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This Week’s Blog, TV & Radio Shows March 8, 2015
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vallieres claude hdsht2jpgMonday March 9, 7pm EST:
Mitchell’s guest tonight is  teacher and practitioner of the Mind-Body therapeutic modality known asTotal Biologie and NLP, Claude Vallieres.
In the newly emerging field of Mind-Body medicine, Total Biology stands out among modalities as perhaps the most scientifically and clinically verified. Building upon the body of psychosomatic literature of psychoanalysis, the simpler work of the popularized Louise Hay and that of Dr. Hamer of Germany, Dr. Claude Sabbah – mentor of Claude Vallieres – has taken a major leap in mapping the human body, belief and emotion. The results have been rather exceptional.  

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Mitchell and Claude engage in a lively, dynamic discussion that clarifies the subject so that all who listen will be able to understand and experience the basic sense and principles of the incredible field of Total Biology.


.This Week on The Progressive Film Hour With Mitchell Rabin:

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Tuesday, March 10, 3pm EST:  This week, there are two films being featured on the theme of Conscious Conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond.  These films focus on the in utero experience of the embryo-fetus-infant, from conception forward, as the formative time of human development. It’s a fascinating period of time too frequently neglected in understanding human nature, attitudes, behavior and intelligence.

The first film is Life Imitates Birth 
by filmmaker, Monica Matos, Ten Moons Rising.
Watch the Trailer:


life imitates birth trailer  
The second film is
Gift for the Unborn Children,
its writer, Laura Uplinger.
gift of unborn child trailer


Watch the Trailer:


Filmmaker Monica Matos (Life Imitates Birth) and writer Laura Uplinger (Gift for the Unborn Children), Osteopath Dr. Francois Amigues, and midwife, doula, Carla Machado will be guests in the Round Table discussion.


A bit more on today’s guests:  Laura Uplinger, Prenatal and perinatal educator for more than 30 years, Author, alumni board member of APPPAH (Association for Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology and Health).  Carla Machado, President of ANEP Brasil (National Association for Pre­natal Education).  Monica Matos, Founder of Ten Moons Rising, Producer of the documentary project “Life Imitates Birth”

Tune in to hear clips from both films and a dynamic Round Table discussion about the vital importance of the first 9 months in utero and the birthing process itself in the formation of personality and character of the human being to emerge.  More about the guests below and invitation to two free events, March 11 and 12, first at One Spirit Learning Alliance and second at the Church Center at the U.N., (see below)


One Spirit & A Better World present an Evening on

Conscious Conception, Pregnancy & Birth:  How We Can Create A Better World

 Talks by leading advocates & professionals committed to the vision of a just, sustainable and spiritually alive world through bringing consciousness and mindful education to the parenting process from conception through birth & beyond.

amigues francois hdshtDr. Francois Amigues
Osteopath, President of Ideal Family and of the Canadian Association of Prenatal Education

uplinger laura hdsht

Laura Uplinger,
Prenatal and perinatal educator for more than 30 years,
Author, alumni board member of
APPPAH (Association for Prenatal
& Perinatal Psychology and Health)


machado carla Carla Machado
President of ANEP Brasil (National Association for Pre-natal Education)


matos monic hdsht

Monica Matos
Founder of Ten Moons Rising,
Producer of the documentary project “Life Imitates Birth”


nason susan hdsht
Rev. Susan Nason
Parenting Workshop Facilitator,
approaches parenting as a spiritual practice, drawing on 34 years in schools and as a facilitator.


Mitchell Rabin
holistic psychotherapist, stress management consultant,
President of A Better World,
will facilitate a Q&A and group discussion for
the second half of the evening in which everyone may participate.


After the speakers, Dr. Francois Amigues, osteopath, President of Ideal Family and of the Canadian Association of Prenatal Education, will teach a simple technique which anyone can learn which can reduce the reliance on C-sections.

 Join us for this Special Event: Wednesday, March 11, 7-9:30, One Spirit Learning Alliance, 247 West 36th St. 6th Fl.  Free   (or love offering only).   More below.

Space is limited so please email or call to reserve a space.  For more information, at,  or call 212 420-0800/212 931-6840, or email:


This Week on A Better World Radio
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Wednesday, March 11, 6pm EST:  Today’s show is one of the films featured at the upcoming Paradigm Shifts Festival at Baruch Center for the Performing Arts, 55 Lexington Ave. (at 25th St.) beginning March 19 (for more information, click here), called Growing Cities.

It’s an uplifting film about two young guys who drive across country meeting and interviewing urban farmers, using the urban landscape creatively to grow food, provide jobs and bring meaning to people’s lives crossing all socio-economic thresholds.  My guests will be Dan Susman and Brent Lubbert, descriptions below.

Dan Susman, Director/Producer. Dan’s passion for city farming originated when he worked on an urban farm in Portland, OR. Ever since he has been dreaming of how to bring it back to his community and to people across the nation. One short documentary he made, Landmark, examined the social and political issues around developing a piece of land in his community. Email dan [at]

Brent Lubbert, Co-producer/Production Manager. Brent has been a part of the Omaha film community through his work on short films, radio documentaries, and working at Omaha’s non-profit independent cinema, Film Streams.  Brent also farms with Big Muddy Urban Farm in Omaha.

 The film will be shown on Sunday, March 29th, 7pm at the Paradigm Shifts Festival which you certainly want to attend.  We’ll have a Q&A with the filmmakers and the audience afterward by skype that Mitchell will be facilitating.  The President of Encompass New Opera Theater, Nancy Rhodes, will be our guest next week.




Presentation & Group Discussion On Conscious Conception to Birthing & Beyond:
How to Create A Better World in 9 Months!

Wed., March 11, One Spirit, 247 West 36th St., 6th fl. NYC

ten moons water imageJoin us Wednesday, March 11, 7-9:30 for a Presentation & Dialogue about Conscious Conception to Birthing, One Spirit, NYC

One Spirit & A Better World co-sponsor this powerful evening.

For more information about this evening and March 12 at the U.N./Church Center,

email: or call 212 420-0800.

3-11 one spirit flyer



Mitchell’s Heaven On Earth in NYC, Next Class on Monday, March 9, 6-8pm

m rabinWhile there is a developmental aspect to it, you can start anytime, sooner of course, the better, to get the most out of it.
These workshops include the participant learning Stress Management techniques, from Chi-Kung exercises and meditation to Mind-Body/Holistic Perspectives, health and wellness practices, the role of emotions and mind in health & well-being and disease, as well as the principles of Sacred Stewardship, awakening the Soul through uncovering Life-Purpose and moving into action toward empowerment, wellness, meaning, well-being and prosperity on all levels.
These are some of the areas we’ll be addressing using group dialogue, Therapeutic Theater and other ways of activating our creativity and human potential. I’ll be introducing participants to Higher Brain Living, accessing the other 95% of our human potential, as well.
If interested in attending, please contact me at and put into the subject line: Heaven On Earth. $40/person, $60/couple. Short walk from Wall St. express stop. TRS Office Suites, 40 Exhange Place, 3rd Fl. Easy access. See you soon!

PARADIGM SHIFTS Music & Film Festival

Live Performance with Exciting Documentary Films
in a Multicultural Music & Film Festival Starting March 19

Engelman Recital Hall at Baruch Performing Arts Center,
55 Lexington Avenue (at East 25th Street), New York, NY 10010

encompass theaterThe Encompass Music & Film Festival, bridges indigenous cultures, women’s wisdom,environment & western science through a series of excellent films and musical performances.

True stories from Africa, Brooklyn, California,Canada, Ecuador, Tibet, and Ukraine…Told through soul-stirring films and paired with inspiring live musical performances that celebrate people protecting our planet.

Experience their art and then meet the filmmakers, musicians, singers and change-makers after the films.

Mitchell Rabin will facilitate the Q&A and audience discussion after the films on several nights during the Festival..

Baruch Center for the Performing Arts


Purchase you Festival Tickets Here Early Bird Special Discount Ticket Link

Paradigm Shifts

You Can Now See A Better World TV Shows Streamed!

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higher brain livingA revolutionary gentle touch technique that releases the grip of the fear and stress based “lower brain” and moves energy and metabolism to the “Higher Brain,” where all of your joy, passion, and purpose live.Founder of Higher Brain Living,
Want to move yourself and our society out of a fear-based one? Move the energy in your brain to the other 95% of its potential. This process is engaged in doing just that.
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Harmonic Energetic Balancing Program

hebAnd with something we use as a stand-alone, without any counseling, is the Harmonic Energetic Balancing Program, which shapes the energy field per one’s own affirmative statements and declarations in language one wants to shape oneself with. It’s like being an artist with words and thoughts, mixed with frequency, shaping a hologram we call you. For more detailed information and a request form go to:



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