Follow-up on Fukushima with the Hurtaks – What’s Still Spewing

Wednesday, March 1, 6pm, EST:  Drs. J.J. & Desiree Hurtak join Mitchell to discuss the current global environmental situation as well as the marginalization of indigenous groups, especially in and around the Amazon Rainforest.J.J. & Desiree Hurtak have been on A Better World Radio & TV in the past, and will also discuss a “Follow up to Fukushima”, a nuclear accident which traumatized the Earth and all sentient life.  Most people don’t seem to realize it, but Fukushima is a trauma which just “keeps giving”.  Just because radiation is invisible, doesn’t mean it isn’t exerting its powerfully toxic effect.

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Drs. Hurtak,are social scientists and founders of The Academy For Future Science, an international NGO at the U.N. They are also authors, researchers and have also been working with the indigenous people of South America. They were recent speakers at the U.N. Rio plus 20 Summit (2012) on global environmental issues. Their books focus on science and consciousness studies.

As protests take place globally, we must each ask ourselves what is our role in this changing world? Are the 7 billion people on the planet coming to a breaking point or a place of consciousness transformation? We will discuss the possible ways to help make life on earth a better place through both technological advances and ways to ensure peaceful conflict resolution.

J.J. Hurtak has been internationally recognized for his extraordinary book, The Keys of Enoch. Their current work involves the Academy of Future Science and lecturing/consulting across the world to governments regarding pressing environmental and social issues, and their solutions. James and Desiree Hurtak, Ph.D., MS.Sc. are also and founders of The Academy for Future Science which is also an NGO.

The Hurtaks are colleagues and good friends with Mitchell and have appeared on A Better World Radio & TV several times over the years, sharing their discoveries, travels and work as social scientists, discussing their contribution to creating a better world for all beings.

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