Bioenergetic Self-Help Center

The Bioenergetic Self-Help Center offers self-help groups, individual therapy, colloquia, consultation and training to those who seek to create a holistic way of living their life’s urges and coming with others in body, mind, feeling and spirit. Somatic experiment, exercises, gestalt dialogue, dreamwork, breathing patterns and voice processes are designed to uncover, encompass, and support everything within us. By experiencing how we organize our bodies as experimental statements of our life process and by extending the function of our muscles, bones and breathing patterns into new ways of being, we learn to unlock our negative energy and reown ourselves. Ongoing group and individual sessions provide a community context in which a new reality can emerge that says yes rather than no. CORE ENERGETIC EXERCISE CLASSES are held every Tuesday from 6-8pm. Grounded in the security of awareness rather than denial, our vulnerability becomes our strength. For more information, call or write:

709 Park Avenue, Suite 1F
New York, NY 10021
(212) 799-0001



  1. Alison Blume says

    Elaine Waldman is an amazing healer who guides you through any pain or shame you have that holds you back from enjoying your life. She helps provide clarity and confidence that will give you the awareness and strength you need to heal. I wish she was here in California –her insight and brilliance will help you through anything. Elaine made a huge impact in my life and for my family. I admire the work she does for others and I love her for how she helped me to grow and heal. She is the wise voice of reason with the understanding of people and the power of love that you look for in a therapist.

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