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batmanghelidj fereydoonMonday, Dec.. 31, 7pm EST:  Mitchell’s guest this evening is internationally-renowned, Iranian-born, pioneering physician, teacher and author Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj.  

 Author of  Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, Dr. Batmanghelidj, now deceased, created a significant stir with this book in which he claims that, with water alone, a major number of diseases can be effectively healed.  This interview with Mitchell is likely the last video footage we have of this pioneering physician.

batman abw interview

Born in Iran in 1931, Dr. Batman was an internationally-renowned researcher, author and advocate of the natural healing power of water. He attended Fettes College in Scotland and was a graduate of St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School of London University, where he studied under Sir Alexander Fleming, who shared the Nobel Prize for the discovery of penicillin.

Dr. Batmanghelidj practiced medicine in the United Kingdom before returning to Iran where he played a key role in the development of hospitals and medical centers. He also helped establish sport projects for youth in Iran, including The Ice Palace in Tehran, the first ice skating and sports complex in the Middle East.

When the Iranian Revolution broke out in 1979, Dr. Batmanghelidj was placed in the infamous Evin Prison as a political prisoner for two years and seven months. It was there he discovered the healing powers of water. One night, Dr. B. had to treat a fellow prisoner with crippling peptic ulcer pain. With no medications at his disposal, Dr. B. gave him two glasses of water. Within eight minutes, his pain disappeared. He was instructed to drink two glasses of water every three hours and became absolutely pain free for hisbatman body's many cries for water bookfour remaining months in the prison.batman water cures drugs kill book

Dr. B. successfully treated 3,000 fellow prisoners suffering from stress-induced peptic ulcer disease with water alone. While in prison he conducted extensive research into the medicinal effects of water in preventing and relieving many painful degenerative diseases. Evin proved an ideal “stress laboratory,” and despite his being offered an earlier release, Dr. B. chose to stay an extra four months in prison to complete his research into the relationship of dehydration and bleeding peptic ulcer disease.

The report of his findings was published as the editorial of the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology in June 1983. The New York Times Science Watch reported this discovery on June 21, 1983.

On his release from prison in 1982, Dr. Batmanghelidj escaped from Iran and came to America. At the Foundation for the Simple in Medicinehe began to research the effect of chronic unintentional dehydration on the human body. His findings were published in the Foundation’s “Journal of Science in Medicine Simplified” in 1991 and 1992. They can be read on the web site www.watercure.com.

Dr. B’s message to the world is, “You are not sick, you are thirsty. Don’t treat thirst with medication.” drinking water for health

Dr. F. Batmanghelidj devoted the last 20 years of his life promoting public awareness of the healing powers of water. He appeared on hundreds of radio and television programs and lectured around the world. He has left a body of valuable works of six books and more than a dozen educational audio and video seminars.

This interview was conducted on location in Santa Barbara, CA. at The Sacred Water Conference in August, 2003, where Mitchell was invited and Dr. B. was the keynote speaker when these two became good friends. This interview is likely the last one on video before his untimely passing in the fall following the August Conference on Water.


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mjr in jacketWed., Jan. 2, 6pm, EST:  To welcome in the new year, this evening, initially in linear form and expanding to systemic and gestaltic, Mitchell reviews the past years and psycho-historical patterns, then what would be of value to consciously shape for the future based on the principles described in Mitchell’s not yet released book Sacred Stewardship: Awakening the Soul to Action.  

Part of what will be discussed is the scourge of war, of violence our species has perpetrated on our eco-system and a world replete with injustice, what it feels like for a sensitive, empathetic being to accommodate the paradox and what we can do about it to bring these expressions of the lowest aspects of our nature into a higher octave of intelligence with which we have also been endowed.  Play, humor, forgiveness, love, joy and laughter, interestingly, provide the ladder.   

We will discuss both inner and outer ecology and how these can both be worked with kindly and respectfully to effect meaningful change.

As you might imagine, focus will be on personal and planetary health, well-being and sustainability which are currently on an unprecedented collision course of a magnitude we can’t  even imagine.  Tune in and those listening live have the opportunity to call in to Mitchell at: 602 753-1860.


15-Year old Swedish girl, Greta Thunberg, at the COP 24 in Katowice, Poland

  Take 3 minutes:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFkQSGyeCWg


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mjr 2007 teaching group sivanandaThe group members are reporting about the depth of their experience, getting in touch with wisdom, compassion, understanding, empathy along with a fount of humor is heart-opening and inspiring. There is a true sense of building communities for the future from the inside out and building leadership are a few of the subjects explored in the workshop.

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This Week’s A Better World Media
mjr in prn studio exclaiming
In this week’s Radio show, Mitchell speaks of the importance of seeing the web of life as an intricate system, a shift in one part is a shift in the whole.  In the New Year of 2019, he’ll speak of continuing to shift one part after another and another out in the world and right here inside us addressing as he puts it, “our inner & outer ecology”.  A shift in mind can lead to a shift in values, priorities and action.  Mitchell will speak of a life infused with purpose and meaning and how, when we’re so aligned, everything becomes alive.  And with this, the new year could be an expression of personal and planetary evolution like we’ve never seen before!
On A Better World TV this week is one of the leading voices in alternatives in medicine, Dr. F. Batmanghelidj.  Mitchell was fortunate to have met and gotten friendly with Dr. Batman (as we called him) at a Sacred Water Conference held in Santa Barbara, CA. in August, 2003 that Mitchell was covering and part of through A Better World TV.  Dr. Batman’s work, had it been promoted and integrated by the NIH which he had repeatedly appealed to to review his research, we’d have a lot of people alive and healthy today.  Dr. B. was very outspoken in his views about ‘modern medicine’ as a big part of the problem in advancing health and wellness in this country, an irony few medical professionals wanted to reflect on.  Sadly, Dr. B. died way too early as his voice was a highly important one in the medical/health landscape, which is why we re-air this interview every year to keep his voice alive and presence felt.
2018: It’s Been Quite the Year….Hold on Folks, It’s a Bumpy Ride!
eco destruction garbageReflecting on this past year, from the environmental, social, economic, political justice points of view, I become nearly at a loss of words!  Of course, for every step forward, it appears to include 1-2 steps back.
My focus is on human evolution as stewards of our and other species and Gaia simultaneously. Within the larger landscape is of course the way we humans interact, communicate (or not), evolution of mancooperate (or not),  play, work, fight, govern, create, make art, love, laugh, satirize and overall self-express.  To accomplish this, we look at social interaction, economics, politics, science, cultural expressions and on.  It’s crazy to think that in the 21st century in general, and in 2018-19 in particular, the problems and challenges we have today are virtually the same as we had literally thousands of years ago, but added to and rendered more complex by the advent of technologies, scientific breakthroughs, the vast accumulation of wealth in the hands of a very few relative to the population and on.  So the problems have been compounded and aggravated, not lessened and simplified, even though the advent of the computer was said to be able to save us time and create more leisure.  Instead, it has cost us more time.  We can do procedures faster, but now we’ve become inclined to just do more of them.
conflictWe are still dealing with the perennial, archetypal conflicts between the genders.  This has become more complex because the entire definition of gender has been subject to major review and alteration, as it becomes more ‘fluid’.  We are still dealing with prejudice between skin color, deeming some better and others lesser.  We have geographical prejudice we to some extent, is tethered to color.  We have prejudice and judgment in respect to money and socio-economic class, “classism”, also related to “rankism”.  We have religious rancor, judgment by followers of one religion of another even though one of the tenets of most every religion is non-judgment.  Acceptance, understanding, love, compassion, patience, integrity, no stealing, violence, murder, etc. are also tenets, yet you’ll find not just a few members of virtually every religion violating these tenets.
So the problems are many, yet we have this interesting way as a species to adapt, to cooperate, to creatively and instinctively move the ball down the field through altruistic actions, attitudes and acts of kindness and generosity which bring us to a moment of reverence, inspiration and awe.
When we behold governance around the world, we see an uptick in fear-based politics, promoting divisiveness instead of unity.  We see some of the lowest behaviors and expressions of the human spirit, not dignified ones that would be exemplars for younger generations.  In short, our grandchildren are in trouble.
So in some important ways, 2018 I’d say has been a ‘bottom’ year, from which, in 2019, we’ve slightly steadied the ship for what I feel and believe will be smoother sailing.  I believe that 2019 is the year of the implementation of solutions.  Many are technological to sequester carbon and others to vastly reduce its output, as well as the other 41 greenhouse gases.  I think that social, political and economic justice’s scales are going to be better balanced.  I think that people—and Congress—are going to be stepping up and owing their/our own power and ready to make a difference.  I think we’re about to see a much-improved world. You thoughts? Agree?  Disagree?  I’d love to hear your point of view.  Email me at: mjr@abetterworld.net.
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For more than three years now, Mitchell, invited by Arianna Huffington, has been writing for the Huffington Post. The subjects range from how to deal with stress to Social Enterprise business, from challenging hydro-fracking to how to develop sustainability, green-thinking, and humanity in the new-paradigm corporation & society. For a list of all articles: www.huffingtonpost.com/mitchell-j-rabin
Then there is Mike Adams’ NaturalNews.com which is another place where I’ve published articles on Health, Stress, Total biology and Wellness, a site that tells so much about what’s really going on in our society, you really don’t want to miss it! Go to: http://www.naturalnews.com/Author_Mitchell_Rabin.html for articles I’ve written there.
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