Brigit Krome

Brigit Krome



Specializing in chronic fatigue syndrome, female difficulties, candida, parasites and chemical detoxing

Brigit applies Hanna Kroger physical and spiritual healing methods, herbs, homeopathy and bodyworks as well as methods, herbs, homeopathy and bodyworks as well as nutrition. Brigit is certified in the Edgar Cayce Method of colonic hydrotherapy. Bridget uses downsing to detect disease in the human body and develops a step by step cleansing and rebuilding program.

Brigit studied social work, psychotherapy and nutrition (living foods) in Germany, came to America on a fullbright scholarship for dance and polarity therapy. She continued her studies under Ann Wigmore, and Hanna Kroger. She has also been studying at the Edgar Cayce Foundation in Virgina Beach over the past 12 years, message, colonics, therapy as well as intuitive development and dreamwork. Brigit has expanded her program, which includes European Sauna, Steam Room, Cold Plunge, Pool, Jacuzzi, Organic Juice Bar and a Restaurant.

Also available: Disposable Tubing, Triple Water Purification, Ozonation System, UV Light, Ear Candling, Hot Stone, Sedona Wrap Message, Japanese Red Flower Sento Treatment And so Much More.

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GREAT JONES SPA 29 Great Jones St. 212-505-3185
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