Gary Null on Radio & Conscious Capitalism with Patricia Aburdene of Megatrends on TV: A Better World Newsletter 6-24-2012

This Week’s Blog, Radio & TV Shows – June 24, 2012
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Monday, June 25, 6pm EDT:

Gary NullOn this week’s radio show on PRN, Mitchell has invited the Founder of Progressive Radio Network, health advocate, investigative reporter, nutritionist, activist and Radio celebrity, Gary Null, being interviewed on location from his beautiful retreat center in Naples, Florida where we are both teaching at a retreat currently occurring here.

Gary has been in the leading edge of the health & wellness movement, being one of its pioneers and architects for decades. Hundreds of thousands of people over the years, have passed through his portals, from retreats in upstate NY, NJ, Texas and now Naples, Florida, have heard him on numerous radio stations and shows for over 35 years.  And that’s quite awesome because Gary is only 39.

Author or co-author of over 80 books and with hundreds of documentaries to his name, many award-winning and aired on PBS station across the country, Gary is a pillar in the health and wellness world and actually far beyond.  His PBS specials brought in more dollars to the stations than any other, and the same for his long-time work at Pacifica Radio, WBAI in NYC and WKPFK in L.A.

His credits are too numerous to name, his influence far and wide, but suffice it to say that all his work is an expression of his deep commitment to truth in all domains of life and bringing it forward to an eager public, so to powerfully contribute to creating a better world.

Tune in to hear Mitchell and Gary dynamically discuss the key elements of living a healthy lifestyle in today’s age which has become overly complex and menaced with self-interested, unenlightened, corporate and government interests over the interests of health, happiness and well-being of the People that both are here to serve.

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Tuesday, June 26, 10:30pm EDT: 

Patricia AburdeneThis evening’s show is on Conscious Capitalism, and the work of my guest Patricia Aburdene, author of  the Megatrends series and more recently, Megatrends 2010. 

Patricia Aburdene is one of the world’s leading social forecasters. Patricia was John Naisbitt’s collaborator on the publishing phenomenon Megatrends which topped charts in the U.S., Germany and Japan. 

For twenty-five years, she has been tracking how change impacts business. Through her books, talks and workshops, Patricia Aburdene has helped thousands of organizations and millions of people make the most of social change and transformation.

Co-author of the number one, New York Times bestseller Megatrends 2000, Patricia Aburdene’s latest book is Megatrends 2010: The Rise of Conscious Capitalism – a blueprint of the social, economic and spiritual trends transforming free enterprise. As the tag line promises, the book describes seven new trends that will transform how people “Live, Work and Invest.”

Tune into this lively dialogue about how corporations in America, behind the scenes, are transforming into being more conscious, ecological, humane and sustainable even though this information is rarely seen on the nightly news, yet it is a movement of significant proportion.


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Health & Wellness Made Simple

Many of our ancestors were able to maintain health quite easily insofar as their food supply wasn’t menaced with pesticides and genetically-modified organisms, their dairy with bovine growth hormone and all of it with preservatives and chemicals of every shape and size.

Food was grown in soil that was rich and fertile, water was clean, sun abundant and physical movement a part of most everyone’s daily life.  One didn’t need gyms–working on or around a farm provided sufficient physical activity to keep one’s body fit.  This is certainly a generalization, but statistically, it has merit.  These days, so many people have office jobs, live in cities, sit in front of computers, move paper more than their bodies; and their bodies are mainly vehicles for comporting their minds, so things like gyms and consciously engaging an exercise regimen is virtually necessary.

Even still, for the person who really cares about being healthy, wellness, even today, is still not very complicated.  Yes, we live in polluted times and environments, so detoxifying is essential.  The good news is that largely through drinking freshly-made green juices, eating vegetables and some fruit, with a balance of grains, especially ancients ones, we can cleanse and re-establish rather stunning health.  This alone isn’t enough, as we also need an abundance of fresh, clean water, sunlight, movement, sufficient sleep and to know how to work with one’s stress, emotions, sense of purpose, meaning, attitudes and actions.  When we stay attuned to Nature, stay abreast of her rhythms, well, we are going far in the direction of health and wellness.

Under-girding it all is living with a sense of gratitude, respect and love for Creation.  And with these, health and wellness really do become ours.  It’s not complicated, it’s actually pretty simple, but few want or are willing to abide. 

paradise gardensHere at Gary Null’s Ranch, Paradise Gardens in Naples where I’ve been since last Saturday, teaching Stress Management on numerous levels, Chi-Kung, meditation and communication, health and wellness is made easy.  Eating an impeccably delicious, healthy, vegan cuisine, drinking plenty of fresh vegetable and fruit juices, resting, meditating, remaining quiet, contemplative, and working with one’s emotions, assumptions and belief systems in light of our seeking to evolve and human potential, changes in our group here for detoxification and learning, are taking place. It’s exciting to see. 

And this is all possible, thanks to our guest this week on A Better World on PRN, Gary Null.  In short, Gary is an extraordinarily gifted human being.  I have had the pleasure and honor of knowing him now for over 22 years.  Originally, he came to my healing & Stress Management center, The Center for Creative Well-Being, where I saw clients as a holistic therapist, acupuncturist and to use our Floatation Tank and Sound Womb. He invited me to lecture on Stress Reduction and Floatation Tank Therapy to his many groups, interviewed me on his various radio and TV shows and documentaries, and before long, I was working closely with him on a regular basis.  He was a mentor, a colleague and a friend who taught me and showed me “the ropes” of the health and healing world as well as public media.

It was Gary’s work that inspired me to begin A Better World TV back in early 1993, which has now been on the air going onto 20 years.  All done as public service, Gary has also sent me numerous clients over the years as a therapist and holistic practitioner which has helped me to keep A Better World TV, and now Radio funded.

Gary NullIn short, Gary has been an instrumental part of my professional life, he has also been same for many others.  He is, without question, ‘a force of nature’! and all those who know him well know this.  And what’s interesting is that in all these years I’ve been with and around him, he seems to be even further picking up the pace, if that could be imagined, as though “when the going gets tough, the tough get going…”  Gary exemplifies this, and he continues to be a friend and teacher to me, after all this time.

Join us, as you’ll hear Gary speak forthrightly about these important issues of the keys to health that truly anyone can integrate into their lifestyle.

Among what I’ve been offering here at Paradise Gardens is a call to health through smart eating habits, smart thinking habits, learning to use language consciously for one’s own well-being and improvement, how to deal with and let go of stress, in relationship, on the job, and overall in life.  Working with one’s emotions is a huge part of health and without which, the best of diet won’t do.  Happiness is not available to those who do not do the hard, inner work of grappling with one’s emotions and the movement of one’s consciousness and attention.  Chi-Kung, Meditation and lots of humor and straight talk are getting to the heart of things here and people are eager to listen and apply–it’s beautiful and heartening to see.

There is also a call many of us are making to building local communities, exchanging economically within them while withdrawing from the box stores and national chains, becomes a way of really effecting change.  David Korten and the thrust of the New Economics makes it clear that this is the direction of our society in order to re-build it on a grass-roots level.

Participate in this by voting with your dollar, divest from the foolish companies that are seeking to do us in, and invest in yourself and local business and infra-structure.  Insist on integrity from oneself and others, as well as love, enjoyment and compassion. Then everything then is on its way to taking care of itself.

And indeed, as a society, we are moving in this direction.

Tune in and enjoy Gary Null and I discussing those things that are so vital and important to us both on this Monday’s radio show at 6pm EDT. .


Patricia Aburdene of Megatrends Fame on Conscious Capitalism on A Better World TV

Patricia AburdeneWe are re-airing one of my favorite shows which exemplifies the movement in the right direction we are making in the business world in America despite appearances.  There is an education that has taken place, interestingly related to the bottom line, which is a different way of doing business, and actually offers several bottom lines which go beyond that one of money, so highly regaled in our society.  Yes, there is one that involves doing good for people, respecting the environment and natural resources for another.  Feeling good about how one goes about making money is becoming a new value, or an old value being re-established, again.

As the great philosopher, baseball catcher, Yogi Berra said,  “It’s deja vu all over again”.  Yes it is folks, the old dressed up in modern clothing as the world keeps turning, people forgetting the wisdom they once knew, and kicking it all up ‘over again’ almost like it didn’t happen “a million times over’.

But better to re-discover it, or even think we’ve invented it, than not doing it at all.  And Patricia has carried us far into re-educating our CEOs about the importance of taking care of staff, employees and the environment in the business world.

Patricia’s research reveals that companies across America are getting the message that it is high-time to ecologize, become energy-efficient and move toward any number of different levels of sustainability. And the message that a good and effective employee is a happy employee Michael Moore Capitalism A Love Storyand for a company to be in service to its staff is as important as being in service to its clientele.

It’s very exciting to see these changes being desired and implemented even while Wall St. and other sectors of the economy keep grinding on with biz-as-usual but are soon to be bypassed by those who are “recognizing the times” of climate change and the new paradigm in business, often referred to as “Conscious Capitalism”.

Tune in Tuesday evening, June 26, at 10:30pm EDT on Manhattan Cable TV (details above) or on-line if outside Manhattan, and get this valuable download–see for yourself how the world, where it most counts, business practices, is changing.



Learn About the Justice Party & Rocky Anderson for President on Wednesday, 6pm EDT
on Blog Talk Radio’s A Better World with Mitchell Rabin

Rocky AndersonThis week’s guest is co-chairman of the Justice Party’s Steering Committee, Michael McGee.  We will be continuing a dialogue begun a few weeks ago on this show of the vital importance of independent parties which offer the American Public a real opportunity to vote for a candidate which represents them instead of corporate interests, whose interests are actually often against The People.

Please join us Wednesday night, June 27, at 6pm EDT through our website,

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