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bruce LiptonWednesday, June 12, 6pm EDTMitchell’s radio guest this week is internationally renowned teacher, Cellular Biologist and author, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. 
Bruce is the author of The Biology of Belief and Spontaneous Evolution (co-authored with Steve Baerman, aka Swami Beyondananda)
and most recently, The Honeymoon Effect.
Bruce Lipton’s breakthrough insight into the way cells work–and who/what they listen to-respond to, changes our understanding of biology and genetics, and has in fact given rise to the emerging field of epi-genetics.  It also gives a physiological basis to the relationship between mind, belief and soma. 
No longer just an assumed relationship, or one based on common sense alone, Lipton’s work outlines the scientific basis of this vital and pivotal relationship.
As a result, Bruce’s work has formed the basis of a whole new mode of thinking about mind and biology and turns conventional thinking ‘on its head’.
Bruce has been a guest on A Better World Radio & TV several times over the years, starting in 1995 when few were aware of his breakthrough work.  He credits Mitchell for being one of the first people in media to broadcast and support his work.  The two have been colleagues and good friends for many years.

Tune in to today’s interview to learn more about Bruce’s fractal perspective and feelings about where we are heading as a species and planet, as well as how we can live a life imbued with the Spirit of Heaven on Earth, the theme of The Honeymoon Effect.  And while this sounds very worthwhile if not idealistic, it is grounded in the latest quality science has to offer.

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