Call in show – Health, Stress and the Various Origins of Stress

Monday, December 5, 6pm EST:On today’s show Mitchell will speak on health, stress and the various origins of stress. The mikes will be open to PRN/A Better World audience to call in and ask questions plus share their views as well. We will focus on the health of the person and the health of the nation, the individual and the collective.

Health, said Werner Erhard, “is a function of participation”. Are you participating in this society, in your life or have you ‘dropped out’?

Eating healthily, using your body rigorously & actively, sleeping and loving well are all part of a healthy lifestyle. However, if your heart & soul are not engaged in contributing to the world, in their own self-expression, you’ve only got part of the solution. Loving inside of living is a key to success. Listen in today and participate, as you listen to others do same on today’s show.

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