Barbara’s 85th Birthday Broadcast – Monday Dec. 22

barbaraA very special event: a one-hour free video broadcast on Monday December 22nd (Barbara Marx Hubbard’s 85th birthday) in which she will lay out her vision for the future and how we can all help co-create a larger evolutionary shift for humanity!

Supporting Barbara Marx Hubbard’s 85th Birthday Broadcast: Pioneering the Next Stage of Human Evolution by sharing it with your community would be the greatest birthday gift you can give Barbara because it will help empower the work that she believes is vital for the future of humanity.

For Barbara, her 85th birthday is not a time to look backwards but to look forward at what is still possible. She believes we’ll create larger planetary scale events for 2020 and use the remaining part of this decade to keep catalyzing even more positive evolution.

Everyone who registers will also be invited later into the next cycle of Barbara’s six-month intensive called the Sacred Journey of the Conscious Evolutionary.

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