence industrial complexes, we have all been given a serious complex–we, as a collective, are suffering from massive depression which is masking fierce anger based on an outrageous feeling of betrayal. And betrayed indeed, we have been.

So our mental/emotional states as Americans, and as humans, are heavily stressed by these Stressfundamental, ongoing betrayals, irrational and self-serving at base, having nothing to do with “the general welfare” which the government is charged with protecting, but with the “corporate welfare”. Industries that heavily pollute and in effect, kill their workers, such as the coal industry, are not outlawed because they “provide jobs”. But the jobs are inhumane! So what? Jobs are jobs my friends! Same with the killing fields of Iraq and Afghanistan, to just name a few. And if the soldier survives the wars, they’ll get a free college education! (maybe).

However, just to say, all isn’t lost in our low grade, which sounds like a bad, nagging fever, which indeed, it is. I call it a “low-grade depression”, which is a symptom of people not doing what they feel they should, not speaking what they feel they want to. No, not all is lost. Humans are slow learners as a group, heavily Big Brotherized (a new/old verb…), but when they begin to break free, like melting glacial ice, magic happens. Freedom! rings out Richie Havens.

The hope shows up in videos such as this in which a soldier, ready to die for the ideals of his country, sees that he’s being exploited and shall I say, being “toyed with” by corporate interests? Tune in and you’ll feel inspired toward hope!

Please tune into A Better World’s PRN radio shows, and to PRN in general. Gary Null continues to assemble a great group of qualified experts and professionals who host programs on Progressive Radio Network that you don’t want to miss. And to A Better World TV every Tuesday evening at 10:30 PM EST, ch. 57 in Manhattan (see above) or watch on-line.

New ABW Products which Support Health, Hydration, Wellness & Good Taste

It is time to use ourselves and use technologies, supplements, etc. that will help to elevate us–keep us healthy, happy and radiant. On that note, A Better World is putting together some new offerings, so make sure to look at our wellness products–we have just added Organic Coconut Butter, Oil and “Cacao Bliss”, coconut mixed with healthy, dark chocolate. These help with hydration of the cells in a very important way allowing water to be absorbed, and on the physical level, this is truly important for bodily health, before we touch upon the psycho-emotional stress factors. Go to www.abetterworld.net/wellness and scroll down for more. And of course, we have Alix Thelemaque’s special formulas of electro-nutrition (Protein Extreme Energy & GSH Ignite), brain/nervous system health (Maxodin) and hormonal balancing (Adrenal Reboot).

Soon we’ll have A Better World Survival Kit, which will include eco-friendly housing, already has a portable water filter-in-a-bottle and if you use the Sacred Love Dating Service under Resources, you can find an appropriate mate to hold hands with during this period of time. Soon we’ll also have seeds for planting and doing Permaculture. As you see, we’re “looking ahead”. All of this preparation done, by the way, with the eyes of the heart “open and attentive”, because that’s the place of our real home.

With love for you all,

Mitchell Jay Rabin, M.A., L.AC.

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