Bill Twist & Tracy Apple of Pachamama Alliance

pachamamaTuesday, February 10, 3pm EST: Being featured today is footage from the Pachamama Alliance’s Symposium, designed to educate, inform and inspire to action the protection and preservation of the Amazon Rainforest in particular and the eco-system of the Earth overall.

Mitchell’s guests on the Round Table to discuss the environmental and psycho-sociological issues raised in the footage are Bill Twist and Tracy Apple of Pachamama Alliance.




bill twistBill Twist is one of the co-founders of The Pachamama Alliance and serves as its chief executive officer. “I am generally referred to as a founder of The Pachamama Alliance but more truthfully I am the beneficiary of a process that “founded” me.

Since its inception in 1996, The Pachamama Alliance has provided a rich and constantly expanding environment for my personal education about the world at large and has provided a powerful opportunity to live a life of service and contribution. It has been a gift.” Bill has been the president of The Pachamama Alliance since 1996. Prior to The Pachamama Alliance, Bill had an extensive background in business having worked in the management consulting, equipment leasing and financial services industries since 1970.

Bill has an undergraduate degree in engineering and a masters degree in business administration.

Tracy AppleTracy Apple is the Program Developer and Founding Board Member, who has been involved since the inception, and was one of the primary people responsible for bringing the Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium into being, as well as for creating and leading the Facilitator training program in the US and abroad. She is overall responsible for the content and message of Pachamama educational programs and for the effectiveness of the training programs. She also participates as a founding member of the Pachamama Board of Directors.

Tracy says, “One of my favorite things is traveling and finding that the message of Awakening the Dreamer totally resonates in people in so many different areas, countries, cultures and languages. People light up no matter where they are—it’s just amazing! It is such a joy to be a carrier of this work.”

Tracy received an MA in Curriculum Development from UC Berkeley School of Education and taught gifted elementary school children in Richmond, CA. She was a founding member of The Hunger Project and a family oral historian for many years. She has been a camp counselor for kids from NYC slums, led youth hostel bicycle trips around Europe, led to donor trips to Africa and Bangladesh, and guided spiritual adventure travels in Tibet, Mongolia, Bhutan, Peru, Ethiopia, Morocco, Cuba. All roads have led to the same place: the majesty of the human heart, spirit and the natural world; an exploration of grace; and a living inquiry into what it means to live life for the benefit of all.

Tune in today to hear some film clips of the Pachamama Symposium footage and to hear a couple of the co-founders on the Round Table with Mitchell speak about the global vision and practical action the Pachamama Alliance is orchestrating among many hundreds of thousands of people world-wide.

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