Edward F. Hutton, DDS

  Dr. Edward F. Hutton offers the finest dental care in an emotionally supportive environment. In addition to aesthetically superb cosmetic restorations of natural teeth, he is renowned worldwide for the unsurpassed quality of his gold inlays, crowns, and bridges, Dr. Hutton’s numerous patients, which include international celebrities, all testify to his outstanding clinical skills and care.

Born in Russia, Dr. Hutton studied art history and art restoration at the University of Moscow, graduating with a PhD. and became an apprentice to the finest restoration at the University of Moscow, graduating with a PhD. and became an apprentice to the finest art restorer in Russia. He then decided to take up medicine at the prestigious Dnepropetrovsk Medical School and earned a dual MD and DDS degree from New York University.

He had begun to establish a name for himself as a specialist in facial plastic surgery when he left Russia and rooted himself anew in New York City, where he obtained his American DDS degree from New York University.

Bringing extraordinary artistic talent into medicine and dentistry, Dr. Hutton has acquired a reputation as the Carl Faberge of dentists. (Faberge was the jeweler to the Russian court, famous for exquisitely fashioned art objects.) He combines superior cosmetic dentistry skills with a profound understanding of the nature of health.

The Consumer Research Council of America lists Dr. Hutton in its Guide to America’s Top Dentists. The British Broadcasting Corporation recommends him to travelers as the best dentist in New York. (The BBC selects only one health-care specialist for each city.)

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