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emery rolandMonday, Dec. 3, 7pm EST:  Mitchell’s guest this evening is environmentalist, social entrepreneur, forest-planter, Roland Emery.  

De-forestation in Canada and across the world has been and continues to be one of the greatest contributors to Global Warming and the devastation of our climate  Theforest van couver loss of oxygen t our atmosphere, the loss of moisture and  loss of trees absorbing carbon dioxide has been noted as one of the most forest van couver mapdevastating effects to our collective disregard for our environment, and actually, life itself, ours and of other sentient life.  The complex eco-systems that forests offer are beyond human comprehension. Yet, humans continue to wreak so much damage on these life-support systems and sources of unspeakable beauty and bio-diverse richness.

Roland Emery, however, is one of those who has been on the opposite side in respect to forests.  He has been educating paper companies and others as to the merits of leaving old-growth forests alone and he’s been re-planting and re-seeding large tracts of land up on Van Couver Island for decades.  His business is to preserve the forests while still helping to provide some of what forests offer for human use in a conserving, preserving, eco-respectful way.

Tune in to see Mitchell interview Roland on the land in Alert Bay, Van Couver Island, where Roland is re-planting forests. Shot on location.



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This Week’s A Better World Media
In this week’s Radio show, Mitchell speaks with the lovely pianist Katya Grineva about music and its healing effects, and the joy of playing for others.  Mitchell and Katya originally met through a spiritual community with which they were both friendly.  They are old friends and have been enjoying each other’s company for the past 20 or so years.
On A Better World TV this week is environmentalist and tree-planter Roland Emery.  Roland made a business of tree-planting in places where large paper companies are cutting down old-growth forests.  Roland has taken on the task of educating them about the environmental horror of that and the good sense of going instead with young, new-growth trees and he’s been very successful at it.  Roland and I met at Optimum Health Institute over Christmas in around 1997 and were linked by common interests, especially their keen passion about health and the environment.  Roland invited me up one summer to the top of Vancouver Island and I spent a wonderful week with him and his family.  We took a helicopter over large regions of forest to assess the damage and to identify areas where he will re-plant.  And we watched the whales romp in his “front yard” which was right on the water….a different world from NY!
Has Democracy in the USA Been Kidnapped?
It does seem quite obvious, does it not?  Take a look at just a few points even prior to the Trump Administration.  Some say that it was kidnapped quite some time ago and remains in some form of quasi-democratic state.  When we review how power is distributed and utilized in the U.S. and who is subject to which laws, that is, there is the law for the elite and another for “everyone else”, any political scientist would be hard-pressed to see that we don’t have chief arvol looking horseproblems here, right here, “in River City”.
This did not at all begin with the current Trump Administration, even if it has brought our country, over the past two years, to extraordinarily new lows and violations of law.  The kidnapping of Democracy may have happened when Columbus first came to these shores and decimated the native people’s way of life with so-called “Democracy”.  Perhaps we’ve been paying a price for that first theft and scourge ever since? 
Around the time of 9/11, T-shirts at Union Square Park in NYC started showing up at booths with this written across it, with an image of Native Peoples behind this:  “Fighting Terrorism Since 1492″….
But to come up to date, to restore at least some greater level of Democracy today, it seems to me that a few fundamental investigations and prosecutions would need to take place to honor the rule of law, both U.S. law and international.  There are deeper levels of restoration having to do with true, heartfelt apologies to the indigenous people of this land, to the blacks, Chinese, Japanese, Hispanics, as I asked Clinton to do when he first came to office, but that just simply isn’t ‘inbush-v-gore the cards’ for this President, so backward we have gone.
A few highlights over the past 18 years….
1.  In 2000, GW Bush stole the election.  Gore won Florida and more.  Jeb Bush colluded with the Secretary of State, suppressed votes, and more.  The Supreme Court, without jurisdiction, entered and selected a President, completely unconstitutionally and illegally, yet it was allowed to stand.  Want details?  Sure.  Go to Greg Palast’s The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.
2. The Bush-Cheney Administration blatantly lied to the American People (in effect, admitted this later) about Weapons of Mass Destruction and forged ahead with an illegal, preemptive attack and war in Iraq from which the region–nor the world–has ever recovered.  It could easily be argued that the state of the world has spiraled downward since.  A question about the legitimacy of the war in Afghanistan needs to be investigated as well. Starting a war against a whole country to reach one man (who was held guilty in no Court except for the Court of the Press) is nothing short of bizarre. We can reach back to Vietnam as well and query its legitimacy, but the primary actors there have since passed and I’d like this discussion to focus on generally more immediate concerns.
3. In 2004, Ken Blackwell, Republican Secretary of State in Ohio, even though he’s black, he’s Republican, and again colluded to suppress the vote.  The owner of the voting machine co., Diebold, declared publicly that ‘he would do anything’ to help GW win.  Apparently he did.
4. In 2011 or so, Obama signed the NDAA, an unconstitutional piece of legislation.  Chris Hedges, Noam Chomsky, et al, sued and won–that is, part of the law was stricken as a result.
5. Obama supplied the Saudi regime with weapons to fight the poorest country in Africa, perhaps in the world, Yemen.  Even if legal, it’s completely unethical.  Add that to the large pile of human bush gore popular voterights violations by a laureate of the Nobel Prize for Peace.
6. In 2016, Clinton and Wasserman-Schultz conspired to marginalize Bernie Sanders and stole the Democratic nomination from him.  Even they hadn’t done that, Bernie would have been the nominee and would have soundly beaten Trump–he was the only one, Democrat or Republican, who could stand up to this name-calling, low-life bully.  And we wouldn’t be in this mess that we’re in now.  Oh, we’d be in messes, don’t get me wrong!  But higher-level messes, I daresay!
7. Trump is completely self-interested and behind all decisions and policies are his own and family’s financial interests, e..g., Russia, Saudi Arabia, China, Indonesia, the tax theft bill, seeking to kill Obamacare, what Betsy de Voss is doing, Wilbur Ross, and on the list goes.  It’s as obvious as day.  Emoluments?
8. The election was influenced by probably several foreign nationals, Russia being prominent.  Trump did not win on his own at all.
9.  Jeff Sessions lied to Congress under oath twice.  Was he prosecuted?  If a black man under suspicion for wrongdoing of any sort did that, you know what would happen?  Of course you do.
10. Trump said he’d gladly be interviewed by Mueller, 100%!  So?
10. If Trump weren’t guilty of many violations of law, why would he be so antagonistic to Mueller?  Why not welcome the investigation so to clear his name of any alleged wrongdoing? WHY?!!trump-lies
11.  Where are the tax returns?  Were they being audited in 2016?  Did anyone check?  Are they still being audited?!!  He won’t reveal them because they’ll show his real relationship with foreign nationals that he’s lied about and that he doesn’t make nearly as much as he suggests he does.  His resistance to the investigation is itself a signal of obstruction.
12. Matt Whitaker is an illegal AG.  I wonder if he’s documented?
This is not a political appointment yet made so by this unfit President.  Accordingly to law, Rosenstein is to have been appointed the legally proper acting AG.  Whatever Whitaker does has no legal weight.  We need a legally appointed AG!  Is this not the height of hubris of this Administration that the highest law-enforcement officer of the land is actually illegal?!  When dealing with a mobster, it’s actually perfect!  But upon dealing with a real President, not an imposter, we really should have one that legally holds the position. 
How to handle appointments or elections of the DOJ right up to the Supreme Court if they are supposed to be apolitical?  We should ask, “is there such a thing?”  Relatively speaking, yes.  What the Constitution spells out I don’t think leaves enough room for justice!  The Constitution, appreciate it as much as I do and as valuable as it is in many respects, is a document in dire need of updating on many fronts.
13. Trump has been found to have lied over 6,000 times since Day 1 of his inauguration, starting with “crowd size”.
That’s just for starters!  Without a legal AG, Democracy in the U.S. has been kidnapped….help!  People of conscience and moral compass must be alarmed at behavior that has been normalized.  We’ve become numbed, anesthetized because there is so much to deal with. which has been Trump’s business strategy for decades.  Hurt, insult, injure, distract, cajole, praise, pull away, and come back with another attack.  That’s the Trump M.O.  Very transparent.  And in respect to most, very effective, sick as it is.  This is what bullies do.  We need to keep ourselves clear about the daily assaults on our consciousness.
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