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This Week’s Blog, TV & Radio Show June 9, 2013
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Eileen Caddy
Findhorn is one of the first eco-villages of its kind in modern times.  Started in the 1960’s through what was called “Divine Guidance”, Eileen Caddy, Mitchell’s guest today, moved with a small group of friends from England to this small fishing village in Northern Scotland, called “Findhorn”, later to be known world-wide for its fine strides in cultivating a village that lived closely in harmony with nature and the Divine.
Eileen Caddy, (August 26, 1917 – December 13, 2006) was a spiritual teacher and new age author, best known as one of the founders of the Findhorn Foundation community at the Findhorn Ecovillage,
Moray Firth, is in northeast Scotland. The commune which she started with her then husband, Peter Caddy and Dorothy Maclean in 1962 was an early New Age intentional community It has been home to over 400 residents and thousands of visitors from over 40 countries, today it is one of the UK’s largest alternative spiritual communities, and also known as the ‘Vatican of the New Age’.
In this rare interview, Mitchell sits with Eileen in her living room at Findhorn to discuss the community and her then latest book.
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Bruce Lipton
Mitchell’s radio guest this week is internationally renowned teacher, Cellular Biologist and author, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. 
Bruce is the author of The Biology of Belief and Spontaneous Evolution (co-authored with Steve Baerman, aka Swami Beyondananda)
and most recently, The Honeymoon Effect.
Bruce Lipton’s breakthrough insight into the way cells work–and who/what they listen to-respond to, changes our understanding of biology and genetics, and has in fact given rise to the emerging field of epi-genetics.  It also gives a physiological basis to the relationship between mind, belief and soma. 
No longer just an assumed relationship, or one based on common sense alone, Lipton’s work outlines the scientific basis of this vital and pivotal relationship.
As a result, Bruce’s work has formed the basis of a whole new mode of thinking about mind and biology and turns conventional thinking ‘on its head’.
Bruce has been a guest on A Better World Radio & TV several times over the years, starting in 1995 when few were aware of his breakthrough work.  He credits Mitchell for being one of the first people in media to broadcast and support his work.  The two have been colleagues and good friends for many years.
Tune in to today’s interview to learn more about Bruce’s fractal perspective and feelings about where we are heading as a species and planet, as well as how we can live a life imbued with the Spirit of Heaven on Earth, the theme of The Honeymoon Effect.  And while this sounds very worthwhile if not idealistic, it is grounded in the latest quality science has to offer.


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Founder of Findhorn, Eileen Caddy on A Better World TV

eileen caddyWhat a rare opportunity it was to sit in Eileen Caddy’s living room, Founder of the world-famous Findhorn Foundation and community in Northern Scotland, and discuss the beginnings of the community and the themes of her then latest book.

eileen caddyFindhorn set an example to the world of a way that we can live in harmony with Nature, close to the ground, in a community guided by a higher intelligence.  Many were the stories of little Nature Spirits playing about the gardens at Findhorn, speaking to the humans and providing them with guidance about what to grow, where and the plant’s care.  They also governed the community this way too–in large, public meetings where everyone tuned in and received guidance, which they then shared with the group.  Eco-villages around the world have modeled themselves on Findhorn and this has helped to spawn successful communities everywhere, very practical yet with a spiritual base.
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Penseur Extraordinaire, Dr. Bruce Lipton, & his new book The Honeymoon Effect
on A Better World Radio with Mitchell this Wednesday at 6pm EDT

bruce liptonLife is a wonderful enterprise in so many ways, and when your life is gifted to know an extraordinary being such as Bruce Lipton, you are completely certain that “there is a God”.  Not only is he brilliant and as such, cracked through several key belief systems of our science and society, but he is a very, very good man, who lives to be of service to humanity, heart, mind and soul.  His work is seminal, and has broken through the hallowed barriers of the “myth of the genome”, governing medicine and our tax dollars for so long.  He has demonstrated, in so many ways, through the thinking of the field now known as epigenetics, that perceptions, beliefs and lifestyle influence DNA, which puts us into the driver’s seat instead of just the passenger’s.  There’s much more to it, but this alone is earth-shattering and contributes a major breakthrough.

When Bruce was first on A Better World TV, in what may have been his first TV interview or near it, back in 1994 or 1995, his discoveries were so awesome to bear witness to, his friends referred to him as “the soon to be Nobel Laureate in Medicine”, and indeed, so it should be.

DarwinIf we were to contemplate the magnitude and scope of Bruce Lipton’s understanding, we humans would be so empowered, because we’d understand that we have much control over our destiny.  Needless to say, this would shift our entire concept of medicine, and would result in many healthier people sooner and at virtually no cost, saving our society nothing short of trillions of dollars.  Few people, let alone scientists, have challenged Darwin’s evolutionary theories so robustly.  In short, Bruce Lipton has freed us from this ‘in-the-box’ thinking.

human-cellsYes, when we realize that our cells respond to signals outside of them for their guidance and expression, the whole basis of medicine turns on its head.  Or better, it gets set “right-side up”.  Their is a brain in every of the trillions of cells alright, called “the membrane”.  These cells form colonies, from the simplest to the most complex, and our “selves” is in effect, a collection of “cells” that we give a name to.  It’s biology at its purest.

dr-bruce-liptonWhen we free ourselves of limited thinking about “who” we are and begin to exercise ourselves fully, we move from being “cellularly unconscious to conscious”, and a whole new kind of life begins, very much like the caterpillar and the butterfly.

It is my distinct honor to have Bruce on A Better World again, as he is an esteemed friend and colleague.  His work and his ‘self’ is a true gift to humanity.

Do take the time to get his books–all of them–and get an education of a lifetime.

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Purchase Dr. Bruce Lipton’s DVD  


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