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Durable light weight fabrics disperse natural sunlight ;indoors during the day.


Supports Vegetation
Originally designed as an alternative to glass greenhouses.

Indoor Lighting NOT Required:
Outside lighting dispersed into the structure at night produces shadow-free conditions 24/7.

Low Pressure:
AirDomes maintain structural integrity with less than 20% of  the pressure required in a standard air supported structure.   Unnoticeable, AirDomes create  a feeling of well-being.

Mold Resistant:  Fabrics and air movementinhibit mildew growth.

No Known Size Limits: 
AirDome’s proprietary cable technology   enables the use of durable lightweight cover materials never before  conceivable to cover spans never before possible.

Easy Handling:
Lighter weight fabric and advanced cable design make an  AirDome easy to erect, move and store in just one day.

Vehicle Doors Air-locks NOT Required:
Our method of moving air  compensates for open doors or leaks.

AirDome’s Advanced Cable Structures were originally designed to create “greenhouse” conditions for a healthy thriving indoor environment.I’m leaning against the world’s only true Soft Structure to demonstrate that AirDomes require only 20% of the air pressure to maintain structural integrity than any other air supported structure. It’s so soft that it simply absorbs someone running into it, yet durable enough to withstand gusting winds and sub-zero arctic temperatures.We’ve engineered over 130 structures for 30 different applications in 26 states and 9 foreign countries to adapt to any landscape and attach to any building.AirDome’s proprietary technology uses natural sunlight to create a SHADOW-FREE atmosphere without any indoor lighting. Combined with fresh-air circulation and ECHO-FREE acoustics, AirDomes create a feeling of well-being. No one else can claim these features.Wehave covered unusual construction sites, environmental enclosures, aquariums, recreation areas, castles and even the aliens in the X-Files Movie.Contact Us for Information
Thank you,
Mitchell J. Rabin


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