Best-selling author of Seeds of Deception, Jeffrey Smith

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jeffrey smithMonday, Mar. 12, 6pm EST:

Mitchell’s guest today is a leading world expert & authority on GMO’s, genetically-modified organisms, best-selling author of Seeds of Deception & Genetic Roulette, Jeffrey Smith.

Jeffrey has appeared on several national TV shows, including recently, the Oz show and in October 2011, A Better World TV, in honor of October as Non-GMO Month.  If you do not yet understand the scientifically-verified dangers of genetically-modified foods & seeds to human health or the entirety of the entirety of the biological gene pool, tune in to today’s show.
Included in the interview will be suggestions of actions you can take to demand labeling as well as letting government & corporations know whether, after listening to today’s show, whether you want these available as a “food choice” at all, or should they be banned & rendered illegal due to their proven dangers? You’ll also be directed to a free Non-GMO Shopping Guide.

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