Climate Reality Project Meetings in NYC

There is a lot happening in the Big Apple regarding education around Global Warming and actions to mitigate and even reverse it.  Below are a few opportunities to which all are invited.

Our May meeting, at Ethical Culture Society of NY, 2 west 64th will be a more “relaxed” format this month than the last few meetings. We are creating a more open space for folks to share what they are working on with our chapter members, to ask specific questions about the HUB, presentation skills, seek your input and to learn more about our Governor’s Island weekend programming. 

RSVP today for our May meeting so we know how much vegetarian pizza to order.

Time: 5:30 – 8pm. 

As a chapter we are committed to applying the JEMEZ PRINCIPLES  for democratic organizing. We aspire to represent the diversity of New York City. And have all our voices heard. In order to do that, we need YOU! Please feel free to contact us with your thoughts, ideas and feedback.

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Greetings all!

I hope everyone is well and thriving! I’m just back from a month long work trip to Casablanca, Morocco – which sounds much more romantic than it actually is!!

The water is undrinkable there, and there’s no recycling for plastic bottles 🙁 , so I spent a good chunk of time there boiling water and putting through the Brita filter!  They have no plastic bags there, though, which was great to see.

Kristen Kammerer led our last chapter meeting in April, “Climate Solutions”,  which was a great success. She hosted Hong Hoang and Bruce Usher for a stimulating evening. Below are some follow ups requested from the meeting:

Those interested in reading more and seeing the chart Hong mentioned about  top banks investing in climate change can go here.

And for some fun, here’s the music video from Hong’s organization, CHANGE.

Bruce Usher’s book, Renewable Energy: A Primer for the Twenty First Century is available here: 

Hope to see you all at our next chapter meeting on Tuesday May 21st. (See below for details)

All the best!

Communications Chair
Climate Reality Project NYC Metro Chapter 


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