Astrology East and West Roundtable with Monty Taylor and Arun Singh

monty taylorMonday, December 12: Mitchell is convening an Astrology East & West Roundtable to look at the searing subjects of our day from this ancient view, both the science & art of astrology.

Monty Taylor, renowned Jungian astrologer and teacher, who has been a guest numerous times with Mitchell, will be a featured guest on today’s Roundtable.

Vedic Astrologer, Arun SinghArun Singh, will bring the Eastern perspective to bear. Today’s guests will describe the upcoming conjunctions of different planetary & cosmic influences on geological activity, economic, political, environmental and social aspects of our daily lives in the year to come, the long-awaited 2012.

Where are we going, what are we to reasonably expect, what changes appear to be afoot on these levels and the effects of these lunar & solar eclipses, are the subject of today’s show.

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