To Create & Sustain A Better World, Would you Donate $3/month?


Dear ABW viewers & listeners,

 We are happy to say that we are growing & more & more people are hearing our shows, reading our free, weekly Newsletter & getting the benefits of this holistic education, experience, perspective & inspiration.  We cover a wide range of topics from wellness, nutrition to healthy, good food & green living, minding your brain, stress reduction, touching on the farther reaches of the Universe, the esoteric side of history, to Wisdom Traditions East & West, healthy relationships, the cultivation of love, chi & well-being, as well as how to create & sustain a better world through personal development and the responsible use of advanced, renewable & other technologies.  It’s a University class in just two shows per week!  (more to come….)


But we can only do it with your help.  We know so many have only limited funds.  But if each of you & your friends were to donate only $3 per month, or at least now during this seasons of giving?  We know so many people are asking–and we here too give to other organizations.  So we ask for just the equivalent of a cup of Green Tea per month, figuring that if we had 1,000 people per month at only $3, we would have enough to maintain our public service weekly TV program. called A Better World and our other initiatives. Fair?  We thought so.  Thanks for being part of the solution.

Even better, you may feel more generous/able to sign up for a monthly donation of $5 a month.  Of 30 days, that’s like buying A Better World a Starbucks Coffee or a medium carrot juice only once per month, right?!

Thank You for helping to create & sustain A Better World!

the world


Mitchell J. Rabin, M.A., L.AC.


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