Call In Show-Mitchell Rabin Speaks About Relationships

Mitchell Rabin, host on A Better World RadioMonday, May 21, 6pm EDT: Today’s show will be Mitchell Rabin speaking about the psychology of and magic in relationships, which is the fundamental basis of all that happens in this world. Whether it’s a lover, spouse, friend or business partner, understanding relationships, being present in them, knowing how to negotiate them, becomes the source of Heaven or Hell.

Virtually all stress, to ourselves and our environment, originates somewhere in the quality–or lack thereof–of our relationships.

Mitchell goes so far as to suggest that when relationships are mature, loving, compassionate and fine-tuned between husband and wife, lovers, and on, this sets the tone for our behavior in the world.

When we are in integrity in our primary relationships, joy radiates into all we do.  When there is a breakdown in integrity, so is there, quite literally, a disintegration in all else.

Communication is key and discussing the nature of quality communication is the subject of today’s show.

There will be time for call-ins as well, for the audience to share what is going on in relationship in their personal and professional lives, and can gain some counsel on these by Mitchell, long-time Holistic Psychotherapist, Stress Management Consultant, environmentalist, with a background in acupuncture, T’ai-Chi, Chi-Kung and both Eastern & Western Wisdom Traditions.

Mitchell is also an entrepreneur, primarily in wellness, green-tech & sustainability projects, working to establish wellness, renewable resources for energy & a sustainable society for our planet.

Mitchell also writes for the Huffington Post, Natural News & PRN while finishing a book on the idea of Sacred Stewardship. A book  published this spring, Heart at Work, has a chapter of his in it

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