An Evening of Interview, Storytelling & Conversation – Tuesday, 3-11, NYC with David Christopher & Mitchell Rabin

An Evening of Interview, Storytelling & Conversation
with the Author of The Holy Universe

Tuesday March 11, 7-9:30, MetaCenter, NYC
Sponsored by A Better World & FIONS
Tuesday, March 11th, 7-9:30 Limited Seating
$20 in Advance ($25 at the Door)

david christopher

Join Mitchell Jay Rabin of A Better World TV ( and author David Christopher for a night of story telling, dialogue, and inquiry into the human experience at this time on Earth.   

Mitchell will interview David on the titillating subjects of his new book The Holy Universe, from evolutionary biology to the role of compassion & love in human evolution, then on to exploring what may have been the birth of the Universe itself.

The conversation will engage those present with a robust Q & A.  Throughout we will explore how a new world view, or a new “Mind,” is emerging, and how it can help us all through the global crises we’re now experiencing as a planet and a species. 

Both inspired by the work of the Pachamama Alliance whose purpose is to protect the lungs of the Earth, the Amazon Rainforest, indigenous culture and to change the Western conversation and model of reality and the future, social action figures into Mitchell and David’s dialogue.

Come learn what this “new story” is, hear how it brings the science of creation alive and how it might help guide you on your path through the challenging times we now face on Earth—and find out why these challenges just might be the best thing that ever happened to humanity.

Hailed by John Perkins, Angeles Arrien, Lynne Twist,
Vicki Robin, Julia Butterfly Hill, John Robbins,
Richard Heinberg, Duane Elgin and others.

david christopher

david christopherDavid Christopher left behind corporate and airline careers to pursue his passion for exploring the answers to humanity’s questions about our place in the Universe and to help bring forth a new story for our turbulent times. For the past fifteen years he has immersed himself in the works of scientists and thinkers such as Brian Swimme, Thomas Berry, Elisabet Sahtouris, James Lovelock, “Big Historians” such as David Christian, and many others.

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META Center NYC 214 West 29th Street, 16th Floor

Co-sponsors: The Vistar Foundation, The META Center, We, The World, New Realities, Academy for Future Science

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