Want to Live to 150? Dr. Mario Martinez, Neuro-psychologist tells us how

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mario martinezWednesday, February 25, 6pm EST: Continuing on the subject of understanding the relationships between the mind, brain and body, Mitchell’s guest this evening is neuropsychologist, consultant, teacher and author Mario Martinez. Dr. Martinez’ book The Mind Body Code has met with international acclaim. Sounds True has produced The Mind-Body Code as a CD set as well.

Dr. Mario E. Martinez is a clinical neuropsychologist. In 1998 he developed his theory of Biocognitive Science based on research that demonstrates how thoughts and their biological expression coemerge within a cultural history. Academic science continues to divide mind and body, as well as ignore the influence cultural contexts have on the process of health, illness and aging. For example, cultures that support growing older as a positive development associated with increased wisdom and abilities have higher numbers of centenarians living healthier lives, than cultures that view aging as a process of inevitable deterioration.

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Tune in for what will be an exciting interview about how centenarians stay healthy and happy; and how certain principles of neuro-science can help us live a rich and rewarding life.

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