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wasserman harveyWednesday, February 4, 7pm EDT:  Of the many formidable and threatening issues facing our species is the abominably reckless, irresponsible actions of politicians who began the nuclear project at Los Allamos and have continued it in various forms since such that we have warheads facing Russia now as we have since the Cold War and they too have theirs facing us.  We have utterly tenuous and volatile nuclear power plants across the country, some sitting on earthquake faults (Diablo) and others situated within 20-50 miles of major urban centers with millions of people (Indian Point).  Among the many threats to our and many other species, the nuclear threat looms as one of the greatest.

To speak about this threat today with Mitchell is American journalist, author, democracy activist, and advocate for renewable energy Harvey Wasserman.

Harvey has been a strategist and organizer in the anti-nuclear movement in the United States for over 30 years. He has been a featured speaker on TodayNightlineNational Public RadioCNN Lou Dobbs Tonight and other major media outlets. Wasserman is senior advisor to Greenpeace USA and the Nuclear Information and Resource Service, an investigative reporter, and senior editor of The Columbus Free Press where his coverage, with Bob Fitrakis, has prompted Rev. Jesse Jackson to call them “the Woodward and Bernstein of the 2004 election.” He lives with his family in the Columbus, Ohio, area.

In 1973 he helped pioneer the global grassroots movement against atomic reactors, and helped coin the phrase “No Nukes” in 1974. He was a media spokesperson wasserman harvey solartopiafor the Clamshell Alliance, and helped organize mass demonstrations at Seabrook, N.H. against reactors being built there. Rolling Stone magazine featured Wasserman in its 1979 cover story on the Musicians United for Safe Energy (MUSE), which staged five concerts organized by Wasserman in Madison Square Garden in 1979 shortly after the Three Mile Island accident, including New York City’s 1979 “No Nukes” concerts and rally (featuring Bruce SpringsteenBonnie RaittJackson BrowneCSNJames Taylor and others).

On behalf of Greenpeace USA, Wasserman addressed 350,000 concert-goers at the Woodstock 1994 Festival. He has been a frequent speaker at both the Starwood Festival and the WinterStar Symposium (a Starwood interview is documented in the book People of the Earth by Ellen Evert Hopman). According to records from the Greater Talent Network (NY), he has addressed several score campus audiences since 1982 on issues of energy, the environment, politics and history.

Wasserman has been an adjunct instructor of history at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA, and is currently on staff in Ohio at Columbus State Community College and Capital University. Based in Ohio, Wasserman works to replace the Perry and Davis-Besse nuclear power plants with renewables and efficiency, and has helped his friends shut a trash-burning power plant, a proposed radioactive waste dump, the two Zimmer and Perry nukes, a refuge-threatening housing development and a McDonald’s restaurant. He currently works through Farmers Green Power in Ohio and elsewhere to promote farmer/community-owned wind power and other renewables.



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goswami amit

Monday, February 6, 7pm EDT:   Mitchell’s guest this evening is world-renowned Professor Emeritus, author and quantum physicist Amrit Goswami, Ph.D. Dr. Goswami, came to international attention in the genre-opening film What the Bleep Do We Know? as well as a film of leading American thinkers meeting in Dharamasala with H.H. Dalai Lama called Dalai Lama RennaissanceDr. Goswami was first well-known for the textbook he authored on Quantum Mechanics, used in universities across the country.goswani amit bookAmit has been a guest on A Better World TV a couple of times and has been a favorite among our quantum physicist guests.  His work continues to impact the scientific and lay communities.  In some ways, Goswami’s thinking and writing has provided “Quantum Physics for the Masses”.





15-Year old Swedish girl, Greta Thunberg, at the COP 24 in Katowice, Poland

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This Week’s A Better World Media
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In this week’s Radio shows, Mitchell speaks with journalist and nuclear disarmament activist, author Harvey Wasserman.  Harvey’s reputation for exposing the dangers of nuclear weapons and power plants over decades and for exclaiming the potential of renewable energies is global in scope and needs to continue to be broadcast.  It is a pleasure and honor to bring Harvey to the A Better World airwaves.  Mitchell and Harvey both serve on the Advisory Board of Hazel Henderson’s Ethical Markets Media.
On A Better World TV this week is one of the leading voices in Quantum Physics, Amit Goswami.  Amit first caught the attention of the public in a significant way in his role in the genre-setting film What the Bleep Do We Know??##”?? and has since been writing books, teaching and appearing in other films that further bring the age-old wisdom embedded in the new Quantum Physics to bear in mainstream society.  Amit is one of those unsung heroes bringing forth this inter-face, which is why we here at A Better World are so fond of his work.
Time for A New, Just & Evolved World, Human Society with a Peace-Based, Sustainable Economy & a World of Kindness, Compassion, Play & Understanding
evolution of man
Let me ask you….aren’t you tired of a world based on conflict, greed, corruption and ‘an eye for an eye’  As Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof says, “If we continue with an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, soon we’ll have a world of eyeless, toothless people…”tevye
Let’s imagine that we really do have the apparatus, the psychological maturity, the biological adaptability, and the political will to be economically, socially and ecologically intelligent, just and to create and sustain a system of governance wherein all people are treated with respect, dignity and kindness.  There are plenty of material assets and money to provide for good, organic (real) food, pure, clean water, eco-friendly shelter, quality education and medicine for all people all over the world several times over.
Yet, instead, we live with a scarcity mentality where billions live in one level or another of material poverty and a very small percentage of people live in extraordinary luxury while others are literally starving.  We live in a society, smart as we’re said to be, wherein our ‘evolved’ economy is largely predicated on weapons sales and addicting our nation to one drug or another, be they alcohol, prescription drugs or foods that are junk, sugar-based and on.  The consumerist model addicts people even to the sounds and mechanisms of cell phones, TV and all manner of electronic devices.  How does it feel to know that in a country said to be so rich materially still tolerates that some 18-20 million children are going to bed hungry every night?  That major corporations control legislation, local, state and Federal, so that they can get away with polluting our waterways, soil and foul our air increasing illnesses, respiratory disease and cancer?  And that this is totally legal?
oil-rig-explosion-ml-171016_4x3_992Doesn’t it just make you sick that our economy and actually, entire way of life is based on degeneration and destruction/extraction of resources that serve the very few at the expense of the many?  Wouldn’t you rather live in a world and a society which is based instead on creativity and construction, with sustainability and humanity at its core, respecting and honoring the gifts of Mother Earth instead of wastefully extracting and destroying?
Yes, of course, I sound like an old hippie (well, hippie yes, old?  not sure of that!), but these values or simply human, rational, commonsense and actually conservative values.  Conservative!  I’m a conservationist!  I want to conserve sentient life….how absurd!  how ‘hippie-like’!  So if that’s what I want, what mjr in prn studio exclaimingdo you want?
At a certain point, we wake up to the fact that our entire way of life is primitive and has hardly changed much at all.  Yes, there are some changes on the books, in legislation, but consciousness hasn’t changed much.  The prejudices, biases, resentments, angers, negative belief systems, integrity issues, battles between races, ethnicities, colors and genders persists as they have for thousands of years.  Yes, we can cite some improvements thankfully, but it is my observation that they are all too few and far between.  Please correct me if you see other evidence, please!
There is so much beauty in this world, in Nature, in our Nature.  There is music, dance, laughter, films, humor, arts, sport, play, children, in chess, sunshine, skipping, sandboxes!  Colorful saris, colorful languages, incredible instruments, ancient wisdom, plant-lore, story-telling, the beauty that can be seen in a smile, a smiling eye, a conscious movement, a haiku, a bad joke, a brilliant thought!  So much joy in radiant health, in a job well done, in a physical, emotional or mental exertion.  Joy in generosity, feeding someone who’s hungry, cheering someone up who is sad, these very human activities.  Don’t we want a society that is rich with this?  What’s the good of being materially rich but spiritually impoverished?  And that’s what we are.
children playingThere are cycles in our society, national and global in Nature, and the good news is that the current cycle, according to my dear friend and colleague David Katzmire’s system known as Kalarhythms, is turning toward the kinds of values I’ve been discussing here.  While we’ve done untold damage that could have us cry for days, there is a movement, there truly is, to turn this around.  Just today, I spent with a 100+ like-minded people in the beginning of what we call the Unity Earth Lift-off.  You know how good that felt to be surrounded with people with whom you’re resonant when it comes to core values?  We were all as different as night and day!  All colors, shapes, sizes, religions, languages, some Native Americans, some Muslims,unity earth event up Jews, Christians, agnostics, you name it!  That all added to the fun.  But there was respect and love throughout the room.  Just beautiful.  We’re supposed to be different–it’s purposeful for survival!  It’s part of our species adaptation.  Otherwise, it’s like mono-cropping….one bad storm and we’re finished!  This is the kind of world we can create.
I see greater convenience due to technology, greater hygiene, some educational improvements, and definite technological improvements and some scientific advancement for sure, and these are awesomely exciting.  But the way people treat each other altogether too much, and the Earth, remains disturbing and I suggest we can do a lot better.
2017-11-16 pa fund-raiser 4I am pushing for A Better World, a world of inner peace that is naturally translated into outer peace, inner kindness that translates into outer kindness, and inner respect and love to outer.
If we raise our children with this kind of attitude, with this kind of humane education based on virtues, we vastly increase the probability of a world in harmony.  We’ve become accustomed to this lower expression of ourselves, and I’m urging us to see how we’ve ‘sold out’ as a collective to these truly ridiculous, harmful values and practices that are not resonant with being a full human and it’s time to go beyond this and drop it all like a bad habit (which it is) and move on, transform into the butterfly and move into a homeostatic, peace-and-love economy and society instead of this fear-based, purely single bottom-lined economy we currently have.  You thoughts? Agree?  Disagree?  I’d love to hear your point of view.  Email me at: mjr@abetterworld.net.
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