Astrology Roundtable with Monty Taylor & Arun Singh

Monty-TaylorMonday, January 2, 2012, 6pm EDT: Due to the holiday, the studio will be closed so we are re-airing a recent show which was Astrology Roundtable East & West on 2012. Mitchell’s guests today are renowned Jungian Astrologer Monty Taylor representing the Western perspective, and Vedic Astrologer, with a bevy of Bollywood clients and many more, Arun Singh representing the East.

Arun SinghThrough this Roundtable, you will glimpse the energies and confluences of the future, this upcoming, highly-discussed and long-awaited year of 2012. There are conjunctions which occur once every few hundred years beginning now and growing in potency during 2012, and several of the slow-moving, outer planets, overlapping each other. It is fascinating to review these conjunctions in conjunction with historical events and periods.

Curiously, in some ways, our time could be called “The Fall of Rome Revisited…” so we are positioned to take “The High Road” when it comes to the choices before us.

Tune in and receive an awesome education about now & 2012 from two differing but highly-related, complementary astrological points of view.

Interesting also is that this marks the first show of A Better World of the New Year of 2012.

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