Bert Hellinger, World-Renowned Psychotherapist, Family Constellations

hellinger bert on stageMonday March 2, 7pm EST:
Mitchell’s guest this evening is internationally-renowned Bert Hellinger, probably Europe’s most innovative and provocative psychotherapist and a best-selling psychotherapy author. A former priest and a missionary to the Zulu in South Africa for 16 years, as well as an educator, a psychoanalyst, body therapist, group dynamic therapist, and a family therapist, he brings a lifetime of experience and wisdom to his work. The family constellations, which have become the hallmark of Hellinger’s approach, as well as his observations about systemic entanglement and resolution, have touched the lives of thousands of people and have changed how many helping professionals carry out their own work.

Bert has written 83 books. Translations of them are available in 30 languages. His work is documented in many CDs, DVDs, Audiobooks and eBooks.

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Bert says that his parents and his childhood home were a major influence on his later work. Their particular form of faith immunized the family against believing the distortions of National Socialism. Because of Hellinger`s repeated absences from the required meetings of the Hitler Youth Organization and his participation in an illegal Catholic youth organization, he was eventually classified by the Gestapo as ‵Suspected of Being an Enemy of the People’. As fate would have it, his escape from the Gestapo was made possible by being drafted. Just 17 years old, he became a soldier, experienced the realities of combat, capture, defeat, and life in a prisoner of war camp in Belgium with the allies.

Tune in to hear a touching interview by Mitchell with one of his mentors, Bert Hellinger..

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