Filmmakers: William Arntz & E. Raymond Brown

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Monday, 6pm EST, August 15, 2011: Monday’s show begins with film-maker/director William Arntz, whose first major film was What The Bleep Do We Know? and E. Raymond Brown, a visionary African-American author, director, actor, producer, musician, lecturer, and workshop facilitator. He has studied somatic, archetypal and aboriginal psychology, Taoism, shamanism, metaphysics, quantum theory, transformation facilitation, geo-politics and pan-Africanism. Ghetto Physics is his first cinematic work. William Arntz’ background prior to film-making was as a research laser physicist who developed a highly successful software program. Having entered a spiritual path, his life began to take a series of wonderful and wild turns. What The Bleep went on to become a global phenomenon with well over 100 million viewers worldwide. Ghetto Physics, partnered with E. Raymond Brown, is his next major film.


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