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gilley jeremyMonday, July 13, 7pm EDT:  Mitchell’s guest this evening is filmmaker Jeremy Gilley, of the Film Peace One Day. 
Due to the July 4 holiday, this didn’t air last week but this week.

Jeremy Gilley is the Founder of Peace One Day, a charity campaigning for a global day of ceasefire and non-violence. In 1994, following a decade of professional acting, Mr. Gilley started his own film making company: P.U.R.E. Productions. Four years later, he began to make the Peace One Day documentary, which eventually led to the decision to campaign for a UN resolution formalizing the idea of a global day of peace. This goal was reached in 2001 when a UN General Assembly resolution establishing an ‘International Day of Peace’, put forward by the UK and Costa Rican governments, was unanimously adopted.

Since then, the day has provided an opportunity for life-saving activities and action by individuals worldwide. It has been used by UN agencies and humanitarian organizations to disseminate aid on the ground, and has served as a focal point for peace initiatives. In 2012, Peace One Day is calling for the largest global reduction of violence ever recorded on one day through its Global Truce campaign.

This interview was held in NYC at the time of the world premiere of Jeremy’s film, screened at the Ziegfeld Theater.

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garodnick danTuesday, July 1  4, 4pm EDT:  Mitchell’s guest today is NYC Council Member Dan Garodnick.  Garodnick was praised by the New York Times for his “independent streak,” as well as for being a “champion of smarter redevelopment along the East River and a fighter for increased funding for the city’s public school students.” In his first year on the Council, Garodnick established himself as a leader in the fight for affordable housing, spearheading the $4.5 billion tenant-backed bid for the purchase of Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village.
With a background in civil rights and education advocacy,  Dan represented the Partnership for New York City in the landmark Campaign for Fiscal Equity lawsuit. Before joining the City Council, he also directed the New York Civil Rights Coalition’s “Unlearning Stereotypes: Civil Rights and Race Relations Program” in 42 New York City public schools, teaching students non-violent ways to combat racial discrimination, and how to use the processes of government to affect social change. Additionally, Garodnick represented thirteen same-sex couples seeking marriage equality in New York State, and sought and received funding to rebuild African-American churches in Virginia and Georgia burned by racially-motivated arson.
Garodnick holds a J.D. from University of Pennsylvania Law School, where he was Editor-in-Chief of the Law Review, and a B.A. in Government from Dartmouth College. Garodnick grew up in a rent-stabilized apartment in the Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village community on Manhattan’s East Side, and he lives in that neighborhood today.
Mitchell holds Dan as a Councilman “for the people”.
Today’s interview will look at the ongoing polarized conflict between landlords and tenants in NYC, rehabilitating NY’s criminal justice system, water, the greening of NYC and other pressing issues time allows for. Dan’s website is: http://council.nyc.gov/html/home/home.shtml
white danWednesday, July 15, 6pm EDT:  Mitchell’s guest is executive coach and author Daniel White.  Daniel White is a leadership coach, facilitator and organization development consultant who specializes in helping leaders, teams and whole organizations reach their full potential.
Prior to his role as a coach and organization development consultant, Daniel served as Director of Organization and Executive Development at Citibank. There he implemented original approaches to leadership training and organization effectiveness, and championed two major culture change efforts that enabled rapid business growth. He teaches the Leadership Coaching course at the City University of New York – Graduate Center.
Dan and Mitchell collaborate together as part of the NY group of the Pachamama Alliance, an organization which addresses issues of climate change, environmental and social degradation and their solutions.  Some of the founding members of the Pachamama Alliance have been guests on A Better World Radio and Progressive Film Hour with Mitchell Rabin recently. http://abetterworld.tv/bill-twist-tracy-apple-of-pachamama-alliance/ and http://abetterworld.tv/a-better-world-lynne-twist-11-18-08/
A Few Comments: S.C. Flag Finally Down & Human Evolution – Please Step Up–Uncle Sam Needs You!
AP_SCJB106_CONFEDERATE_FLAG_15526899_8colThankfully, this past week saw a modicum of justice show up in the South Carolina Legislature through the vote to bring down the Confederacy flag at the Capitol of the state, and removed it to a museum, to represent the lowest ebbs of U.S. history.  For me, it’s hard to believe that this flag was still up in 2015, or that there needed to be a debate about it.  But then again, it’s hard for me to believe that what are called ‘civilized human beings’, adults no less, would engage in something as primitive as the buying and selling of people or back the entire enterprise of slavery.  But while I know of some of the darkest aspects of human psyche and behavior, there is a part of me that is so repelled by what passes as “normal”, that I do honestly have trouble ‘believing’ that people, given an intelligent, heartfelt discussion about so many wayward acts found in business, institutions and government and in some families, these would continue to perpetrate the madness.  
The idea of “profits before people and planet” is so inane and insane to me,  so clearly pathological, I momentarily become forlorn that so much deeper understanding and progressed evolution needs to take place.
governor signs flag law  
What am I referring to?  There isn’t room on the page.  First, the poisoning of our food, which children, mothers and everyone else eats.  GMOs, chemicals, pesticides, agent orange, the dumping of chemicals into our water, the dumping of fluoride into our water and legislating it as required, the existence of war, human trafficking, slavery, government posing to be for the People but actually doing so much against the People.  People polluting our air, water and soil or having businesses that would foolishly jeopardize these vital elements. Toys made knowingly with poison chemicals. Extraordinary amount of violence in movies, TV and video games. Landlords doing anything to maximize their profit at other people’s expense to the point of bankruptcy.  It goes on and on.  All of these are considered “business-as-usual”.  I’m suggest, as I have many times over the course of decades, that there is a way to move from “shark consciousness” (I am concerned that I am insulting sharks…” in humans, that is, reptilian-brain stem-amygdala-originating attitudes and behavior which governs, dominates our current zeitgeist of institutions, media, multi-national corporations and governments, to heart-and-pre-frontal cortex-originated attitudes and behaviors, which include understanding, love, compassion, patience, cooperation and empathy.
Three-BrainsThese virtues, described and extolled in every (virtually every!) wisdom tradition on the planet, have the qualities to generate a harmonious, sustainable, loving, life-and-eco-friendly community of sentient beings.medicine-mistakes-and-the-reptilian-brain1  It is the kind of community, society that I believe we all have a genetic imprint of in our hearts, a world we know is possible. There are ways to cultivate the higher brain-heart-gut functions, all brains, that can move us, evolve us, to a new operating level. If we think we can do it, if we represent it in our sensory perceptions and weave a story to ourselves and others about it, when we declare it as possible or even “as so”, when we affirm and commit to it, it begins to take on life.  It begins to materialize.  Step-by-step, this is a way we can help to upgrade the conversation among the captains of industry, government, institutions and business.  All archetypes can be addressed through this procedure of unlearning and re-learning, engaging these higher-level, altogether human functions, in short, another level of our biology.
brainAs we move along in transforming consciousness and conscience, we are best tuned in to the awesomeness of our Universe, flipping through magnetic poles and spheres, take a look at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3156594/Is-mini-ICE-AGE-way-Scientists-warn-sun-sleep-2020-cause-temperatures-plummet.html=  This is all the more reason why we have to learn levels of cooperation and among us so we can adapt to Earth’s ever-changing conditions. Racism, sexism, class-ism, rankism (See Robert Fuller’s work) has no further, future place in human society.  Flags representing these awaken-your-spiritual-heart-340should be pulled down and behaviors that support these are to become things of the past.

Mitchell’s Heaven On Earth Salon: Thursday, July 16, 6-8

m rabin

Facilitated by Mitchell, these workshops include the participant learning Stress Management techniques, from Chi-Kung exercises and meditation to Mind-Body/Holistic Perspectives, health and wellness practices, the role of emotions and mind in health & well-being and disease, as well as the principles of Sacred Stewardship, awakening the Soul through uncovering Life-Purpose and moving into action toward empowerment, wellness, meaning, well-being and prosperity on all levels.

These are some of the areas we’ll be addressing using group dialogue, Therapeutic Theater and other ways of activating our creativity and human potential.
After this evening’s class will be a free demo and presentation on Higher Brain Living in the same space, a technique in which Mitchell is an advanced facilitator, one of the few in the NYC area, which is open to the public, at TRS, 40 Exchange Place, 3rd fl., NYC.
 What the group members are reporting about the depth of their experience, getting in touch with wisdom, compassion, understanding, empathy along with a fount of humor is heat-rending and inspiring.  There is a true sense of building community from the inside out and leadership in and out of the community..  This is a form of leadership the world is hungry for, especially those in formal, leadership positions. This level of authenticity serves those attending the group in every facet of their lives, personal and professional.
If attending please email to mjr@abetterworld.net and put into the subject line: Yes to Heaven On Earth. $40/person, Short walk from Wall St. express stop. TRS Office Suites, 40 Exchange Place, 3rd Fl. Easy access.
  Mitchell now Offering Higher Brain Living Sessions in NYC
higher brain livingA revolutionary gentle touch technique that releases the grip of the fear and stress based “lower brain” and moves energy and metabolism to the “Higher Brain,” where all of your joy, passion, and purpose live.Founder of Higher Brain Living,  The experiences of people’s life-changing experiences are remarkable.
Want to move yourself and our society out of a fear-based one and one based on adventure, mindfulness, passion & compassion? Move the energy in your brain to the other 95% of its potential? This process will engage you in doing that.  To schedule a session, call 212 420-0800.
Harmonic Energetic Balancing Program

hebAnd with something we use as a stand-alone, without any counseling, is the Harmonic Energetic Balancing Program, which shapes the energy field per one’s own affirmative statements and declarations in language one wants to shape oneself with. It’s like being an artist with words and thoughts, mixed with frequency, shaping a hologram we call you. For more detailed information and a request form go to: http://abetterworld.tv/the-harmonic-energetic-balancing-program/



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