Dr. Phil’s Challenge: Quality Psychology

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david bedrick-Wednesday, Sept 4, 6pm EDT: Mitchell’s guest today is lawyer, counselor and educator, David Bedrick, author of Talking Back to Dr. Phil: Alternatives to Mainstream Psychology.

Like much of our culture’s pop psychology quick fixes, Dr. Phil’s counsel can leave many people feeling confused and inadequate.

In his new book Talking Back to Dr. Phil, Alternatives to Mainstream Psychology, counselor, educator and attorney David Bedrick introduces a fresh approach to addressing our disturbing feelings and behaviors, and encourages a loved-based psychology rooted in the belief that there is profound meaning in our struggles, which can be healed when compassionately reframed.

Using examples from the television show Dr. Phil, the author illustrates mainstream psychology’s tendency to shame people into thinking something is wrong with them and debunks many standard protocols and “fixes.”

As a practitioner of process-oriented psychology, a branch of Jungian psychology, he has worked with groups, couples, and individuals for nearly twenty years.

Mitchell’s 25-year+ work as a counselor, therapist, coach and Stress Management Consultant with a background in Eastern Wisdom Traditions will make for an exciting interview.

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