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  carter barryMonday, Dec. 21, 7pm est: Mitchell’s guest this evening is ORMUS researcher Barry Carter.   

ORMUS, also known as the “white powder of gold”, is arguably one of the most interesting, natural substances on the planet.  Essentially a super-conductor, it facilitates the growth of plants, crops and helps to balance the PH of the human body.  It is also known as mono-atomic gold which became popularized by David Hudson back in the early 1990’s and by whom scientific researcher Barry became highly inspired.

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Tune in to this show to learn about the value and implications of the use of mono-atomic gold for health and energy.  


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 Wednesday, Dec. 23, 6pm est: This evening will be a Round Table discussing Time Cycles.  We have just passed the Winter Solstice and heading toward 2016.  But time cycles last from billions of years to nano-seconds in duration.  There has been fascinating research which confirms time cycle’s effects on the Earth, human consciousness and health.  Knowing more about these cycles gives us considerable leverage over each of these, which is why the subject is so interesting and so important.  

tomes rayTo discuss this and their research, are cycles scientist and scholar Ray Tomes and researcher David Katzmire.katzmire dave

Ray offers a description of himself:  “I am a philosopher in the style of the old natural philosophers; a generalist in an age of specialists. Before and after retiring from a career in computers at the age of 42 (that is the meaning of life if you read Douglas Adams*) I spent many years of full time studying what makes the universe tick.

My interests centered around the study of cycles and this ranges over cycles in astronomy, economics, geology, history and physics. It began by my attempts to predict economic cycles
using computers and resulted in the development of the Harmonics theory which turned out to be a theory that explained the structure of the universe. The universe, believe it or not, is nothing other than a giant musical instrument with a very special but predictable pattern of harmonically related oscillations which determine the structure of everything from galactic clusters to subatomic particles. Although this theory is properly called the Harmonics theory it may be alternatively known as the Big Bong theory!”
Dave Katzmire has been on A Better World Radio & TV numerous times and is a major friend and advocate of A Better World from its beginning.  Through diligent research,Katzmire has become a self-styled scholar of history in light of both major and minor time cycles that he was able to identify.
katzmire on abw dvd
His comments: The vision of KalaRhythms came to me in an instant as I was captivated to embrace the concept of oneness. Such oneness may be succinctly described with the axiom that, everything is in anything. That all things must change, and for every time there is a season, tells us that the Dance of Shiva is realized in many ways. Call it fractals, monads, the macrocosm is the microcosm, as above so below, all things are one, the holographic universe, or what have you – a moment in time changed the course of my life for the next thirty years. That led to this discovery of KalaRhythms, or what you might call it the ‘Bio-Rhythms of the United States,’ and any nation, as well as the ‘Mega-Rhythms of the world,’ and more. Hence the name, ‘KalaRhythms’ (Kala is Sanskrit for time). Unlocking the key to Rhythmic change can assist in anything. For with it, you will hold the map of time.

Mitchell’s A Better World/Heaven On Earth Salon: Monday, Dec. 21, 6-8, NYC

m rabin
Facilitated by Mitchell, this workshop focuses on life-purpose, energy & stress management, personal development, healthy relationships and well-being. With a healing touch, broad knowledge and a playful humor, Mitchell is considered to be a leading edge speaker & teacher in the U.S. and abroad.  He brings holism and human potential to another level.
Tapping into techniques of stress management, Qi-Gong, Mindfulness Meditation, quantum thinking, neuro-science, Mind-Body Perspectives, emotions and mind in health, Sacred Stewardship, uncovering Life-Purpose and a life of meaning these workshops utilize dialogue and therapeutic theater to activate imagination, facilitate healing and tickle our creativity, humor and human potential.

The group members are reporting about the depth of their experience, getting in touch with wisdom, compassion, understanding, empathy along with a fount of humor is heart-opening and inspiring. There is a true sense of building communities for the future from the inside out and building leadership are a few of the subjects explored in the workshop.. Coming to terms with death, sex, money, how to handle conflict with some elegance along with the more challenging of conversations is are subjects Mitchell addresses with a touch of wisdom & inquiring heart-mind right beside the participants.  This level of authenticity serves those attending the group in every facet of their lives, personal and professional. Exposure to some of the latest, cutting-edge technologies for healing mind-body & planet is another domain frequented in these workshops.

If attending NYC group, please email to and put into the subject line:  Yes to A Better World. $40/person, Short walk from Wall St. express stop. TRS Office Suites, 40 Exchange Place, 3rd Fl. Easy access.
Mitchell now Offering Higher Brain Living Sessions in NYC
higher brain living

A revolutionary, gentle touch technique that releases the grip of the fear and stress based “lower brain” and moves energy and metabolism to the “Higher Brain,” where all of your joy, passion, and purpose live. Founder of Higher Brain Living, The experiences of people’s life-changing experiences are remarkable.

Want to move yourself and our society out of a fear-based one and one based on adventure, mindfulness, passion & compassion? Move the energy in your brain to the other 95% of its potential? This process will engage you in doing that. To schedule a session, call 212 420-0800.
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For over two years now, Mitchell, invited by Arianna Huffington, has been writing for the Huffington Post. The subjects range from how to deal with stress to socially-conscious business, from challenging hydro-fracking to how to develop sustainability, green-thinking and humanity in the new-paradigm corporation & society. Go to: for a list of all the blogs/articles. And after reading, comment away! I love to hear from you and learn from your feedback.

Then there is Mike Adams’ which is another place where I’ve published articles on Health, Stress, Total biology and Wellness, a site that tells so much about what’s really going on in our society, you really don’t want to miss it! Go to: for articles I’ve written there.

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