Dr. Michael Cotton, Higher Brain Living

michael cottonMonday December 22, 7pm EST: Mitchell’s guest this evening is Founder of Higher Brain Living, Dr. Michael Cotton. This is part 2 of the two TV interviews shot this past November with Michael when he was in NYC.

As a chiropractor and an innovative explorer, Michael was experimenting different techniques and means of stimulating and activating different aspects of our body-mind system, and came up with a system that seems to be activating the pre-frontal lobes in a way that appears in EEG testing to be similar to those with long-term meditation practices, yet relatively quite quickly. This system is called “Higher Brain Living” which is the subject of several interviews I have done with Michael this past Spring and Fall.
Its potential became so interesting to me that I spent a good part of this past July and August in Chicago receiving the advanced facilitator training and am now one of just a handful of facilitators in NY.
Michael has developed a 22-week program which links this activation with a goal-setting process in a deeper alpha state while utilizing Ken Wilber’s model of the 4 Quadrants as a guide for balancing our and a client’s inner and outer lives.
As many of us believe that humanity is poised for a rather significant transition, perhaps as profound as the caterpillar to a butterfly, sometimes referred to as preparation for the dawning of a a new era, the “6th Epoch” originally spoken of by Mme. Blavatsky quoting the psychic-clairvoyant Charles Webster Leadbeater I believe, Michael reasonably suggests that the activation of the pre-frontal cortex on a consistent, deeper level is the neuro-physiology needed for this shift to occur. Otherwise, we’ll be facing the 6th Extinction.
Tune into this dynamic dialogue between Michael and Mitchell, both of whom are wholly committed to creating a better world.
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