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This Week’s Blog, TV & Radio Shows – August 26, 2012
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Tuesday, August 28, 10:30pm EDT:

Re-airing this Interview!

Saniel BonderSaniel Bonder is the author of Healing the Spirit/Matter Split and the founder of the Waking Down in Mutuality work.

He has been a pioneer in the widespread embodiment and mutual, evolutionary exploration of awakened consciousness for over a decade.

Born in New York to Jewish parents in 1950, growing up mostly in North Carolina, Saniel felt from early on that he “was going to be part of something that would change the course of human history — for the better.”By the time he received a B.A. in Social Relations from Harvard in 1972, a quest for spiritual enlightenment had become the focus of his life.

During the years of his search he benefited from both Eastern and Western teachings and transmissions — as well as from the training in integrity, tolerance, compassion, and perseverance he received from his parents and secondary school mentors. His quest culminated in December 1992 in the awakening he calls his Second Birth.Within days his spontaneous transmission of this condition came alive and began to affect others.

Since awakening, Saniel has dedicated himself to democratizing this embodied, nirvanic aliveness and exploring with others how to create a sane human culture on its foundation. Hundreds of people in the Waking Down work have achieved stable awakenings similar to Saniel’s, and several dozen have become transmitting teachers themselves. Saniel and his wife Linda Groves-Bonder, herself a teacher, are now founding Human Sun Institute to continue developing their work. They’re also founding members of Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute.Most recently, Saniel has authored a spiritual sci-fi fantasy novel, Ultimaya 1.0.

Tune in to hear an enlivening, awakening dialogue between Saniel and Mitchell here on A Better World TV in NYC, which can nourish the soul.

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Wednesday, August 29, 6pm EDT:

ashala gabrielAshala Gabriel has and continues to wear many hats befitting her callings in both the worldly and the spiritual domains.

Functionally, she founded an independent New York City literary agency, was a copywriter for major advertising agencies, is still a creative consultant, children’s book author and published poet.

Spiritually, she’s been a student-practitioner of metaphysical and wisdom teachings from her early youth – a major influence being the Work of G.I. Gurdjieff.

In the early 2000s Reverend Gabriel “received” her guided HeartReadings Work and has served the initial aspects of that calling publicly via

She graduated from Brown University, received her Master’s from Hunter College and holds a Doctor of Divinity from The College of Divine Metaphysics.

Tune in to hear Ashala and Mitchell dialogue about the Work, Lord Pentland’s contribution to it and the many lives he touched.  Mitchell & Ashala originally met through this Work decades ago and have been in dialogue about it ever since.

AngelikaFor the second half of today’s show, Angelika Sareighn Whitecliff, a multi-disciplinary researcher involved in the study of consciousness, energy healing, telepathic communications, anomalous archeology and humanity’s ancient origins, will be speaking to us about her experience of a Serbian-born gentleman named Braco (pronounced Bratzo) who is known for his high-level effect on people through his gazing.  See below for more.

She is the author of 21 Days with Braco. (2009) the first book revealing to an English speaking audiences the phenomenal transformer, healer and catalyst, Braco.She has been organizing tours for Braco in the USA since January 2010, and appeared on major television news networks to discuss Braco’s transformative effects.

Tune in to today’s show with Ashala, then Angelika at 6pm
EDT by going to at the top where it says “Listen Live” and join us.

Braco will be in NYC this Labor Day weekend (see below).


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The Work of G.I. Gurdjieff Lives On

In every age there are the Seekers of Truth. Some seek to know that truth of why events happen on the socio-economic and political stage and who pulls the strings behind the scenes, others study physics to better understand how the Universe operates, and others seek to understand human behavior by studying psychology, sociology, archaeology, science, art, astrology and metaphysics, wisdom traditions and the like.

gurdjieffGeorge Ivanovich Gurdjieff,, born to a Greek mother and whose Armenian father was of an unbroken story-teller lineage dating back to the days of Babylon, was one of those pioneers who studied many disciplines and ultimately forged a unique approach to self-understanding,which he largely referred to as “Self-Remembering”, articulated through his life’s teachings and writings.  Talking about stories, he was no doubt one of the most story-rich, colorful teachers of the 20th century and volumes have been and really should be written about him, so interesting and useful is his contribution to understanding Man in his terrestrial and cosmic contexts. In that light, it wasn’t long ago that I had as a guest the author of a book The Forgotten Children, about the Children’s Work, by Lillian Firestone and now Ashala Gabriel.

Ashala Gabriel's bookThis week’s radio show will be highlighting a book very recently released by Ashala, called Remembering, which is largely about one of Gurdjieff’s closest students, some say disciples, Lord Pentland. Yes, he was a lord.

Over the course of years, Ashala worked closely with Lord Pentland who was for her, as she mentions in the book, the only man she refers to as her ‘teacher’.  I too had the privilege of meeting Lord Lord PentlandPentland a number of times over the years that I was associated directly with the Gurdjieff Foundation, but Ashala was in his direct group and this gave her a window both into his way of teaching, as well as into her way of learning.

The Gurdjieff Community, a very unique one, has attracted people of all socio-economic rungs and is a rich assortment of characters, following in the footsteps of a most unusual teacher, whose grandmother, on her deathbed, admonished him to never follow others and to always do things in his own unique way.  And he did.  And as so many of his students over time have and continue to do.

If you have an appreciation of esoteric wisdom and piercing, dogged insight into human nature along with a powerful belly-laugh, often at oneself, you will likely very much appreciate this radio interview-dialogue with my dear friend and colleague, Ashala Gabriel about Lord Pentland, but underlyingly, the consciously challenging Work of Mr. Gurdjieff.


Saniel Bonder Returns to A Better World this Tuesday Night, 10:30pm EDT

Sun Harmony InstituteFor those of you who watch A Better World TV regularly, which can be done on TV in Manhattan and on-line easily through our website, from everywhere else as it is simultaneously webcast, know that we aired my interview with Saniel last Tuesday. And you’ll now notice that we’re re-airing it this Tuesday.

In sum, it’s rich and there’s much to glean, which is why one viewing doesn’t do it justice. Tune in even if you saw it last week, and experience another layer of Saniel and Linda’s deep work.  It dovetails beautifully, by the way, with the radio show related to Seeking Truth with Ashala Gabriel which largely refers back to remembering who we are.


Braco In New York City Labor Day Weekend

BracoBraco is returning to NYC again, this Labor Day weekend.

Go to

Yes, in front of large audience, of hundreds or thousands, Braco stands before people and gazes, all done in silence, and people go through experiences of healing, of emotional release and begin living more authentically.  It’s a phenomenon that has caught many people’s attention.  Scientists describe it as a finer field of energy which is emitted or evoked, but no one really knows, though that is a fair way to put it.  The effects have been reported by thousands.

If you haven’t experienced Braco’s energy field, it is worth your while, as no one ever knows ahead of time what kind of noticeable positive effect it may have.


Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party Just in NYC

Rocky Anderson was just in CT., having won the endorsement of the Independence Party there, the 3rd largest party in CT., which immediately places him on the ballot there, another of several state ballots that he is on.  Rocky then came to NY and I did an interview with him for A Better World TV which will be aired soon. He was interviewed by Gary Null on his daily noon show on PRN and others.

rocky andersonHe gave a talk in downtown Manhattan and then at the premises of A Better World this past Friday, in both cases, were also fund-raisers.  It’s so heartening to see that there is a good momentum moving forward, more deeply sincere interest in an alternative to the bought-off-and-paid for two-party candidates as well as some money coming in to fund this from People, not corporations. And no, dear Supreme Court which is no longer supreme, they are not the same!

The people who were here on Friday and at the talk on Thursday had a rich experience of “a breath of fresh air” from Rocky’s talks, a politician who is authentic and is committed to the welfare and well-being of the People as well as to the environment before that of corporate profits. Too many people confuse this hierarchy of values to be “anti-business”.  They just don’t know what they’re talking about.  It is “People before Profits”, that’s for sure, but not “People instead of Profits”.  Serving People well results in bigger, more sustainable profit.  Why this is difficult to figure out eludes me.

Most people have no idea how corrupt and in control the Republicans and Democrats are of the whole system.  They have, in effect, not just gained and gamed the system they’ve bought it, and at wholesale.

They have made getting on the ballot on the individual state levels nearly impossible to do as well as prohibitively expensive.  They have effectively closed the system to 3rd party candidates unless they are extremely well funded. Democracy, my friends, in our country, make no mistake about it, is about money. You buy your way in.  These two parties do everything to exclude others from the game. It’s simply as corrupt as going into a football game and paying off the referee, the fans and the hot-dog vendors.

Third PartiesYet Rocky, and several other 3rd Party candidates continue to push forward, despite complete commercial media blackout, and there are many–you’d be surprised–people who hunger for real candidates who actually see the debacle called our Body Politic and want to vote for candidates who  actually want to serve the People.

I encourage you to get more educated about this.  I’m not saying that there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans.  It’s obvious that there is.  But how much I ask you?  Looking closely at the record shows that the differences need to be a lot more.

You will find a lot of good information at: and I have a handful of interviews with Rocky at these links, one of which was an Enlightened Politics Roundtable, with Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Ralph Nader and Barbara Marx Hubbard along with Rocky.  The others are just Rocky and myself.

We are at such a cross-roads in our life on this planet.  I believe that astronomical activity, including solar flares and more, are both heating things up here on Earth and making it a place where the veil is thinning.  The bank heists taking place are more transparent as ever, such as the Barclays-Libor theft.

This thinning allows for Truth to be seen all the more clearly on all levels, as well as revelation of the Cosmic Joke which is beginning to tickle us to tears and laughter like never before.  No one could believe that humans could be so stupid as to make the quest for money and power so important that it jeopardizes the very sustainability of our society, and so brilliant as to come up with solutions to many of these massive, species-and-sentient-life threatening challenges which we currently face.

No one could have expected this level of foolishness, or its neighbor, this much genius which is surfacing everywhere, in science, technology as well as in agriculture, politics and economics.  They clearly haven’t become mainstream but they are happening on local levels across the planet.  This is cause for celebration. The economic system is collapsing and a sustainable system is on the rise.

Dianne CollinsMore on this soon. But on the note of good rising to the top, A Better World wants to congratulate Dianne Collins for having just won the the Global eBook Award for best New Age Non-Fiction.  Dianne was on the Radio global e awardsand TV shows recently to discuss this book, Do You Quantum-Think? and apparently, I was just one of many who thought so well of it.  Congratulations Dianne!





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