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20/20 Sight is not perfect. Eyeglasses and sight-improvement techniques (i.e. Bates) are not always the answer. Vision is a total body process. A sophisticated visual analysis requires 21 different tests to determine your unique visual pattern.

Most eye exams lead only to a prescription for glasses which reinforces visual weakness and may not uncover more fundamental visual problems, which may result in the following symptoms: eye strains, fatigue, discomfort with your glasses or contact lenses, oversensitivity to light, short attention span, inability to concentrate, general nervousness and tension, headaches, blurry or double vision, poor reading skills, and academic underachievement, coordination difficulties, the need to rub your eyes, and permanent squint or frown.

I will analyze your vision and prescribe special lenses and/or daily eye exercise to rid you of your symptoms and make your everyday life more comfortable. In addition, I am the only optometrist in Manhattan who practices Photoretinology, i.e., the branch of ocular science that uses varying light frequency therapy.

Due to Dr. Shapiro’s perspective and pioneering efforts in the field of vision therapy, he is well-received in both holistic and traditional medical circles. He practiced in one of the first holistic centers in New York City. Served as a staff member of the Chiefs of Ophthamology of Manhattan Eye and Ear and Lenox Hill Hospitals, and served as a staff member and clinical supervisor at the grand rounds, workshops and lectures at 6 major metropolitan hospitals on the subject of functional vision testing and therapy. Call for information.


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