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kolesar natachaMonday, June 6, 7pm edt: Mitchell’s guest this evening is renowned and greatly-loved, former Executive Director of the I.D.E.A.L. community, Natacha Kolesar, in Jaffray, British Columbia, Natacha  was Russian-born, grew up in Prague and became a student of the Bulgarian mystic Omraam Mikael Aivanov in the South of France at his center called Bonfin.  
Natacha is recognized by students worldwide as carrying on the teachings of the Initiatic Sciences, enhanced by her own inner wisdom.
Through Natacha’s teaching & guidance, an international community was formed in BC which continues the teachings and serves the local communities in the arts and especially music, which is a central part of IDEAL’s spiritual practice. kolesar natacha teachingMitchell and Natacha will discuss the application of spiritual principles to today’s world.  Natacha also helped to pioneer the development of Pre-natal/Conscious Birthing centers, the first being established in Bangladesh.  Her son in-law, Francois Amigues, D.O., continues to teach about pre-natal psychology and conscious birthing around the world. Natacha passed on November 5, 2013 & while her loving presence is greatly missed, she left a legacy of a beautiful, committed community that continues to manifest these teachings & vision of a better, enlightened world.  
Mitchell and Natacha met in around 1998 in NYC, became great friends and were deeply connected since.  He was considered a brother in the IDEAL community and Natacha’s guest at the there many times over the years in Jaffray, BC.  
To help bring forward Natacha’s rich spirit and wisdom, Mitchell has interviewed Natacha there for A Better World TV and Radio several times.  A few of the radio  programs: http://abetterworld.tv/natacha-kolesar-director-of-the-i-d-e-a-l-community-2/  http://abetterworld.tv/natacha-kolesar-gilles-hainault-at-the-i-d-e-a-l-community/ (with IDEAL’s Musical Director, Gilles Hainault) and http://abetterworld.tv/?s=natacha+kolesar&cat=3.


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stangaciu stefanWednesday, June 8, 6pm edt:  This evening, Mitchell will speak with world-renowned Dr. Stefan Stangaciu to learn about Apitherapy, an age-old, rich healing tradition of using virtually all aspects of a bee, from propolis and royal jelly to its venom.· 

Dr. Stangaciu has an extraordinary resume of accomplishments as a researcher, teacher, clinician and holistic, natural healer, with primary focus on Apitherapy, the use of all bee products for healing, especially integrated into Chinese energetics perspective.

Purchase Dr. Stangciu’s books here.

Stefan has taught in some 45 countries, in numerous languages and has appeared on radio and TV programs across the world about Apitherapy and how it has and can be used for numerous ailments when so often allopathic medicine simply doesn’t have the tools to remedy.  Many of the illnesses are degenerative and yet significantly alleviated if not fully healed through skilled application of Apitherapy.  Visit: www.apitherapy.com

A Better World Radio & TV specialize in bringing forward thoughtful, innovative approaches to health, healing, wellness and a sustainable, eco-sensitive society.  Today’s program is another example of this kind of interview and programming.  A Better World wants to thank Yann Loranger and Adrien Thibault of the IDEAL Community, who are working with Dr. Stangaciu on promoting the use of Apitherapy, for introducing us.


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mjr sitting teachingFacilitated by Mitchell, this workshop focuses on energy & stress management, personal development, life-purpose, healthy relationships and well-being with the intent of creating leaders for a better, healthier, more aware and sustainable world for all. With a healing touch, broad knowledge and a playful humor, Mitchell is considered to be a leading edge speaker & teacher in the U.S. and abroad.  He brings holism andmjr 2007 teaching group sivananda human potential to another level.

The group members are reporting about the depth of their experience, getting in touch with wisdom, compassion, understanding, empathy along with a fount of humor is heart-opening and inspiring. There is a true sense of building communities for the future from the inside out and building leadership are a few of the subjects explored in the workshop.

Participants get coaching on dealing with “challenging conversations” life presents to us, e.g., death, sex, money, politics, religion, health, joy, mastery, success, how to handle conflict with some kindness and elegance. With a touch of wisdom & inquiring heart-mind, Mitchell assists participants in cultivating competence in these communications.  This level of authenticity serves those attending the group in every facet of their lives, personal and professional. Some of the latest, cutting-edge technologies for healing mind-body & planet, combined with quantum physics and neuro-science, understanding experience objectively and subjectively are explored.

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Bernie Is In this to Win & Change the Future of Our Country & the World As Are We.  Keep the Faith!

bernie smilingThe landscape keeps changing, the sands keep shifting.  This is a very difficult situation for all involved, not least of whom is us, the American People, who have to look far and wide to find an honest, honorable representative in the White House and Congress.  We’re even challenged by decisions made in the Supreme Court of the land which seems altogether too political instead of impartial yet compassionate.  

Two of the candidates are embroiled in legal controversies which cast major doubt on their honesty and integrity, yet they are the ones polling best.  As one of my teachers, the founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Richard Bandler, used to say:  “The country was founded by criminals and has continued to be run by criminals.  Why be surprised?”  Perhaps truer than any of us would like to admit.
bernie sanders quote

Bernie is the only candidate who understands the dangers posed by Climate Change as well as the boon offered by building a solar, renewable-energy economy.  
The problem with all of this politicking is that it effectively removes us from the actual issues at hand and presses us to focus on the perverse, unethical and undemocratic mechanics of Electoral politics, delegates, and the horse-race aspect of the process.  It demeans us all and brings us into the mud-slinging ring, despite our not wanting to be dragged in to where mainstream media live.  I encourage people to get educated about all what’s going on outside the mainstream media and to also “keep the faith” that miracles happen, every day in fact, and that it just ain’t over until “the fat lady sings”.  

Bernie Sanders

Bernie has to stay in the race to the Convention, and then ‘raise hell’, showing the real polls that show him anywhere from 5-12 points ahead of Trump in every single poll.  Hillary is ahead by 1-2 points & behind 1-5.  Those who are wholly committed to defeating Trump?  Listen up folks, and ‘feel the Bern’.  That’s our answer.  But that’s just step 1.  Bernie’s Presidency would hearken in a whole new way of leadership, based on Participatory Democracy, that is, the People being involved in the affairs of government.  It would hearken in a set of humane, eco-sensitive values that have been so profoundly missing in the mainstay of Congress and the White House for too long.  There’s a lot of lip service for sure, often very statesman-like, but without the corresponding actions to buttress and give substance to the words.

Natacha Kolesar’s Spirit Alive & Well Within Us
kolesar natachaNatacha Kolesar was a most special kind of friend, a teacher and a Universal Mother for us all who were at all close to her. She had so much love and presence, you just didn’t ever want to imagine life without her.  She had a way of reaching the heart and soul as well as the mind.  Everyone just loved being in her presence.  I sometimes think of some of the long talks we had, whether on deeply esoteric subjects and current-day politics, she always had an angle to bring forward that shed a new light on the subject.ideal know thyself
Well, this week is another example I’d say of her presence.  I selected to re-air this interview with her some weeks ago and scheduled it.  Shortly thereafter, I was contacted by two brothers from the IDEAL Community, Yann and Adrien, introducing Dr. Stefan Stangciu and I with the thought of an interview for A Better World Radio.  While I hold my brothers and sisters in the IDEAL Community in my heart, daily life is such that I don’t have much time to reach out to them.  But here, unbeknownst to any but myself and the TV station, Natacha was scheduled for this coming week and voila, I hear from these two lovely young brothers so synchronistically, there was an opening this Wednesday and it all fell into place.  So the Invisible Intelligence works.
I’d like to see this infinitely intelligent Quantum Field now, without our knowing how necessarily, guide Bernie Sanders into the nomination and then the White House for the sake of all sentient beings and the beautiful Planet, Mother Earth, Pachamama, Gaia Herself.
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